How to raise and lower your Balance in Honkai: Star Rail


How to raise and lower your Balance in Honkai: Star Rail

The balance level is an important parameter in Honkai: Star Rail, which determines the strength of opponents, the rarity, and the amount of resources dropped, and also opens up new opportunities for the player and affects the possibility of further progress in the game. In this guide, we will talk about how to increase and decrease the level of Balance, what rewards the player will receive and what content is hidden behind this parameter.

What is the level of balance and what does it affect

The Equilibrium level is literally the level of the player's world. It increases by one unit every ten levels of Mastery, except for the first ten and the last time:

  • 20;
  • thirty;
  • 40;
  • 50;
  • 60;
  • 65.

If you've played Genshin Impact, you can draw an analogy: Balance level is World level, and Mastery level is Adventure Rank.

What does the level of balance affect?

  • The level and strength of opponents;
  • The value and amount of loot from monsters;
  • The value of rewards for completing dungeons;
  • Chance of dropping five-star artifacts.

Balance level does not affect:

  • Chest contents;
  • Rewards for completing missions;
  • Rewards for completing the Virtual Universe;
  • Rewards for completing the Hall of Oblivion.
In addition, without increasing the level of Equilibrium, further progression of characters, their elevation, as well as the discovery of new content is impossible. And most importantly, without increasing the level of Balance, it is impossible to further increase the level of Mastering.

The most important can be considered the 1st level of Equilibrium. Without receiving it, it is impossible to participate in the following tests:

  • Crimson Sepals;
  • Corrosion caves;
  • Echoes of war;
  • Stagnant Shadow (requires 2 levels of Equilibrium, needed to farm characters' ascension materials).
Access to some tests appears after completing certain quests or boss battles.

How to quickly level up your Balance in Honkai: Star Rail

The level of Balance is directly related to the level of Mastery, so in order to progress quickly, you need to increase the latter. The easiest way to do this is to follow the storyline and complete side quests. For them, they give a large amount of experience, which will allow you to quickly increase both indicators and start getting more valuable items. Do not forget about the missions of companions and adventures, as well as daily training.

As soon as you reach the required level of Mastery, for example, the twentieth, you will have the quest "Test of Balance". Track the quest to find the Balance Rift and complete the required dungeon. After its completion, the level of Balance will increase, and you will be able to elevate your characters.

In total, six levels are available to players, which will be obtained after passing the tests:

  • Trial of Balance 1: Pathfinder, level 20;
  • Trial of Balance 2: Pathfinder, level 30;
  • Trial of Balance 3: Pathfinder, level 40;
  • Trial of Balance 4: Pathfinder, level 50;
  • Trial of Balance 5: Pathfinder, level 60;
  • Trial of Balance 6: Pathfinder, level 65.
Carefully! The monsters that you meet in the Trial of Equilibrium will be stronger than usual. If you don't have enough damage or health, we advise you to leave the challenge, farm resources and level up the characters and their Light Cones. Do not be afraid of failure - in case of failure, you can retake the test an unlimited number of times.

After that, the maximum level of the heroes will increase by ten units, and the player will be able to further increase the level of Mastering.

For completing the tests, you will also receive rewards that can be collected from the guide:

  • Star passes;
  • Sources of experience to level up characters and light cones;
  • Loans;
  • Various food.
Depending on the level of the Trial, the rewards change.

How to lower your Balance in Honkai: Star Rail

At the moment, it is not possible to lower the level of Equilibrium in Honkai: Star Rail, so take your time and upgrade your squad as best as possible before increasing the difficulty: get more upgrade and ascension materials, and gain experience.

Extra experience earned with a locked progress bar will not disappear but will be transferred immediately after increasing the level of Equilibrium.

How to check your level of balance

You can find out the level of Balance by clicking on the smartphone icon on the left side of the screen. The level will be shown to the right of the Mastery level, below the Pioneer's nickname and biography.

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