Walkthrough Choice of Life Middle Ages 2 - how to become king and win the war


Walkthrough Choice of Life Middle Ages 2 - how to become king and win the war

In Choice of Life Middle Ages 2, you have to go from birth, making various decisions, which, in turn, will shape the character of the hero, his strengths, and weaknesses. In this guide, we will detail all the consequences in the decisions you make and give a lot of clues.

Note: You can return to some locations several times, so we will describe the main paths and forks.


The game starts with the Jester talking about your father, King Einhard. He was killed by unknown people for annexing the Eastern lands.

Now your journey begins from infancy. You will have a choice of what kind of child you grow up with. You can become accustomed to the habits of monarchs, or you can play calmly and modestly.

Whatever answer you choose at this stage, you will still lose one heart, which here symbolizes the amount of your health.

When you grow up a little, you will be seated on the throne. At this time, an unknown person will approach you. You will have a choice: pull his mustache or ignore him. The choice will not affect anything much, but you will be able to get acquainted with one of the key characters - Regent Victor. He will rule the kingdom until you come of age.

Immediately after that, you will be offered to rest or watch Victor. We advise you to watch the Regent and find out interesting information. Victor will talk to an unknown merchant and tell that the new Eastern lands are now constantly and in full paying all taxes.

At one point the merchant will ask the Regent. Isn't he afraid that after your coming to the throne, the policy pursued by Victor will be abolished? The regent will reply that he will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the kingdom never falls into decline.


On your thirteenth birthday, you will have a choice of what to do. We advise you to choose the third option and invite guests to the feast. Only if you choose this option will you not lose a health point.

After that, the Regent will call you to a lesson and present the first item - a golden ring of the royal family. You can find information about it in the inventory.

You will meet your father's aunt and sister Beatrice, and then her son Alexander.

While playing in the garden, Alexander will be scratched by a cat that turns out to be talking. Pet her and chat with her. The cat's name is Serpentine. She asks to be taken to your father's library, where there is one very rare book. She will also warn you that you are in great danger.

In the library, Victor will meet you and ask you to go hunting. It is impossible to refuse this. During the hunt, you will meet the commander Abathur, who commanded the march to the Southern lands. If you follow him, then the hero will be attacked. Don't resist or you'll lose one health point.

Unknown people steal a gold ring. However, the hero notices a tattoo on the criminal's arm depicting a fish. When you try to stand up, you will lose another health point. Serpentina will save you later.

Select "Recover" to recover two health points. Return to the castle and look around the crowd of boys who look like you. In case you choose "Just ask", you will get hit in the face and lose one health point.

When it's your turn, you will need to provide a golden ring. However, if you don't show what you need, you will be kicked out. Return to the forest and talk to Serpentine again. She will give you some tips on how to find the ring and how to find would-be assassins. Move to the village and rest just before the entrance, otherwise, you will lose a health point. Just before falling asleep, you hear the sound of wheels and see a wagon. Approach and talk to the merchant, and then, noticing the approach of armed people from the forest, warn him. As a reward, you will receive your first weapon.

If you prepare for battle, you will receive the title "Braveheart". In the event of an escape, it will be impossible to get it. But if you run away, then you will not lose health points and will not die in battle. After hiding, you can immediately head to the fields, where you will meet Michel. He is a local hunter who will help you find the royal ring in the forest.

During your search, you will stumble upon Serpentine, who will tell you that you are on the right track, but you must hurry up immediately. Do not pester her with questions and return to Michel. When you spot a snared hare, take it to restore one health point.

You will come across a camp where Michel will immediately begin to examine the tracks. You should follow his example. The man will say that he feels the cedar, but there are no such trees in this forest, which means that the traces belong to strangers. You will hear a suspicious sound in the bushes. Do not pay attention to him, as it will be deer. If you disturb them, the male will stab you and you will lose a health point.

Having found the killer camp, inspect it. To search for clues, be sure to call Michel for help. Following the tracks, you will come to the troll cave and see one of the attackers. After talking with Michel, you both will come to the conclusion that the two of you will not be able to defeat the trolls and the killer. Michel will send you to Christian for help.

Approaching Christian's house and seeing the guard at the entrance - do not argue with him, but simply ask him to pass. You will be kicked out, but when you leave the house, the owner himself will come out to you. Also, do not tell Christian that you are a prince, but simply answer that Michel sent for help. In this case, you will be given the opportunity to enter the house. If you choose other answers, you will be kicked out. During the conversation, do not be rude to the host and try to be more tactful, choosing answers that are not aimed at conflict.

