Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Remake Complete Walkthrough

 A detailed walkthrough of the Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened remake with a description of the location of the clues and the correct choices in the dialogues.

Frogwares has released a remake of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, in which players once again have to go on an adventure with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to unravel the mystery of the Cthulhu cult. In this guide, we will walk you through the game in detail.

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Remake Complete Walkthrough

Chapter 1

We watch the introductory cut-scene of the chapter "The Shadow Over London". After talking with Watson, we examine a newspaper, a book, and a letter from Werner on the table. If desired, we change the original appearance of Sherlock and go outside.

We examine the trash can to the right of the entrance and find a needle from a cactus and a piece of paper.

We run into the alley and communicate with the child.

We get useful information and in the halls of the mind we combine the "Recruit's Testimony" and "The Book from Barnes". We get to the bookstore and examine the man with glasses: bags under his eyes, ink on his arm, right knee, and left shoe. We use the "Workaholic" option.

We study the items on the table: the red book and the catalog of exotic plants. At the window, we examine the dried flowers, a stack of books, and the view behind the right window from below.

We go outside and study the plants from the flower seller. We examine the girl: eyes, lips, brooch, buttons, and right shoe. Activate the "Ready to move on" option. We provide evidence and choose a cactus, Mr. Barnes, and other options until the conversation with the girl is completed.

In the halls of the mind, we combine "Dead Flowers in the Window", "Mrs. Flemming at Barnes" and "Cactus in a Cracked Pot" to find out about the love of the bookstore owner. We return to the store and tell the man about the evidence.

We communicate with Mr. Barnes and select the option "I know what to do" to tell him and get a fresh newspaper. The intermediate tutorial mission will be completed.

We get to the Stanwick mansion. We communicate with men at the entrance and activate all available options in the conversation. Captain Stanwyck's servant has gone missing, so Sherlock needs to gather evidence and find him. To search for useful information, do not forget to activate the concentration, otherwise, Sherlock will not see the evidence and evidence noted in the manual.

We move to the backyard and near the column we examine the prints on the ground and chewing tobacco on the pedestal. We study the lock on the door and traces of wheels on the ground.

We pass into Kimihia's hut and examine a piece of hessan on the floor, a broken box, a bag of grain, and a telescope on the floor to open the second piece of evidence.

In the next room, we find clothes from hessan and in the boiler, we examine the bone, ashes, and opioid stone. We provide evidence to the captain and return back to the hut.

We study the logs and the path.

We fix in the book "A Lock with an unusual keyhole" and at the entrance to Kimihia's hut, we examine the rack with keys.

Now Sherlock needs to choose the correct sequence of actions:

  1. An intruder with a spyglass hides behind a statue and waits for the right moment.
  2. The intruder went to the window, put an opioid stone in the chimney pipe, and covered it with a rag.
  3. The attacker tried to move the body, but could not, fell on the bag, and dropped the spyglass.
  4. The intruder used the cart to move the servant's body.
  5. The intruder opened the lock with a key he found in Kimihia's hut.
We confirm the conclusions. We return to Captain Stanwick and talk about the collected evidence. Choose any option and get the key to the locked door.

We follow to the backyard and open the lock. We find traces on the ground and move to the left.

Around the corner, we find evidence on the cart: a rope, a substance on the wallet on the back side, and grass on the wheel.

We take a couple of steps forward and inspect a pile of manure and cigarette butts.

We use the halls of the mind and select the evidence "Spyglass", "Sailor's Knot" and "Footprints in Captain Stanwyck's Garden" - Sherlock learns that the servant was abducted by a sailor.

Activate the Mind Halls again and connect Strand - September 28, 1882, Saltpeter Purse, and Kidnapper - Sailor to find out the location of the kidnapper. Sherlock will guess that the sailor may be in the London port.

We go outside and ask the driver to take the heroes to the next location.

Chapter 2

The episode "The Blood-Red Night" will begin immediately after the arrival of Sherlock and Watson at the port.

