How to unlock The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 4 - how to unlock Louis, Krauser, Hunk and get the maximum rank


How to unlock The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 4 - how to unlock Louis, Krauser, Hunk and get the maximum rank

The Mercenaries Mode is an alternate game mode in Resident Evil 4 where you can complete three different stages with four unique characters. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock the mode, how to unlock all the heroes, and get the maximum rank in each location.

How to unlock The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 4

The Mercenaries mode became available to all owners of the game with update 1.004. If you've already purchased the game, all you need is a direct internet connection (log in if you're playing offline) to download updates and unlock the mode. No additional action is required.

General tips for passing the mode

The goal of this mini-game is to kill all the enemies and score as many points as possible within the allotted time, using various methods to extend the remaining time.

As you complete stages, your hero can accumulate a special resource and unlock Fury Mode, a unique ability that gives each individual hero a powerful boost for a certain amount of time. Use the rage mode to kill a large number of enemies and get additional bonuses, which we will discuss below.

Collect yellow and green orbs. During the game, you will find similar balls that are randomly scattered around the map. Green orbs will give you extra time (30, 60, or 90 seconds), while yellow orbs will increase the energy for the rage mode. You can collect them at the very beginning of the passage, as this will allow you to keep a high multiplier until the end of the game.

Shoot only to the head and get melee kills. This tip will also help you accumulate extra time because these methods of killing will add a few seconds to you and allow you to quickly accumulate energy for the rage mode.

Reflect enemy attacks. Parry is extremely effective in mercenary mode, as along with deflecting blows, you quickly accumulate energy for fury mode, and you can also carry out a melee attack and kill several zombies at once.

Don't stand in one place. The dynamics in this mini-game are very high, so standing in one place is a losing strategy in advance. Try to keep moving and not deal with a lot of enemies at the same time, leaving a few zombies to be able to continue the combo. We will tell you more about this in the “How to get the “S++” rank in all locations” section.

Kill chickens. Slaughtering any of these birds that you can meet during the passage of the stages will earn you additional points. In addition, some killed animals drop golden eggs. For collecting such an item, you will receive a one-time bonus of 50,000 points, and the egg itself will be able to eat and restore the maximum amount of health.

What are the characters in The Mercenaries mode?

At the start, only one character will be available to you - the protagonist of Resident Evil 4 - Leon Scott Kennedy. But you have the right to unlock other heroes. Each of them has their own set of starting weapons and a unique ability in Fury Mode, which we will discuss below.

How to unlock Leon

As we have already noted, Leon is the starting hero in this mode. He is good at both ranged and melee combat. Appears on the map with the following equipment:

  • Pistol SR-09R (38 rounds);
  • Police rifle (18 rounds);
  • Semi-automatic rifle "Skat" (19 rounds);
  • Combat knife;
  • Medical spray.

In Fury Mode, all shots of the main character become critical, and his running speed is doubled.

How to open Louis

  • How to unlock: To gain access to the secondary hero of the story, it is enough to get the "A" rank on any available card with Leon.
Louis is a good shooter, but a physically poorly trained fighter. Therefore, you will have to rely only on firearms. Of course, he can also perform melee strikes, but unlike Leon, it will take him longer to perform such attacks (in some cases, Luis pushes enemies, and in others, he hits them with a metal pipe).

In Fury Mode, the hero plants a dynamite that explodes a few seconds after being planted. In addition, the speed of movement and shooting is doubled. You have the right to blow up the dynamite yourself, for this, you just need to press the button indicated on the screen.

Louis appears on the map with the following weapons:

  • Pistol RED9 (40 rounds);
  • Bolt-action rifle SR M1903 (14 rounds);
  • Biosensor sight;
  • Light grenade;
  • Pocket knife;
  • Healing spray (2).

How to open Krauser

  • How to get: To unlock this boss, you will need to score enough points for an A rank on any available map while playing as Luis.
Krauser is a master of the knife, so it is best to fight him in close combat. Use the TMP submachine gun to knock down enemy attacks with headshots, then get close and finish off the zombies.

"Rage Mode" opens up huge opportunities for Krauser. At this point, he transforms into a monster that you could fight during the passage of the story campaign. Use your bladed hands to get rid of crowds of infected, but beware of bosses, as they can kill the hero in the process of transformation.

Krauser Inventory:

  • TMP submachine gun (60 rounds);
  • Composite bow EJF-338 with explosive arrows (4);
  • Scout Knife;
  • Flash Grenade (3);
  • Medical spray.

How to open Khanka

  • How to unlock: There is only one way to get Hunk - complete any card to rank "A" with Krauser.
Hunk is a unique character that is not encountered by players during the passage of the story campaign, but many remember him from other parts of the series. He uses a special melee attack that allows him to immediately kill any opponent, whether it be a normal infected or a boss. At this moment, he runs up to the enemy and breaks his neck.

