All endings of episode 4 of the game "Tiny Bunny" - walkthrough


All endings of episode 4 of the game "Tiny Bunny" - walkthrough

Tiny Bunny is a horror visual novel. The game is in early access, but thanks to the thick atmosphere and non-linearity, it has already acquired its own fan base. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of the game, as well as talk about all the possible endings in the 4th episode.

Caution: The text contains spoilers!

There are three main storylines in the game, which depend on who you are friends with. They affect both the course of development of the whole story and the possible finals. To get all the achievements, you will need to complete the game several times.

Episode 1: "Come Owl"

When mom forbids you to leave the house, you will have the opportunity to explore the room. To get the True Detective 1 achievement, you need to find all the items that we will discuss below. Click on the eye icon to see their location.


  • Phone (right);
  • Pantry;
  • Cross (above the entrance);
  • Yula (left).


  • Radio (you need to click on it 3 times to hear all the radio stations and get the "Secret Message" achievement);
  • Calendar (left, top);
  • Newspaper on the table;
  • Refrigerator (you need to study all the products that are there);
  • A note on the refrigerator connected by a policeman (get the "Useful Connections" achievement ). This is important evidence.

Anton's room (first you need to find a mitten, which we will discuss below, or a policeman's number):

  • A toy in the form of a dinosaur that stands on a shelf (top);
  • Drawings over the table;
  • Silhouette behind the curtain;
  • Magazines that lie on the nightstand (left, bottom).

Olya's room:

  • Window;
  • Bear (on the right, on the bed);
  • Piggy bank in the form of a pig (right, top).

When you fool your mother, she will go to the TV, and you will have the opportunity to go outside. There you will see the mitten of the boy Vova, who recently disappeared.


  • Run away (get the achievement "Run, save yourself" );
  • Take (achievement "Where are you, Vova" will open, you will open valuable evidence ).
Go to the TV and turn it on.


  • Search (get the achievement "Nothingness" );
  • Set up (you will be given the achievement "Damn Tape" and you will receive another piece of evidence).

Episode 2: "Time to Play"

The fox will offer you a gift in the form of Turbo chewing gum.


  • Take (you will receive the achievement "Sweetness" and an insert. The presence of this item will affect the development of the plot);
  • Refuse (you will be given an achievement "Disgusting" ).

After the end of the lessons, Semyon will start bullying you.


  • Fight back (you will receive the achievement "Left Crown", later you can make friends with Alice or Polina);
  • Endure (you will unlock the achievement "Humiliated and Insulted", relationships with girls will not be available, and you will have to go to become a loner).

If you get into a fight with a bully, then later you will need to decide who you will be friends with.


  • Polina (you will be given the achievement "Knight!" );
  • Alice (you will receive the achievement "Adventurer!" ).

As in the first series, you will be able to get an achievement that is related to the study of the location. It's called True Detective 2. Below we will tell you exactly what to look for.

Schoolyard (at the very beginning of the episode):

  • Three high school students;
  • Car;
  • Man;
  • Nest on a tree (left, top).

School corridor (available only if you fought back Semyon, during the choice between girls):

  • Bucket (left);
  • Smenka (right);
  • Paper plane (on the floor).

Schoolyard (only if you chose Alice):

  • Squirrel (left, top);
  • Garbage (right, bottom);
  • Man;
  • Drawing on the wall (you need to interact with it last).

On the way home you will be attacked by hooligans. If you are not friends with girls, then there will be no choice. Otherwise, you will have the option of wearing a mask. It will not have any effect, however, you will receive the "Mask Show" achievement. If you are friends with Polina, you can send her. You will lose the fight, but you will be given the achievement "Not Fortune". If you are in a relationship with Alice and send her, you will defeat the hoolinan. The achievement "Right Funeral" will open.

Episode 3: "Standing Wolf Hair"

Here, the achievement, which is related to the study of the location, can be obtained at the very beginning of the series. It's called True Detective 3. To do this, before sitting down, interact with the following items:

  • Portrait of Yesenin (above);
  • Film projector (top, left, on the cabinet);
  • Firecrackers (on the right, on the desk).
During the visit of the policeman, his folder will remain on your desk.