Christian will send you to the Tavern, where you can hire a squad of paladins. Step over the drunk at the entrance to the tavern. You can also play cards, but play fair , because in this case you will get a health point. If you cheat, you will be hit.

Having rested enough, you wake up in some shed, and next to you are eight naked paladins. They will ask you to pass a test and prove that you are pure in heart. The first test will be walking on hot coals. Don't run, just walk slowly over them. This way you won't trip and lose a health point.

In the second test, the paladins will offer to drink ale with them and prove that you have a strong will. If you want to join their ranks, do not refuse.

The third test will be the paladins' story of chaos and order. At one point, they will start running around and setting everything on fire, but not killing the locals.

Now go to the troll cave. Paladins will wait in place while Michel is in ambush. Don't try to destroy the trolls in direct combat. Any attempt to attack will result in the loss of health points. At some point, Mikhel will offer to throw devero on the trolls - agree. Then you can stun one troll, and the second will quickly retreat. Then find the killer in the cave.

In an attempt to find out who ordered you, you fail, but the prisoner will tell you where their camp is and give out the name of the leader - Alrik. You can now release or send the killer to jail.

Head to the assassin camp and start by observing. Don't try to attack, otherwise, you will die. During surveillance, wait, and in no case try to climb into the window - you will immediately be grabbed and killed. Try talking to the guard. He will try to kill you, but at the same time, he will repeat all the movements after you. Pretend to pierce yourself. The sentry will do the same.

After destroying the sentry, you go forward and stealthily climb into the hut. Inside sits the leader of the bandits. He will say that he is your brother. A loud noise will be heard outside, after which Alrik will run outside and be killed. A choice will appear: finish him off or take the ring. We recommend choosing the second option. So you will not only return the ring but also allow Alric to survive.

You approach the shooter, but he attacks with melee weapons. To survive, it is enough to dodge. After chasing the shooter, you reach the cave. Go right, straight ahead, and right again, then jump into the crevice. You will find yourself in the royal garden. Look around and enter the main hall. You will faint, but the royal ring will help prove your status. After rest, go to the coronation.

Alexander and Victor will visit you. After talking with them and getting dressed, go to the coronation. Do not yawn during the speech of the hierarch, just close your eyes and get the long-awaited crown.


After the feast and all the festivities, royal everyday life will come. The ambassador of the southern kingdom will arrive at the castle. He will demand the return of the Eastern lands that your father conquered. You have the opportunity to act haughty and more friendly. After he leaves, go to the barracks to find Torek.

Find the man and listen to his story about the progress of the investigation. He will also warn that the Southern Kingdom is preparing troops and wants to return the eastern territories of your kingdom. We advise you to entrust Torek with the investigation and prepare for war yourself. Exit the barracks and move into the courtyard of the castle. Here you will meet Serpentine, who will tell you that the key to her shackles is kept by a certain old man. Ask her for more details, then travel to the Eastern Lands.

During the halt, you will notice the guards. Have a drink with them for the company - this will increase the reputation. Upon your return, you will see a boy who is rummaging through your things. Run after him and use your flair skills.

You will come across two teenagers. Order to catch the left one, because if the right one is caught, then you will lose the crown. Next, Serpentina will visit you and say that you are already very close to the old man's tower. Going down, you will fall into the swamps, in which several soldiers will drown, and one of them will even gain the courage to insult you. Sobering him up with a slap would be the best solution.

Prepare to attack the tower. Taking it by storm will not work, so move to the Eastern Domain.

When passing through the village of Berg, do not tell the peasants about the imminent start of the war, and also do not let the peasant touch the hem of your outfit. Instead, taste the Peasant's Pie to restore your health.

Arriving at the fortress, do not scold the paladins, but listen to the advice of the elder and do as he wants. Also, do not repair the fortress - it will take all your treasury and reputation. Go to the western lands and find Christian to discuss preparations for war.

Before discussing business, Christian asks you to attend the celebration. You put on a mask and, passing through the crowd, get into the tent to the artists who will perform in front of the people. Because of the mask, you cannot be recognized and the nobleman asks you, are you smart or strong? Select the option "Smart", and then you will get to Michel. You rehearse some jokes with him. Be careful and do not joke obscenely, this will take away your reputation points. Also, don't joke about the hunter. Make jokes about a lady without a husband and about shoes. At the end of the performance, give the entire award to Michel.

