Walkthrough Wanted: Dead - game guide

 In this article, we will give tips for passing Wanted: Dead and tell you how to defeat bosses

Wanted: Dead is a new fantasy action game developed by the Soleil studio, founded by people from Team Ninja. In this article, we will tell you how to complete the game from start to finish. Note that our advice is based on experience that is obtained at a high level of complexity.

Gameplay Tips

  • Throughout the game, you will be able to learn absolutely all available skills. At least it was possible to check it at a high level of complexity (hard). So you don't have to choose your skills too carefully.
  • If you can't pick up ammo dropped by enemies, try reloading your weapon first, which will save ammo.
  • The more opponents are near you during the use of the ultimate skill, the more you can kill enemies during the finishing move.
  • Enemies that hide behind covers are quite dangerous. Those who have you on the scope will hit you as soon as you lean out from behind the cover. Determine which of the opponents paid attention to you and move when they are busy reloading.
  • Take advantage of the fact that opponents react to your movement. For example, having approached the shelter of the shooters, they can change their position to a more unfavorable place for themselves, which will play into your hands.
  • Some of the enemies will be distracted by your partners, who are clearly not in danger of death. This allows you to safely get close to opponents or fight in priority against those who attack directly you.

Walkthrough of the first mission

At first, you will find a regular shootout, where there is nothing complicated. Hide behind covers, get close to enemies, and don't forget to collect ammo. Having dealt with all opponents, study the note on the table:

Walkthrough of the first mission

In the next room, a more difficult battle awaits you, because the enemies use grenades, so be careful! You will also encounter a soldier who prefers to use close combat and has extremely high survivability.

We do not recommend using shooting against him and it is better to try to parry his attacks. If that doesn't work, just melee the enemy until they block and dodge, then attack the enemy again. The safest tactic is "one hit - dodge".

When the enemy loses his arm, you can safely finish him off. Moreover, a fighter without a limb becomes extremely passive and slow. For convenience, you can leave this one for later and switch to other opponents.

After learning how to fight melee fighters and dealing with all threats, study the note on the table:

Walkthrough of the first mission

Be sure to pick up a second weapon that drops from opponents and is highlighted in green. When you get to the drone, you will not only save your progress but also restore all supplies, including the ammo of an additional rifle. After the checkpoint, the usual battles await you. Along the way, don't forget to inspect the note at the following location:

Walkthrough of the first mission

After the third checkpoint, you will encounter a new enemy - the shield bearer. Try to lure them out of the crowd, set them on party members, use grenades or shoot them in the legs. If you were armed with a green assault rifle during the checkpoint, we advise you to use it first of all and then pick up a shotgun, which will be extremely useful a little later against the ninja. Also, don't waste your ultimate skill if you can save up for it. Having dealt with all the enemies, you will find yourself near a broken passage:

Walkthrough of the first mission

Passing it, you will not be able to go back, and ahead of you is a whole crowd of melee fighters. Use grenades, lure them into party members, don't fight more than one of these enemies, and don't get cornered. It will be effective and the ultimate skill.

Then the usual skirmishes await you, after which you will replenish your supplies and get into the museum premises. Already familiar enemies and trials await you. Having defeated everyone, you can examine the note in one of the rooms on the second floor:

Walkthrough of the first mission

How to defeat the ninja?

The enemy is extremely strong in close combat, so it is better to use long-range weapons. Since the ninja is constantly following you, a shotgun will be very useful. We also advise you to save the ultimate skill at this very moment. Just keep your distance from this enemy, don't let him get too close to you and shoot him.

After the next checkpoint, the usual shootouts with shelters await you. In the cafeteria, you can examine the note near the counters:

How to defeat the ninja?

Having overcome one more control point, you will find yourself in the park, where we advise you to pick up a chainsaw in the aisle:

You will be fighting with a whole group of melee fighters, and the chainsaw kills them with one blow. At the end of the battle, do not forget to return the old weapon. Next, a fight with a ninja awaits you, and after that four shield bearers will come out against you.

First of all, shoot them in the legs. For the sake of saving supplies, do not kill the enemy immediately, but first, break the shields of the others. If there are no ammo left, run behind the enemies. Your partner will distract one of them, and you can shoot the back of the shield bearer with a pistol.

Having dealt with all the enemies, move on and overcome very simple battles. After the next checkpoint, you will face a boss.

How to defeat the Spider Tank?

1 phase. First of all, look for shooters hiding behind cover. By killing them, you can get a rocket launcher, which we advise you to attack the tank with. It's better to start with at least 12 missiles. At 50% health, you will be able to stun the boss and you need to quickly complete the last hit. But on the way to the tank you will have time to reload the rocket launcher.

2 phase. The boss becomes more aggressive. Shoot him only when he is standing still. If the tank runs after you, dodge it with a sprint. In the case when there are no missiles left, kill new shooters to replenish ammunition.

