Walkthrough Atomic Heart: Annihilation Instinct - how to find all the beads, chirps, weapons and solve puzzles


Walkthrough Atomic Heart: Annihilation Instinct - how to find all the beads, chirps, weapons and solve puzzles

The first story expansion for Atomic Heart, Annihilation Instinct, is now available for download. It tells about the fate of Major Nechaev after the incident at Enterprise 3826, as well as about his permanent companion Eleanor. Today we will describe a detailed walkthrough of the DLC, tell you how to find all the Chirps, new weapons, how to find all the magnetic hoists, solve puzzles and deal with bosses.

Introduction. Hotel "Legkaya"

Major Nechaev finds himself in a small room with Eleanor's repair cabinet. Exit through the only door and wait for the end of the dialogue, after which the storm will pass and you will be able to interact with the lift.

Raise the bridge and run upstairs. Along the way, you can also inspect hotel rooms, communicate with deceased employees, and read information on terminals. Almost every issue will have an interactive item. In total, you can chat with three corpses - a bartender, a professor, and a young girl. Keep interacting with the elevator and follow the marker on the screen.

When you get to the next number, the passage will be closed. You should go down to the lower level of the hotel room and apply power to the platform.

You are now about halfway to the exit. Keep listening to the dialogues and run after the marker. Closer to the exit, you will have to activate another similar switch on the lower floor of the hotel room.

When you find yourself at the exit, pick up the Alyonka module and read the letters on the terminal. In the next destroyed room, pick up the Klusha weapon.

In a quagmire of worries. How to get out of the swamps

Your first enemies in this add-on will be a few mannequins. Please note that such opponents must be finished off after dropping them to the ground. If this is not done, they will soon be restored. Apart from this, the mannequins can also quickly attack and throw their limbs. The most effective way to deal with them is to use a charged attack while they are idle, then simply finish them off on the ground.

Having reached the settlement, a large group of mannequins will attack the hero. Here you need to use the module "Alenka". Along the way, you will come across chests - there are at least four of them in the settlement in front of the tower, but now you won’t be able to open them.

Approach the control center and deal with another group of dummies. It is best to get rid of them one by one, as together they will kill the hero very quickly.

Get on the elevator and go upstairs. After the cutscene, you will receive a new glove and will be able to inspect chests and collect spare parts. We advise you to go back a little to the swamps and inspect the chests. One of them contains the "Handle" module for "Klusha".

Magnetohod BUS-A

Run to the hut, which is marked with a marker, and go through it. At the fork, turn left - there will be a robot here, as well as several hidden chests.

Go back and follow the marker. When you reach the next hut, pick up the chirp "Easy rest". On the street, you will meet the dolls again, accompanied by several robots. Chests can be found here, as well as the "Keykeeper Did" chirp if you look at the bus at the dead end on the left.

In the park, destroy all the robots and inspect the central part of the location. In addition to the chests, there is a Labyrinth chirp on the bench next to the information desk.

The magnetic rover is right next to the musical fountain - kill all the robots and interact with it.

Bring the "BUS" to Lebedev, and after the cutscene, talk to him again. Now you can go down to the floor below and get a new weapon - Pruner. Go back to the professor and listen to him. A new task will begin.

surface method. How to find the first "BUS"

Run after the marker to the entrance to the greenhouse. Kill a few robots and turn left at the entrance. Here you can find a chest, as well as go around the back of the building. You'll see scaffolding that you need to climb to inspect two more chests from below, as well as four on the rooftops.

surface method. How to find the first "BUS"

Now that you have completely cleared the location, you can start searching for the second magnetic hoist. To do this, find the entrance to the glass greenhouse and neutralize the "BUS".

Place the device in a flask nearby so that the task is updated. You will also get access to the PM, which will be added to your warehouse. Behind the greenhouse, don't forget to find the yellow chest and also talk to the dead biologist.

Opposite the greenhouse there is a small square with benches and a view of the waterfall. Run over here and pick up the Hypno Cabinet chirp on the far bench.

Life is like a box of chocolates. How to find the second "BUS"

Now go back a little to the village where you picked up the first chirp. There will be robots on the street. You can deal with them with conventional weapons or use Alyonka (you could find the module when examining the chests).

After the battle, pick up the second magnetic rover and place it in the nearest socket (it will be marked with a marker).

A complex approach. How to find the third "BUS"

Return to the laboratory and watch the scene with the woman Zina, then follow into the cave. Use the module on the airtight door to get into the complex.

After going down the elevator, go down the corridor. To the right of the first chest on the bench lies the twitter "Cossacks-robbers" .

Behind you will be a rest room where you can save and upgrade weapons if necessary. Watch out for another chest at the end of the corridor, then go through the rest room and interact with the door. A cutscene will begin, and the hero will meet with a modified version of the magnetic rover.

A huge number of robots will appear on the impromptu arena - deal with everyone, and when the green BUS is left alone, kill it and place it in a capsule.

Here you can also inspect several chests, read the entries in the terminal, chat with a dead worker. Now you can choose where to go, as there is a fork here.

