Walkthrough Jagged Alliance 3 - guide and tips for the game


Walkthrough Jagged Alliance 3 - guide and tips for the game

Jagged Alliance 3 is the sequel to the popular turn-based strategy where players recruit fighters to complete various tasks. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of the game, as well as give useful tips that will help you earn money quickly and heal wounded soldiers more efficiently.

Tips for playing Jagged Alliance 3

In Jagged Alliance 3, you will encounter many different game mechanics that may not be obvious to beginners. Below we have compiled the main tips to help gamers in difficult situations.

What mercenaries to choose at the start

Recently we have already described the best mercenaries to start in Jagged Alliance 3, but you can experiment and even create your own fighter. When choosing soldiers, we recommend paying attention to agility, agility and accuracy. We also do not recommend bothering with expensive mercenaries - there is quite a bit of money at the start, and such fighters do not have outstanding skills.

Here is a list of the best mercenaries:

Liska. Be sure to take this medic with you to the squad. If it is not available at the start, try starting the game again. Thanks to her talent, Liska gets 2 free shots at the start of the fight (best used as a sniper).

Barry. Another cool and economical fighter who is able to defuse mines set explosives and throw grenades far away. You can try handing Barry a shotgun - it will be even more effective.

Kalina. An excellent mechanic and part-time sniper. Initially equipped with a sniper rifle, which you can give to Liska or use from its owner. However, if you choose it, you will have to constantly train the accuracy of this hero.

Mouse. He has a completely useless talent, but excellent agility and agility. These characteristics make it possible to fire two shots in a row with a pistol or shotgun, cracking down on two opponents in one turn.

Wolf. Suitable as an alternative to the Mouse or a separate mercenary. The talent allows you to complete all operations (including reconnaissance) by a third faster, and also increases the damage received by the squad by 10%, and completes the preparation of the militia and training a little faster.

How to heal wounded mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3

In Jagged Alliance 3, you will face a lot of opponents, and you will also get injured quite often. To fully restore the health of the mercenaries, you will need to do some actions. There are several ways to replenish the vitality of fighters.

How to heal wounded mercenaries in battle

After taking damage in battle, make sure that the wounded mercenary or heroes nearby have medical supplies or a first aid kit. You can transfer them from the backpack, or order another character to rewind the wound of a certain hero.

It is worth noting that the level of health will be restored only a little, after which it will not be possible to increase it in battle.

How to restore health outside of combat

Your squad must have a medic, otherwise, it will take a lot of time to heal a fighter (wounds heal automatically if there are medicines in the squad's property). However, do not forget that each subsequent day costs a lot of money, which the mercenaries charge for their work.

Go to the global map (satellite view) and click "Operations", then "Cure wounds". Choose a doctor and patients. A marker will appear on the timeline, upon reaching which the vitality of the selected fighter will be fully restored.

Where to find first aid kits and medicines

When exploring locations, be sure to pay attention to the various herbs. Collecting them will help you collect medicines that are needed to create first-aid kits and treat soldiers. Later, you will meet freed locals from whom you can purchase medicines for a fee.

How to make money fast and capture diamond mines in Jagged Alliance 3

Money is one of the most important resources in the game because without it you will not be able to hire new fighters and continue contracts with existing ones. Below we have talked about all the possible ways to make money in Jagged Alliance 3.

Explore caches

Once in a new location, be sure to inspect it using the tactical view ("O" key). In addition to individual marks in this mode, you can find caches, backpacks, lockers, and other objects for inspection.

Capture diamond mines

The most effective way to earn money is to capture mines. They are marked on the global map with special icons. This will provide you with a stable passive income, especially after increasing the loyalty of local residents in sectors near the mines. The higher their loyalty to your squad, the more money you will earn.

But capturing the mines is not enough. You will also have to train militiamen who will act as guards for your business, as sooner or later the enemies will try to take the mine away from you. Over time, the mines are completely depleted, so we advise you not to stop there and capture new mines.

Bandits can also transport diamonds from one square to another. If you notice the movement - it is worth attacking and intercepting the good.

Get intelligence and use stealth

Before capturing outposts, it is important to get information about the area you are going to go to by scouting it first. This will save you some time on the operation, but it goes a long way when it comes to pinpointing the exact location of your enemies. Thus, you will be better prepared for battle.

Mercenaries with high agility and agility are often equipped with optimal positioning via Stealth Mode to avoid immediate detection. It also allows for effective stealth kills.

Another way to go unnoticed is to start the fight at night. To do this, simply rewind time on the timeline. Please note that such sorties will only be effective if you have certain weapon modifications (thermal imagers and flashlights).