Passage of the second mission

At first, you will find yourself in a police station, where you can talk to other characters, read notes or participate in various activities. For further passage, chat with a woman in a black business suit and with the captain. After a series of cut-scene, you will be able to participate in a ramen-eating mini-game. When you get tired, get out of it to be back at the police station. Interact with the elevator to go on a new mission.

First, shoot the fleeing opponents with a sniper rifle. After that you will be on the ground. At first, you will come across ordinary opponents in the form of fighters with hammers and shooters. The first ones are pretty easy to kill in close combat - just call them out. Arrows are much more dangerous because of the incendiary grenades, which work instantly. Stay away from them and shoot at explosive canisters, which are often found near enemy shelters. Well, or lure opponents to them, which will save ammunition.

Usually, shooters work in conjunction with melee fighters, which should be disposed of in the first place. At these moments, run behind the backs of the satellites to be away from the shooters and not immediately fight with a group of melee fighters. Shoot the shooters last.

After the first checkpoint, you will again come across familiar opponents. In the park, you will encounter a whole group of melee fighters, against whom the chainsaw is usually effective. Next, you will meet with rocket men.

Try to hide behind covers. By the way, you can pick up a rocket launcher from the corpses of enemies.

Passing further, you will find yourself at the fountain, behind which a whole group of rocketmen is hiding. Shoot at explosive barrels, kill the rest from afar. After the second checkpoint, you will enter a labyrinth that is easy to navigate with a chainsaw. In the future, familiar challenges await you until you get to the boss.

How to defeat August (August)?

1 phase. The boss stands on the bridge and shoots at you with a rocket launcher. And below you will encounter a crowd of melee fighters. Attack ordinary enemies between rocket launcher shots. We didn't quite understand how the boss shoots, but it feels like he's aiming at where you were 1-2 seconds ago.

2 phase. After about 3-4 melee fighters are left, August will jump down and use the assault rifle. Use cover (pillars in the center are great) and finish off the remaining ordinary enemies. Then you will be left alone with the boss.

The following tactic seemed very simple to us. Find any cover you can run around. Hide behind him from automatic bursts. As soon as Augustus runs after you, run around the cover, and after hitting the enemy, immediately hide behind the barrage from the boss's shots. At this point, you will have some time to attack the enemy yourself. Next, August will either use shooting again or run after you to hit. And again start running from him around the shelter. In general, repeat this tactic until you win.

3 phase. Starts at 50% boss health. August will switch back to melee. Here we advise you to use a sword and a pistol. When the boss runs after you, run away from him - a kick attack is especially dangerous because the enemy seems to be attracted to you. After dodging the enemy's blow, you yourself begin to attack him in close combat. Hit the boss until he blocks. After that, run away from the enemy again, and while he is chasing you, you can take a few shots from the pistol. But don't get carried away too much, because you can miss an unexpected attack with your foot.

Passage of the third mission

After the cut-scenes, a karaoke mini-game awaits you. Then you will find yourself in a police station, which you can explore to find new notes and dialogues. Then go down to the first floor and go through the exit to the next mission, where you will open a mini-game on the slot machine. It is not necessary to pass it and you can exit it. Once again at the police station, go up to the fourth floor and talk to the Duke (Herzog) to start the next mission. You will find it in the following location:

Passage of the third mission

At the beginning of the next task, you will encounter a crowd of gangsters. Despite their numbers, they are fairly easy to kill. And sometimes among them come across arrows with shotguns, so be careful. Pick up fallen weapons, which is just effective against crowds of opponents. The further path will be linear and only groups of ordinary gangsters will constantly be waiting for you. Near the DJ table, inspect the card:

Passage of the third mission

After the first checkpoint, you will enter a huge dance hall. First, deal with the gangsters, and then arrows and an armored machine gunner will appear. Deal with the first ones first. And in the case of machine gunners, we advise you to first study his behavior. After shooting, he will usually run towards you to strike at close range. They can also use a special attack in the form of a ram, which deals huge damage. After a close strike, the machine gunner usually switches back to shooting.

How to defeat the machine gunner?

To defeat this enemy, we advise you to use the following simple tactics:

  1. Switch to melee. Attack the enemy before he blocks, and then dodge a short distance to survive the blows of the machine gunner. Study the animations of the enemy - usually, he uses no more than 1-2 hits, after which you can safely hit yourself. If you can do this without running too far away from the machine gunner, he will stop using shooting or ramming. In this way, you can defeat the enemy with the tactic "dodge - a series of blows."
  2. In our opinion, the safest, but rather time-consuming tactic. Hide behind cover, and when the Heavy comes close, immediately attack him, and then quickly move away from him using the rolls. Then hide behind another cover and repeat this tactic until you win. It also happens that you can hide behind a fence and shoot at a machine gunner with non-aimed fire.
After dealing with all the enemies, you will find yourself at the next checkpoint. A staircase awaits you, where you will meet with shooters and a swordsman robot. You can take the latter away from other opponents, try to lure him to your partner, or shoot him from a machine gun as quickly as possible.

