How Aspects Work to Enhance Gear in Diablo 4: Code of Power, Extraction, and Imprint


How Aspects Work to Enhance Gear in Diablo 4: Code of Power, Extraction, and Imprint

Aspects in Diablo 4 are passive abilities that can be slotted into equipment to gain unique abilities and increase your character's power. In total, there are more than a hundred aspects in the game, some are suitable only for one class, while others are available to all heroes. Let's figure out how they work.

What is an aspect in Diablo 4?

Aspects are essentially legendary modifiers that you can add to your inventory of non-legendary gear. These effects can change existing abilities for your class or provide a powerful usable power. Each gain belongs to one of several groups:

  • Protection;
  • Attack;
  • Resources;
  • Support;
  • Mobility.
What is an aspect in Diablo 4?

To get the aspect, you need to either level up to level 25 or open it in the "Code of Power" (Codex of Power) . For the second option, you will have to go through the dungeon. Hover over the selected dungeon on the map to find out which "Code of Power" it will open for you. You can track the unlocked gains on your account by opening the Collections tab. Just select the "Power Code" tab and you will see all the available aspects of Diablo 4.

If you need to find a specific legendary aspect, you can select it to put a marker on the world map. Follow the indicated path and get to the desired dungeon. Please note that in order to get into some dungeons, you first have to free the fortress.

Usually, you need to clear the dungeon: kill all the monsters, find some items, then open the gate and defeat the boss. As a result, you will receive a legendary aspect as a reward and see it in your Code of Power.

Also, improvements can be found in a special section of the inventory, if you removed it from the item. All items of legendary quality already have an aspect, but you can also make your own with the Occultist.

How to get more aspects in Diablo 4?

There are two ways to get boosts in the game:

  1. Passage of the dungeon, where the aspect is given as a reward;
  2. Extracting an aspect from a legendary item that will be destroyed.
If you knocked out a legendary item and you do not need it, then you can contact the Occultist (Occultist). It will destroy the legendary but add its aspect to your current character's inventory. Now you can use it on a new, more powerful item.

How to get more aspects in Diablo 4?

The upgrades added to your Code of Power are available for use by every character, so it doesn't matter what class you are in the dungeon, because each of your heroes will have access to the reward.

Where to find the Occultist in Diablo 4?

Approach the Occultist, he is shown on the map as a symbol of three small circles. They can be found in every big city. In Kyovashad, the main settlement at the start of the game, the Occultist is on the left side of town. Interact with the character to open two menus: on the left is the aspect menu and on the right is your inventory

Where to find the Occultist in Diablo 4?

These are not all the tabs and features available from the Occultist. Here you can also change the characteristics of the selected equipment. But the most valuable and useful thing is the ability to extract and imprint power-ups.

How to capture an aspect in equipment in Diablo 4?

Aspects have different equipment slot requirements - some are only suitable for off-hand weapons, while others will work in jewelry. Aspects are marked with a symbol showing the item it can be inserted into.

Aspects obtained in dungeons and available in the Codex of Power can be endlessly inserted into various items - you do not have to clear the caves again and again. The main thing is that you have enough materials and gold to imprint.

Buffs removed from equipment can only be imprinted once. But you can carry duplicates in your inventory. Duplicates will not necessarily give the same performance. The second upgrade can give a big increase in performance.

How to capture an aspect in equipment in Diablo 4?

While Codex of Power and Dungeons offer a wide range of useful upgrades, some mods can only be obtained from gear. The item where you insert the new aspect will keep the rest of the properties. And if it was a rare and not a legendary item, then it will turn into it.

Once you've inserted an enhancement into an item, you won't be able to pull it out a second time. Therefore, think in advance about when and what you want to spend it. Maybe you'd rather save it for later.

  • Select the piece of equipment from your inventory that you want to insert the aspect into;
  • Choose an aspect from the "Code of Power" or inventory section you want to imprint;
  • Click the Capture Aspect button at the bottom of the screen to craft a new legendary item.
You will need gold and crystals (Veiled Crystals), which can be obtained by dismantling rare weapons, jewelry, and armor.

How to extract aspect from equipment in Diablo 4?

For example, you have a level 30 legendary sword with a good stat, but you have outgrown it and you no longer need the item. Extract the aspect and use it with the new weapon. Or just keep the buff in your inventory to use it when you decide to switch builds.

  • Go to the second tab in the Occultist menu on the left;
  • Find the legendary item in your inventory that you want to extract the aspect from;
  • Check the item you receive to make sure you didn't mix anything up;
  • Click the Extract Aspect button at the bottom of the screen.
How to extract aspect from equipment in Diablo 4?

The process of extracting a power-up from an item will destroy it, so decide in advance that you no longer need it. Unlike imprinting, extracting an aspect will only cost a certain amount of gold.

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