Use cover

You should not start the battle in an open area - this is guaranteed to lead to severe injuries. Before going into battle, survey the area using the tactical mode. An interesting feature of shelters is that almost all of them can be destroyed. Pay attention to the cars - if they are intact, we do not recommend hiding behind them. A few well-aimed shots will disable the vehicle, after which it is guaranteed to explode.

But cover, whatever it may be, does not guarantee complete protection. At the end of each turn, we advise you to leave 1-2 action points for each hero in order to be able to change the position to "prone".

Complete challenges and side missions

As different areas are released, you will meet local residents. Some of them may issue a small task. Completing such missions will not only allow you to earn some money but also increase loyalty in a certain square.

In addition, in some regions, you will face challenges for which one or more mercenaries will receive experience points.

Don't forget to modify and repair weapons

If the condition of the weapon has dropped to 60% or lower, then it can jam at the most inopportune moment. To prevent this from happening, use the "Repair Items" operation. You can also repair armor here.

After collecting resources and materials, be sure to modify your mercenaries' weapons to increase their overall firepower. Don't sell spare parts, as they are critical to modifying and repairing weapons and equipment.

Always save before modifying weapons

Any modification has a certain chance of success, so we recommend that you always save before upgrading to the next trunk. An unsuccessful upgrade will not only take away valuable parts but also lower the overall condition of the weapon.

Walkthrough Jagged Alliance 3. Meeting with a client (I1). Kill or release Bastien?

On this island you will encounter several enemies - use the sniper to quickly deal with them.

At the bottom of the island, you can meet a guy named Bastien. Now it is not dangerous, but in the future, it may pose a threat to your squad. In short, if you do not kill him now, then later you will meet him again, and he can also take part in the defense of the fort on the island. We told you more about all the forks with Bastien here. The best option is to get diamonds from him, then tell his comrades that he is stealing from them.

Follow the mansion and talk to Emma La Fontaine. Agree to accept $2000. Here you can also get intelligence by hacking the terminal at the entrance to the house. We also advise you to get rid of the metal grate in order to gain access to the warehouse and collect some grenades.

Liberate Ernie Village (I2)

Go to the next location and get ready for battle. There are not many enemies, but they can pretty much beat up your squad, depending on the set difficulty level. There is no intelligence in this square, so go to area I3.

Minefield (I3)

Here, be sure to switch to tactical mode to get into the minefield. If you have Barry or another explosives technician in your squad, after the battle you can defuse all the mines, as well as talk to the local explosives lover.

Underground Bunker (H3)

You can explore this location, get rid of a large squad of marauders, then explore the underground bunker. There will also be enemies inside, as well as some gear, an MG42 light machine gun, some MP40 SMGs, and ammo. In addition, one red shield (intelligence) will be removed from the main fort.

Liberate Ernie Village (H2)

At this location, a group of enemies is also waiting for you, after eliminating which you will be able to pick up intelligence. If you visited the previous locations and collected all the described files, then you should have completely weakened the fort. Otherwise, go to the "Operations" menu and send any operative to scout the area.

After completing the mission, he will indicate in which sector the unfound intelligence remains. In the early stages of the game, you can do without a scout, but later on, for such sorties, you will have to hire a separate fighter.

Saving the President (H4). Kill or spare Pierre?

When all the intelligence is received, you can begin to storm the fort. Initially, you can approach and chat with the leader of the bandits named Pierre, however, we do not recommend spending time on this, as well as giving out your location. Instead, get rid of the fence on the left side of the map and climb the tower with a generalist fighter, as well as a sniper.

Start the battle by eliminating the mortar, which is located next to the entrance to the building. Since you are using a machine gun, during the action of enemies, the station wagon will itself attack opponents who fall into the area of ​​​​action of the machine gun.

Then just finish off the enemies, as well as the sniper who moves from the far tower to the building. At the end of the battle, you can pick up diamonds, and weapons, and also decide the fate of Pierre - kill or spare. The guy admits that if you spare him, he will return to the Major and serve him again, so they decided to kill him.

Saving the President (F5)

There will be only a few Marauders on this map, so there will be no problems. After the battle, in the upper part of the location you can find diamonds, as well as spare parts and other trash.

As soon as you enter the global map, be sure to send a scout. You will find out where intelligence is hidden.

Outskirts of Pantagruel (D6)

There are six enemies in this sector. Send a sniper to the central part of the map and hide behind a burnt-out car. Place the rest of the mercenaries at the bar on the left. Wait for the enemies to get closer and kill them one by one.

After freeing this square, you can purchase ammo and medical supplies, as well as hack the phone in the bar and get intel.

Slums of Pantagruel (D7)

We will update this guide soon.

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