Go to the Northern Domain and talk to Viktor. You can skip the Kallistratus tower and move on, as you won't get any bonuses. Arriving at the village of Blake, ask the caretaker that the owners are absent. Make a scandal and get a reputation point.

After talking with Lady Alice, give her a massage and kill the wolf on the walk. This will unlock the achievement "The Lover King". When you return to the estate, agree to take Alice. After taking the due tribute, go back to the castle.

Go to the delegation of the Southern Kingdom and have a feast, so you will get a reputation point. Then dress like a king, otherwise, you will lose king points. An ambassador named Sergio will approach you, do not let him speak or you will lose the king's points.

After that, the southerners will try to kill you. Protect yourself, and then order the guard to catch the fleeing enemies. You drive some southerners into the pantry - they will be locked up. Do not storm, as you will lose a health point. Just lock them up, later they will surrender themselves. Then Torek will come up to you and report that the others managed to escape. Now you can start the war.


Arriving at the main camp in the east, you will learn that the fortress of the Eastern Lands has been captured by the southerners, and the paladins defending it are drinking in a tavern. During the gathering of the council, do not make fun, of but help with the development of the battle plan. Personally lead the army, then you will not lose a point of respect. Stand still while the catapult fires, then you will gain a point of respect and will not lose health. The second time remaining in place, you will receive the title "Fearless". During the attack, do not run forward, but in the battle with the cavalry, bend down, so save your health.

During the battle, your horse will be killed, and you fall into the environment of enemies. Abathur will come to your aid but will die from a blow to the back. You will have to fight with one of the knights. Try to cut the shaft of his halberd. Do not lunge, as you will lose a health point. Move at him sharply and execute him at the end of the fight. However, the forces will not be equal, and you will lose the battle - this does not depend on the player. You need to go to the vicinity of the castle and gather all those who are left in order to recapture the castle in the final battle and drive the southerners out of their lands. Support Torek's plan and get the title "Team Player". Now the reputation of the squad will be available to you: the more it is, the larger your squad.

Move into the old mines. The head of the guard will report that you have surrounded a detachment of bandits. Don't kill them, but try to negotiate. The leader of the gang will come to you - he will be Alrik, who survived after being hit by a crossbow bolt in the chest. Have a drink with him. You will try to find out from Alric who ordered your assassination. Having sent him to negotiate, later you will find out that the bandits did not agree to fight for money and killed Alrik. Find and destroy the robbers.

Head to Christian and try to gather people. You will learn that after he sent soldiers to you to fight with the southerners, robbers began to attack his village. Agree to help him destroy the thugs. Arriving at the camp, use the tactics of negotiations and try to negotiate with the head of the bandits. He will offer you a game. Whoever drinks a glass of drink first and does not grimacing will win. Agree, but before you start, order the bandit to taste the drink. You will have to fight. First, backhand, then dodge the daggers, and then attack him. Then move away from the blow of the hammer. This way you will lose a point of respect for the king and get the title "Thunderstorm of Bandits".

Returning with a victory, Christian will report that people are ready to go with you, and you will have another squad at your disposal. Now move to the paladin fortress. Having met the sentry there, interrogate him, but do not offer a drink and order everyone to follow you. You will get some soldiers to help you. Move to the Academy of Kallistratus and talk to him about the explosive disputes of his students. He will send you to a cave where you must take the lead and go ahead. However, you will fall into a cliff. The correct choice would be "Don't try to get out on your own". Feel the floor, wait for help and you will also have to eat your scout sent to the mine earlier. After you are rescued, start the siege of the castle.

Choose the "To Victory" option to inspire the soldiers. Assessing the situation, attack the east wall, then attack from the left and throw bombs at the spearmen. When the crossbowman shoots at you, warn Torek. He will not dodge, but will close you. After his death, a decisive battle will begin. Cheer up the tired and believe in them, then they will perk up. A dwarf will crash into you, give him an ax and get more reputation points. In the central courtyard of the castle, help your squad, for which you will receive king points.

Entering the garden, you will see the battle between Sergio and Alexander. Do not interfere, and then Sergio will cut off the head of the traitor. Then engage in battle with the Southerner himself. In each round of the battle with Sergio, there will be only one correct answer.

Correct sequence:

  • bide your time;
  • Don't give in;
  • run;
  • Climb into the fountain;
  • splash with water;
  • Kick with your foot;
  • Don't get out;
  • Get out;
  • Hit with a run;
  • Kick the sword;
  • You will not get it;
  • Victory!

After the duel is over, you will receive the title "Boss Killer!".

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