We pass to the nearest institution and communicate with the girl.

We examine it: lips, spots near the pocket on the chest, stomach, and left trouser pocket. Select the option "Trying to hide her pregnancy. We ask for help in finding a person and offer evidence.

We go outside and move to the left, we pass along the wooden bridge and examine the poster on the wall. We follow further and get to the third pier.

We communicate with Roy and get valuable information. We study a man: a hat, spots on his arm, a watch on his stomach, and his right shoulder. We select the option "Thief" and provide him with evidence.

We follow the southeast on the map and get to the warehouses. We communicate with the constable to open the side task "The Case with Ghosts". We pass inside.

We go down and inspect the cart: a rectangular imprint, liquor, and a trace of a palm.

We find a can of green paint - inspect it and a mark on the wall.

On the left, we study an empty place. On the ground, we find traces and inspect the jacket and the Viking mannequin.

We activate the correct sequence of actions:

  1. The unknown leaves footprints on the wall.
  2. Unknown mixes the solution.
  3. The unknown person takes the box from the coffin cart.
  4. The unknown leaves through the gate with a small cart.

We go outside and follow the tracks. On the way, we find a glass. We follow further and find a field hospital near the port. It is located to the right of the wooden bridge.

We examine the doctor: lips left hand and a book. Activate the "Self-Taught Healer" option.

We return to the constable and choose one of the two options to complete the side quest.

We return to the passage of the story quest and from the bridge in the slums along the next path we move to the house of the author of the poster. A red rag hangs in front of the entrance as a clue.

We go inside and communicate with the child.

We collect usage information and examine the pendant and portrait on the table. Again we go to Roy and activate all the evidence. We follow the bar and talk with the barmaid to get all the evidence.

Use Mind Halls and combine Character Portrait: Roy Salisby, Testimony of Roy Salisby, Testimony of a Nepalese Boy, and Testimony of a Barmaid. Sherlock will realize that "Dirty" Sommers is involved in the kidnapping of Kimihia and the child.

We follow the third pier to Roy and launch the confrontation. We select the options "Kimihii kidnapper", "Salisby business card" and "Character portrait: Roy Salsby". The man will talk about Sommers and note important details - the kidnapper marked his premises with red paint and often visited the bar.

We return to the "Cursed Mermaid" and launch a confrontation with the barmaid. We select the options "Kimihiya kidnapper", "Roy Salisby's testimony" and "Character portrait: Barmaid". The girl will tell you that Sommers rented a room in a bar. We go around the counter on the right, open the door and go down.

On the table, we examine fresh scratches, coins, and an account, and also read the inscription on the board.

In the halls of the mind, we activate the options "Bill for Canvas", "Roy Salisby's Testimony" and "Notification of Employment". Sherlock will realize that the missing people may be in the warehouse, which is marked with red paint.

We move to the warehouses and find the twelfth room. We crack the lock with a master key and go inside. You can skip this mini-game if you wish.

To the left of the entrance, we examine the spots and holes on the fabric. Near the window, we find traces of dirt, an object on the floor, and scratches on the windowsill.

We examine the boxes, the cart and go up to the top floor, where we study the lifting mechanism to the left of the stairs.

At the bottom we take the handle and insert it into the device at the top - Sherlock will open the way to the secret room.

We go down and go through the door. We move on and after a short cut-scene we follow forward.

Chapter 2

At the locked door, we read the hint and jump into the abyss.

We pick up a stone from the nearest monument and jump down again. Activate the item found in the next monument and move forward.

Chapter 2

As soon as the door closes, we use concentration and to the right of Sherlock, we examine the footprints on the ground.

Chapter 2

We return to the monument, activate it and slowly get to the next zone.

Chapter 2

On the right, we jump into the paw of the creature and move to another location.

Chapter 2

We follow the narrow path and find the white symbol on the stairs. We stand on it so that the stones flying in the air create a bridge. We get to the symbol of the eye. We activate concentration so that the eye closes and, moving with our backs to the door, do not take the camera away from it. Once in a small area with a monument.

