How to play Scout in BattleBit Remastered

 Tips and tricks for playing as a scout - finding intel, choosing a position and equipment, how to outwit opponents, and much more

The Scout is one of six playable classes available in BattleBit Remastered, a multiplayer competitive low-poly first-person shooter. Below are some practical tips on how to play as a Scout who specializes in intelligence gathering, espionage, and long-range combat. Let's get started!

Don't forget to help your team as ranged combat isn't all you need to focus on. Sniper duels are fun, and much easier and more intuitive than taking out support, medics, and engineers. But these are the classes to focus on as they benefit the entire enemy team as a whole. Some build structures and provide allies with ammunition, others heal them, and still, others are able to repair equipment.

How to play Scout in BattleBit Remastered

Highlands are the best thing a sniper (scout) can use. Hilltops, rooftops, other structures hidden behind tree branches. On the other hand, all these places will be shot through and checked by other players. It's probably a good idea to find something as less obvious as possible. Hide on the upper floors of buildings (but not on the very last and not on the roof). You will gain protection and an advantage over the enemy, but at the same time you will be located in a less obvious place. Position yourself somewhere in the middle of the height of the hill, not right on top of it. Take a pickaxe and make small holes in the bottom of the wall. Move as far away as possible so that the viewing angles are not affected. It will be more difficult for other snipers to shoot through this hole to hit you, especially at longer distances,

Do not place sniper decoys near your firing position. Place them in more obvious places, like hilltops or rooftops, and keep an eye on where they're being fired from. A muzzle flash is a great way to find out where an enemy sniper has landed while attacking a decoy.

Unfortunately, there are no rangefinders on the binoculars - at least not on those that the scout has. Only Bino SOFLAM, which receives the leader class, can determine the range to the target. Therefore, you will have to unlock the rangefinder attachment for your chosen rifle in order to determine the distance to the target. Left ALT is the default key for zero adjustment, so hold it down and roll the mouse wheel up and down to the appropriate range. If your target is between the zeros, I suggest using a low zero and just aim a little higher. And remember, the higher you shoot, the faster the bullet will fall. At the same time, the opposite statement is true - the smaller the angle of fire (the weapon is lowered relative to the horizon), the slower the bullet will fall. That is, it is relatively more difficult to hit opponents located above you from a long distance.

If you have a microphone, use the B key (default to activate team voice chat) to tell your comrades where you see enemies, and use the mousewheel (default to ping a target) to point at the enemy. The Scout is the closest character to a sniper, but don't forget that providing information is another of his strengths thanks to powerful high magnification optics and access to binoculars. If you can't chat, just ping the places where you see enemies and hope someone notices and gets it right.

In any game, it is important to consider the speed of a bullet, regardless of the choice of sniper rifle. Fortunately, in BattleBit, projectiles travel at fairly high speeds. Therefore, it is a little easier to control sniper rifles here, as well as hit moving targets. Just keep in mind that some barrel attachments that increase the speed of a bullet drastically change the other characteristics of the weapon.

Make sure you have other weapons you can rely on in the event of a sudden change of scenery. Your rifle is practically useless up close: one missed shot and you're dead, so knowing how to handle a pistol well is crucial in those rare but inevitable moments when you find yourself much closer to the enemy than you would like. In any case, you will find yourself in a losing situation, but if you can hit the head once or twice, you may survive and even eliminate the enemy. And do not fight in the front, try to get around the enemy from the rear, or at least from the flank.

Mines and Claymores are great gadgets for those snipers who stay in one position, while C4 explosives have been created for more mobile scouts. You can try to sneak up on armored personnel carriers or drop explosives from above onto a constructed ladder, after the explosion of which it will be more difficult for the enemy to get close to you. But if you prefer mines and claymores, I recommend choosing their placement carefully. Mines are easy to spot in doorways, so try to place them somewhere on the side. Claymores are easy to recognize because of the wires, but if you glue them to the floor instead of a wall, there is a chance that some gamers will not notice the wires under their feet and blow themselves up. Otherwise, you can install both in the corners of buildings, or outside, and just hope for the best. Most people tend to huddle against the walls rather than run openly down the street.

Character customization in BattleBit Remastered, unlike most other games, does not just change the appearance of the hero. At different levels, you will unlock new headgear, breastplates/body armor, backpacks and belts that affect movement speed, aiming, equipment you can carry, and so on. If you need more mines, equip items that increase the number of basic gadgets you can carry. If you use the grappling hook all the time, you need secondary gadgets. By the way, the appearance of the character is no less important. You can choose a camouflage headdress and uniform to make it easier to hide in the greenery. You can choose a sand-colored camouflage if you are going to shoot from windows and other openings in buildings.

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