If you exit to the right, you will get to the rest room and the corridor leading through the toilet. The goose will reappear here, as well as a few enemies. You can save your progress in this place and return to the kitchen again to the second passage (if you go through the corridor with the toilet, just make a circle, meet with several groups of robots, but you can also find chests). You will see a long corridor with a trap. Use the small pockets to get to the back of the hallway.

Whichever way you go, you will eventually end up at the marker, but if you choose the path through the toilet, the door to the long corridor will close (there are several chests here, which we recommend that you first inspect).

Get to the statue of Mendeleev and interact with the button. A huge number of magnetohods will appear, which will form one giant boss.

How to defeat the giant magnetic rover BUS-A "COLOSS". How to find the fourth "BUS"

This boss is quite difficult and not easy to defeat. Before the battle, we recommend stocking up on ammo and first-aid kits. In total, there are three "hands" of the boss to be destroyed: at first, only two are available - the right and left, and after their elimination, the middle "hand" will also appear.

By default, the boss attacks with one of the available hands, and can also launch "beads" at the hero and hit the ground with his hand to create an explosive wave (as in the battle with the Hedgehog). Aim only at the limbs that are highlighted in yellow (they will glow red when hit). If you shoot at other parts of the robot, then you will simply waste valuable ammunition.

After each "arm" is destroyed, small robots will separate from the device and attack Nechaev. Destroy them and continue the battle. Once all three "hands" are destroyed, you will be able to pick up the fourth "BEAD".

A door will open in the Biochemistry department - go there and install the magnetohod into the capsule.

How to find the fifth "BUS"

After defeating the boss, it is not necessary to follow the marker on the map. Run to the opened "Public Catering" sector and go along the corridor to a small room with robots. There will also be the fifth blue magnetic rover - destroy it and place it in the capsule.

How to find the sixth "BUS" and solve the puzzle

Return to the hall where the statue of Mendeleev stood and go through the central door. In the corridor on the left there is a rest room with a chest ( an improvement for an ax appears here ). After that, you need to solve a small puzzle to activate the lifting mechanism.

Interact with the disks on the floor to activate a puzzle. It may seem complicated at first, but it's not. You need to move the blue beam emitter to the right and then swap the two disks on the left side that have splitters. Nothing complicated, right?

In the previous room, access to the stairs will open - go down to the third floor. There are two passages here - run after the marker on the right side. There is a save room in the hallway with an upgrade for the Secateurs. Having reached the zone with an electromagnetic emitter, defeat all enemies.

Now you have to find the right magnetic hoist with a storage medium. This can be done by separating all the robots and placing them in separate rooms. Be sure to close the gateways, as devices can get out!

When the required number of robots is isolated, pick up the rest and place it in the socket. In the second laboratory, where the Vovchiki laboratory assistants will be waiting for you, inspect the table and find the chirp "A.Kh. Lecture.".

How to find the seventh "BUS"

Now we recommend that you return to the stairs along which you went down to the laboratory, and proceed to the left into the Laboratory of High Temperature Electrochemistry. You can get here from the previous laboratory if you go through a long corridor with windows and laboratory assistants.

You will find several chests and a locked portcullis. There is no point in interacting with it now, since you need to return to this zone when you have collected seven magnetic rovers.

Again, run into the long corridor and follow the passage "Hangar 7". Climb down, deal with the enemies and find some chests.

Just follow the marker to the open passage between hangars 7 and 8. Enter the room and go down through the large hole in the floor. Go through the shaft and up the platform.

Here you will find a serious battle with a large group of robots, so we recommend using one "Alyonka" found earlier. You also have the right to use cunning, as in the battle with the previous boss - knock down chandeliers to deal increased damage to all opponents. Having done this, pick up the parts and place the red robot in the capsule.

In the far part of the hangar on the table, do not forget to pick up the New Biome chirp.

How to find the eighth "BUS"

Get to the locked door in the High Temperature Electrochemistry Laboratory and solve the puzzle (you need to right-click in time to open it). Soon you will reach a large reactor - Eleanor's Heart. Climb up the stairs and enter the elevator.

You will again find yourself on the surface, surrounded by many enemies. The latest device is here. Place it in the flask and go down to the complex.

Desperate measures

Eleanor will not let herself be turned off and will begin to blackmail. The task will change - now you need to get to Lebedev's laboratory and solve the problem with the generators. After the cutscene with Baba Zina, you will be able to get into the aircraft and return to the Svoboda park.

Approach the two metal balls in front of the lab and interact with them. If there is no interact button, load your last save and try again. Listen to the dialogue between Nechaev and Lebedev, then call Sechenov. The task will change again - return to Eleanor's Heart.

Eleanor's heart. How to solve the beads puzzle

Beforehand, we recommend taking plenty of ammo and first-aid kits with you, as you have to fight another boss that you have already met on the lower floors of the complex.

Now correctly arrange 16 colorful balls, 8 of which you have collected yourself. The puzzle is quite difficult, but you can use the match method

When about half the job is done, Eleanor will attack the hero. At the same moment, the twins will appear, and you can continue. After completing the task, press the red button and get ready to fight the big robot. It is necessary to destroy three improvised hands, and then set the balls that have flown out to their places. Watch the final cutscene.

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