Chapter 2

We become facing him and move into the second door on the left. We pass forward and find traces with the help of concentration. We turn around in the opposite direction, re-activate the skill and again move with our backs to the door.

In a small room, we pick up a stone from the floor and return to the monument.

Chapter 2

We pass through the second door on the right, inspect the traces and slowly move into the back room.

We pick up another stone, return to the monument and insert the found items.

We pass along the bridge forward and watch a short video. Sherlock will call a partner, and control will pass to Watson.

We go down and get to Sherlock. We bring the partner to his senses and begin to inspect the premises. We study the body: two arms, stomach, and mouth. On the right on the tables, we find pendants, a passport, a leaflet, and a knife. On the next table, we examine the distant bottle and an open container with a prohibited substance.

In the corner of the room, we find clothes, a rope, a symbol, and blood on the wall. We go down the stairs and study the symbols on the wall. We examine the open boxes and notice scratches and a blood stain, and also learn about the large weight of the cargo. At the entrance we find clothes.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

We activate the correct sequence of actions:

  1. The kidnapper removes the person's clothes.
  2. People worship the symbols on the wall.
  3. The kidnapper shoves the resisting man into the box.
  4. A kidnapper with a knife stands next to a bound man.
  5. The kidnapper strangled the man.

After successfully confirming the guesses, we watch a short video. The heroes will return to the room. We open the palaces of the mind and use the evidence of "Unknown man on the altar", "Passport" and "Flyer". Sherlock will guess that the dead man on the altar is Amos Colby.

Again, use the Mind Halls and select the options "Incidents in Warehouse 12", "Tin Box with Edelweiss" and "Cross inside a Rectangle" - Sherlock learns that the abductees were moved to an institute in Switzerland.

We open the book of cases, we study the evidence "Route of the kidnappers" and use the correct options in the notebook:

  1. Location - Europe.
  2. Date of creation - 1700s.
  3. The field of activity is medicine.
We use the search and find the location of the institute.

Chapter 3

In the episode "The Mountains Of Madness" Sherlock and Watson travel to Switzerland.

We talk with the girl in the waiting room and get acquainted with the doctor. Sherlock pretends to be dead Amos Colby. We wake up in the cell and immediately break the lock. We leave it, move forward and communicate with the patient Maurizio. In a large room, we examine the equipment on the table, the product next to it, and the flask on the left.

We pick up the syringe in the closet. On the left on the nightstand, we study the note “The Fourth Little Frog”. On the next table, we find another entry. We are trying to go to the next block and notice the guard who is blocking the way.

We go back, go past the cameras and break open the lock at the warehouse. We pass inside. On the table, we examine the certificate in the frame and the toolbox. In an open cabinet in the wall, we find a photograph, fat on the bottom shelf, and a mechanism at the handle.

Chapter 3

On the couch, we pick up the note "The Fifth Little Frog". In a box on the floor, we study a note in an envelope and tubes.

Chapter 3

We return to our cell and climb the stairs to the top.

We examine the plan of the institute on the wall and a bottle of sedative near the chair. We are trying to open the doors and return back to the storage room.

We use the halls of the mind and activate the options "Syringes", "Bottle of sedation" and "Metal pipes".

We pick up the tube from the warehouse.

Sherlock himself will create a tool, so we approach the grate and shoot at the guard.

On the right on the box, we find the note "The first little frog". We examine the guard and take away his clothes. Near the door on the right, we find a letter and a bottle of sedative in a box. We pass further and move along the corridor to the right.

We find the patient Gerda and communicate with the girl.

Chapter 3

We turn in the opposite direction and move through the bars.

Chapter 3

On the bench near the laundry room, we find the note "Third little frog". We go inside the nearest room and inspect the furnace: the fabric inside and the clothes on the left.

Take the Heidi doll from the locker. We follow through the far passage into the restricted area.