In Rage Mode, the protagonist's ammo becomes infinite, which allows him to deal with a large number of opponents in a short time. According to our observations, it is quite easy to get the maximum rank for Hunk thanks to these abilities.

Starting gear:

  • LE5 submachine gun (240 rounds);
  • Pocket knife;
  • Medical spray;
  • Hand grenade (3).

How to get the rank "S++" in the location "Village"

The game begins at the main gate of the central square of the village, where during the passage of the story campaign, Leon must fight off the attack of the infected and fight the chainsaw boss. In mercenary mode, you will encounter several strong enemies here at once.

Do not rush to kill the monsters, first inspect all the buildings in the location and look for the available green and yellow balls. Our itinerary is as follows:

From the main road, turn right and enter a small house. There is usually a sphere in or behind it. You will also find several barrels and crates.

Now jump over the fence and run to the barn on the left. Don't shoot at the enemies or the combo will reset and you won't be able to get the maximum score!

There are also balls in this building, but if they were not inside, break the barrel and box, then quickly get out. Go around the enemies on the right side and pick up the red grass.

Ignore the stairs on the left and go through the door in front of you. On the table, pick up the resources, sphere, and also break the barrel. At this point, a zombie will come out of the closet - also ignore it. On the opposite table, take the healing spray and break another barrel. Get out through the window.

Climb up the ladder to the roof. On the right, there is usually always an orb - take it. Now jump through the window where the enemy will be waiting. There are cartridges on the table, and on the ground floor, there is green grass, a ball, and two barrels. At the exit, there is a knife on the bench.

Exit through the front door and turn left. There is also an orb in the small building, but if it is not there, you can find a flash grenade here (they will be needed to kill bosses), as well as a Healing Spray in a crate.

Now get out and climb the tower. There is a grenade inside the red chest.

Jump down and ignore the enemies. A ball sometimes appears to the right of the tower, but if it is not there, immediately run to the far house and climb out the window.

There are many boxes inside and sometimes a sphere appears. Collect all this and go to the square. The last ball can be behind this building or in the barn where the cow was standing during the passage of the plot.

Now that you have explored most of the locations and collected all the balls, you can start the battle. First of all, go to the square and activate the hero's ability. Kill as many enemies as possible, and try to shoot in the head. When you have dealt with 27 enemies, the first boss will appear - a heavy enemy with a sledgehammer. Deal with him and continue to destroy the zombies, trying not to drop the combo.

The next boss will appear when the kill count reaches 50. It is best to deal with the chainsaw as quickly as possible so as not to fend off his attacks. This can lead to the loss of combo points.

Upon reaching 90 kills, two bosses will arrive on the map at once - sisters with chainsaws. Use the hero's abilities and kill them.

The last three bosses will appear when the kill counter reaches 130 monsters. This is the most difficult stage of the game, as you have to confront three chainsaws at once.

If you manage to defeat them without losing combo points, you will get the maximum rank.

How to get the "S++" rank in the "Castle" location

Unlike the village, in this location, you do not need to immediately collect all the balls, as they are scattered in key places, where you will come anyway to deal with the enemies. First of all, you need to collect useful ammunition and get rid of the catapults, which will certainly interfere during the passage. To do this, pick up a grenade at the start and break two barrels. There is also an enemy here - kill him and get rid of a few more barrels. There are also two zombies right behind him.

Now go up the stairs to the right and deal with other opponents. There are two barrels on the left, and a sphere may also appear.

Now run to the opposite tower and get rid of the four catapults. To do this, shoot at the red barrels.

From now on, you are free to do whatever you want. The only thing to remember is that scarlet-robed bosses usually spawn near the cannon. You should immediately deal with them, otherwise, you risk being surrounded by mutated enemies.

As for blind strong monsters, there is no need to hide from them. It is enough to use the special ability and quickly kill the bosses. To do this, shoot the parasite on the back. If you play as Hunk, then in rage mode you can aim at any part of the monster's body, he will still die.

Try not to lose your combo until at least 140 kills to get the highest rank.

How to get the "S++" rank in the "Island" location

When passing the last location, you will encounter a huge number of sailors, grenade launchers, as well as ordinary parasites that will cling to the backs of zombies and attack the protagonist.

Gradually advance around the island, killing enemies and collecting orbs and supplies. After 20 kills, the first boss will appear - a strong opponent with a sledgehammer. After 70 corpses, two similar enemies will arrive on the map at once. Use fuel barrels and special abilities to deal with them.

When you kill the 100th enemy, two bosses will reappear. They will be the same as the previous opponents.

At 130 kills, you have to fight two strong opponents who use automatic crossbows. Try to destroy them before the attack, otherwise, you risk dying very quickly.

If you did everything right and kept the combo at least up to 140 kills, you will get the maximum rank.

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