  • Skip (you will be given the achievement "Razzyava" );
  • Open (2 times when the policeman looks at you). There will be no effect;
  • Open (2 times until the policeman turned away). You will receive the achievement "My Pretty!" and a ring of seeds. This is evidence.
The policeman will offer to remember what the stranger looked like.


  • Keep silent. You will be given the achievement "Mouth to the lock".
  • Tell. In this case, it will be possible to make a sketch.
You can depict the appearance of a man only if you have seen him three times. This is only possible if you are friends with Alice. Right answers:

  • Eyes frown;
  • Eyebrows are shaved;
  • Plaster on the nose;
  • Mouth with cleft lip.
If you named everything correctly, you will get the achievement "Van Gogh".

If earlier you accepted Alice's gift, chose her later instead of Polina, and also got into a fight with Semyon, now you can play the Rock, Paper, Scissors mini-game. The bet will be the insert you received earlier, and the possible prize is a camera. This will affect the plot of the whole story. If you win, you will be given it and the achievement "Oh, lucky!". If you lose, then replenish the collection of awards with the Burdock achievement.

If you went with Polina and tried to fight Semyon, then the girl will offer you to take the amulet.

Choice (will affect the ending of the fourth series and the fate of the protagonist):

  • Take (achievement "Shaman King", the path to the best ending);
  • Refuse (achievement "Skeptic" ).
During the game with the sister in the console, three scenarios are possible:

  • Lose in three rounds (achievement "Brother" );
  • Win in three rounds or turn off the TV (achievement "Baka" );
  • Hit all ducks (achievement "Recycler" ).

If you are in a relationship with Alice and are friends with bullies, you will have a choice of what to talk about on the phone:

  • Tell about Roma's plan, choose Polina's drawing (achievement "Muse" );
  • Do not talk about Roma's intention, choose the image of Voltron (achievement "Team Voltron" ).

Episode 4: "Kicking the Ground"

If you have not made friends with any of the girls, then there will be no significant choices in the fourth series.

If you are building a relationship with Alice, and during a telephone conversation you did not talk about Romka's plan, then you will be asked to decide whether to take Byasha with you.


  • Don't call. Get the achievement "The Third Extra". After talking with the policeman, you will need to examine the gas mask on the chair and the wall. Then you will go home, where the finale of the episode will be waiting for you;
  • Call. You will be given the achievement "Three Musketeers".
The second option opens the way for the continuation of the story. You will come to a suspicious garage. We need to decide what to do next.


  • To the police. Get the Uncle Styopa achievement. This path will lead you to one of the endings;
  • To the garage.
If you enter the room, you will see a meat grinder with Katya tied up. There are two possible scenarios here:

  • Select the "Rescue" option two or fewer times. Achievement will open "Minced meat" ;
  • Select the Save option three or more times. Get the "Strawberry" achievement and Katya's scythe.

If you tried to pull Katya out many times and you have a camera, then you can take a photo of her pigtails. You will be given the X-Files achievement and you will save the new evidence. Then you will be sent to the final.

If you are friends with Polina, the girl will invite you home. There will be an opportunity to inspect her home and get the achievement "True Detective 4". To do this, you need to find certain items.


  • Skiing (right);
  • Mirror (on the left, if you interact with it, you will be given the achievement "Dementius!" );
  • Passage to the room (on the right);
  • Phone (right);
  • Portrait (center);
  • Deer horns.

Pauline's room:

  • Poster (right);
  • Records (left);
  • Piano.

The cat can tear the poster. In this case, it will need to be collected piece by piece.

When you go home, Romka will meet you.

If you don't have the amulet, it will kill you, leading you to the first ending, which we'll cover below. And having an amulet will save your life. In this case, you will receive the achievement "Survivor".

How to save Katya in "Bunny". Can you save her life?

In interactive movies from Quantic Dream or Supermassive Games, there is an opportunity to save the life of all the key characters in the game. Alas, in the "Bunny" you will not be able to pull Katya out of the meat grinder. No matter how fast you click on the "Save" button, the girl will die anyway.

The only difference is whether you get an artifact in the form of a photograph of her scythe or not. To do this, you need to agree to take a gift from Alice, win a camera while playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, and click on the Save icon more than three times.