At the fork, we look into the room on the left, and on the nightstand, we find medical assessments and a sedative.

We immediately use the concentration and in the chamber, on the right on the floor, we find a cross.

We go in the opposite direction and in the chamber closest to the exit on the right we study the inscription on the wall with the help of concentration. We go into the room opposite and do not forget to use Sherlock's skills. On the wall on the left, we find blood and study the stretcher.

We look into the open boxes. In the right one, we find a pendant, a bottle, dirty clothes, and a hole, and in the left one, we find scratches, a broken bottle, and blood.

On the right side of the barrel, we pick up the note “Second little frog”.

We fix the task of researching the institute and with the help of concentration, we find scratches on the floor and a mechanism on the wall near the barrel in the corner of the room. We also find a welded hatch against the wall opposite.

We draw conclusions:

  1. Employees of the institute unload boxes from the wagon.
  2. Institute staff open the boxes and notice that some of the abductees did not survive the journey.
  3. The guard beats the prisoners and takes them to the cells.

We return back to Gerda and give Heidi's doll. We ask the girl. She's not ready to help until Sherlock fixes the toy.

We follow into the storage room and near the toolbox we find rusty nails and construction glue.

We go down to the laundry again and pick up the buttons and a long thread.

Chapter 3

We go up to Gerda and fix the doll. We communicate with the doll and start the confrontation. We select “Investigation of Edelweiss”, “Testimony of Gerda” and “Note from Professor Becker”.

Let's move on to the mind. We use the options "Working Dead End", "Successful Penetration of Watson" and "Heidi's Testimony of the Hell Door". Sherlock will understand that Watson can help him.

Re-activate the Mind Halls and select the "Patient Hates Guards" and "Blocked Way Up" options.

We return to Sherlock's block and break open the lock of Maurizio's cell. We are watching a video in which Sherlock will meet with Watson. Control will pass to the partner.

We look at the sink. We leave the guest room and move to the right until we get to the administration room.

On the tables, we find reports of patients and a photo album. We study the file cabinet and leave the room.

We follow in the opposite direction and get to the director's office. After talking with Dr. Gygax, we go out into the corridor. We go further and in the kitchen, we look into a small elevator.

We move on and get to the second chamber. We study the poems on the table and examine Wolf: face, scars on the head, and skin defects on both hands. We activate the option "Sick, but the treatment does not help."

Use the Mind Hall to find out about the institute's special concern for Wolf, and select the options "Note from Professor Becker", "Gygax Patient Reports", and "Character Portrait: Patient Wolf". It turns out that Wolf is the former director of the institute.

Reapply Mind Halls and activate Gygax Patient Reports, Professor Gygax's Testimony, and Very Important Patient. We return to Wolf and compose the text of the letter for Professor Gygax. We follow to the director's office and ask the guard to pass the note.

Chapter 3

After leaving Gygax, we pass into her office and study the table: the upper right drawer, the letter and key inside, the dagger, the upper left drawer, and the diary inside. We move to the kitchen and activate the elevator to give Sherlock the key. We return back to the detective.

Chapter 3

After a short cut-scene, the hero will find himself in a secret room. We immediately go into the room on the right and on the first table in the middle row, with the help of concentration, we find a tooth and a chain on the floor. We examine the board and in the corner of the room, we find a wax cylinder. We leave the room and follow the corridor to the end.

We turn left. We get to the well and inspect the ax and body parts below. We leave into the corridor and move through the door opposite.

We find a letter on the table, a telegram in the book, and a key.

On a small table, we find a notebook.

We go into the next room and study the dynamo and the belts by the chair. We pass through the door, go down the stairs and watch a short cut-scene.

We return back to the first room with the head on the table and wait for the lift. We activate the mechanism and go upstairs to Watson.

We examine the doll and the body of Gygax: face, tie, and robe.

We go to the halls of the mind and use the evidence "Letter from the New Orleans Bank", "Telegram from New Orleans" and "Letter written by hand." We communicate with Sherlock and leave the institute.

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