Going further, you will find yourself at the second checkpoint. Climbing up the stairs, you will come across a room filled with arrows. You can wait for them on the landing and wait for them to leave the room one at a time. You can throw grenades at your opponents.

Next, you will find the third control point and get into the laboratory. Here we advise you to try to use an additional machine gun in order to save ammo from the main one because a huge amount of green weapons will fall from opponents. After clearing the lab, you will get to the roof. Having met with a machine gunner, do not rush to run forward, because you will stumble upon the second one. After dealing with all the opponents and reaching the checkpoint, you will meet with the boss.

How to defeat Kolchak (Kolchak)?

Extremely simple battle. Constantly run away from Kolchak while she is invisibility. As soon as the enemy appears in front of you, immediately dodge her attack. We advise you to beat the boss only when she spends her combination. Keep hitting until the boss dashes back and becomes invisible, where you land the final blow on her.

When Kolchak makes a shot (red flash before that), just run sideways or try to hide behind the cover. In the second phase, she will use an empowered strike in melee, but it is also easy to dodge. The boss won't surprise you anymore. Repeat the simple tactics from the first paragraph and you can easily deal with Kolchak.

Passage of the fourth mission

Once at the police station, go up to the 4th floor and check Cortez on the couch:

The fourth mission will begin. Clear the floor from enemies, where you will come across already familiar swordsmen and shooters, and some of them are armed with shotguns. Use cover and try to keep your distance. Use the selected shotguns against the swordsmen, and save the machine guns against the shooters. When you defeat all the enemies, go to the cafeteria and click on the next button:

Passage of the fourth mission

After the first checkpoint, you will find yourself in the training rooms, where you will meet with already familiar enemies. Going down the stairs, in a dark corner you can pick up a chainsaw:

Passage of the fourth mission

Not far from this place, look for a passage on the right, which will lead you to a note:

Passage of the fourth mission

Going further, you will find several waves of enemies. You can examine another note on the boxes on the floor above:

Passage of the fourth mission

Having dealt with everyone, move forward into the office rooms. Finish off the enemies there, and then go to the last room, where you should press the button. After the next checkpoint, you will encounter a white swordsman, but he differs from the regular version only in significantly increased health. But we advise you to immediately learn to parry his attacks. Firstly, this way you will kill him faster. Secondly, this tactic will be useful in the next mission, where there are a lot of white swordsmen, and you simply don’t have enough ammo to shoot them all.

If you still fail to parry, then, as usual, wait for a series of swordsman attacks (no more than three attacks), attack him yourself before using the block, and then roll away from the enemy as soon as possible.

In addition to the white swordsman, you will no longer meet with something unfamiliar. Having reached the end of the level, you will meet two bosses at once.

How to beat Mr. Holiday (Mr. Holiday)?

While you have ammo, run to the other end of the corridor and shoot the bosses from afar as they run towards you. After 50% health, one of the opponents will die and the second phase will begin. Repeat the same tactic until you run out of ammo.

Left without ammo, you will have to finish off the boss in close combat. Wait and dodge enemy attacks. When you notice the boss sheathing his sword, hit the enemy back. The boss will usually dash and make another attack. After it, hit the enemy again. You may be able to land multiple hits at once. In general, repeat this simple tactic until you win.

Passage of the fifth mission

This time the task will start immediately. At first, you are not waiting for something unusual and complex. After the checkpoint, you will also not encounter anything unusual. After killing the machine gunner, you will see a chainsaw in a small alley. We advise you to pick it up only after the appearance of a white swordsman because this weapon will kill him the first time.

After going through a series of battles, you will find yourself in a narrow corridor and get to a checkpoint, after which a large number of white swordsmen await you, and after that two ninjas will come out, against whom we advise you to stock up on cartridges of the main weapon. White swordsmen are best dealt with in close combat using parry.

After the next checkpoint, we again advise saving the ammo of the main weapon and not wasting the ultimate skill to use it against another ninja. You can also lure him to explosive barrels, which will allow you to quickly get rid of the enemy.

How to destroy two spider tanks?

Extremely easy fight. A short time after the start of the battle, you will be thrown a rocket launcher. First, use it against a stationary tank. After destroying it, destroy the second one in the same way. Sprint, keep your distance from the enemy at all times, and dodge when he tries to get too close.

How to beat Richard?

Second boss fight for this mission. Small arms are useless here, you have to engage in close combat. Immediately we advise you to master the fight through the block and parry. First attack the enemy until he starts to defend himself. Next, get ready to parry the first two hits, and try to dodge the third. In this way, you will soon be able to stun Richard, which will allow him to deal a lot of damage. In phase 2, the tactics are about the same, just try to parry the entire series of boss attacks.

After defeating Richard, the game will be over and you can try the New Game+ mode and higher difficulty.

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