There is a possibility that if you go not to the garage, but to the police, then Katya will survive. At least in this case, Romka will not turn on the meat grinder, and you will not see the death of the girl. But whether it is true or not, we will find out only in the 5th series. The authors of the game promise that in her story there are from four to eight possible endings. Perhaps in one of them, Katya will survive.

All endings of the fourth episode

In the fourth episode, there are three possible endings that are directly related to the fate of Anton, the main character of the game. The denouement of the whole story is influenced by the decisions you made earlier. A guy can die at the hands of a classmate, become another monster, or escape and retain his humanity, at least for a while.

How to Kill the Main Character (School Killer)

Death at the hands of Romka. You will be shown the sad consequences of his cruel actions, including the arrest of a guy and a demonstration of your grave.

How to get: You can get this ending if you are friends with Polina, but did not take the amulet in the 3rd episode. Or you are building a relationship with Alice, but you chose the image of Polina as a picture. In both cases, Romka will attack you with a knife and, in a fit of jealousy, inflict a mortal wound.

For this ending, you will receive the achievement "School Killer".

How to escape death and "make friends" with forest animals (Mr. Hyde)

You yourself have become a monster. Your hero accepted the gifts of the animals and became just like them. At first, it will seem that all things have improved - the parents no longer quarrel, and the girls want to be friends with you. But this is an illusion. People will continue to disappear. And the monsters will demand more and more victims from you, otherwise, your relatives will suffer.

How to get: This denouement will be available to those who follow the path of loneliness. If you are in a relationship with Polina and took an amulet or are friends with Alice and chose Romka's drawing, then during a conversation with Santa Claus you will face a choice - accept the gifts of animals or refuse. To get this ending, you need to agree to take candy from Santa Claus.

For this ending, you will be given the achievement "Mr. Hyde".

How to save the main character (Dr. Jekyll)

The rescue. The only ending in which you will stay alive and retain humanity. The animals will let you leave, but Olya cannot be saved.

How to get: If you became a friend of Polina, you need to take the amulet in the 3rd episode, and for those who spend time with Alice, you need to select the image of Romka. During the choice that Santa Claus will offer, refuse his gifts. The fox will offer to try the jelly. Say "no" again. You will see the true appearance of all the animals, but at the same time it will be possible to run.

This denouement of the story unlocks the Dr. Jekyll achievement.

Explanation of the endings of the fourth episode. theories

There are many theories on the net that explain the whole plot of "Bunny" and the ending of the fourth episode. We will talk about the two most interesting and plausible of them. We note right away that the “School-Killer” ending implies the death of Anton at the hands of the jealous Romka, and it is difficult to find any hidden meanings in it.

And the explanation for the other two endings depends on who the beasts really are.

First option. Animals are a universal evil that existed even before the appearance of the village in these places.Something similar was found in the books of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (Howard Phillips Lovecraft) and Stephen King (Stephen Edwin King). If you go to the police, you will find out that 30 years ago children were already disappearing in this village. Animals periodically need to eat, and it is human flesh, because it makes them stronger. At the same time, animals prefer to act by proxy. They find "bunnies" who will bring them meat. In the "Mr. Hyde" ending, the game's protagonist accepted this role. Perhaps a man with a hare lip also went this way, brought human flesh to animals and really survived. The ending, titled "Dr. Jekyll", lets you reject the beasts' offer. They will let you go, but only for a while and at the cost of Olya's life.

Second option. There are no animals. They are just a product of the sick fantasy of Anton, who suffers from a serious mental disorder.Recall that the mother constantly stuffed the guy with some kind of pills. In this case, he committed all the murders himself, without being aware of what was happening. One of the explanations for this theory is that people died at the very moment when the protagonist "communicated" with the animals. The ending "Mr. Hyde" suggests that Anton has completely lost his mind. He will continue to kill, and now - quite consciously. The finale of "Dr. Jekyll" hints at the fact that he managed to cope with his own manic tendencies. But in reality, the guy cut his own sister in half. However, if we consider the variant of Anton's schizophrenia, then there is a hope that Olya's meeting with the animals also seemed to him. In fact, the girl stayed at home.

Note that these theories are current at the time of the release of the fourth episode. The final fifth series can confirm them or refute them, as well as give rise to new hypotheses.

Episode 5: "Bunny, bring food!"

We will update this guide with the release of a new episode.

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