Walkthrough Baldur's Gate 3 - Act 1

 Practical advice and all the options for completing each mission: we tell you how to get through the first act of "Baldur's Gate 3"

Baldur's Gate 3 is the sequel to the classic isometric RPG series. This guide is dedicated to the first act of BG3, plus you will find a lot of useful tips for beginners!

Walkthrough Baldur's Gate 3 - Prologue

After the introductory video and the character creation process, your character will leave the capsule. Then the game will begin. Examine another mind-flayer pod to realize that you are not the only survivor. On the second floor, there are several cartilage boxes that contain potions and other items.

While exploring this location, you can use the Jump bonus action in the bar at the bottom of the screen to jump over chasms or climb up. You can also shoot at hanging bodies. If you catch fire or need healing, interact with the blue capsule, which is called "Restoration". Do not forget that jumping down causes damage to the hero. The higher the height, the more HP you will lose.

Walkthrough Baldur's Gate 3 - Prologue

Use the ALT key to highlight the most interactive items. Although in the early build, many of them still remain without highlighting.

Go ahead and loot the dead imps for potions and scrolls. Use the jump to go upstairs, or activate the elevator. You will find a man named Mirnat. Interact with him and you will realize that he has turned into a vegetable. The Mind Flayer will speak to you. You can either destroy it, leave it as it is, or extract it. To extract the brain, you will have to pass one of three skills.

Any check-in Baldur's Gate 3 is a roll of a 20-sided die, which follows the rules of the fifth and current edition of the D&D rules. If the result on the die is equal to or higher than the target, the check is considered a success. Otherwise, fail. With your skills, you can lower the target of the check by up to 3 points. For example, if you need to pass a charisma check and without bonuses, the target is 10 units, then if you use a character with 16 charisma (this is the maximum value of any skill), you will reduce the target to 7 units. Save often, and if something doesn't suit you, replay the skill check. Of course, if there is no target of 18-20 units.

If you extract the Intellect Devourer and then cripple it, you will be able to find out where you are. If you do not cripple him, then the Devourer will help you in all future battles on the illithid ship. Without it, the upcoming battles will be more difficult. Keep moving, use the jump to jump over the gap, and then meet up with Laezelle. This is a githyanki race warrior and one of the potential companions in the game. Join her and slay the demons together in the next room.

Laezel in a cage

If you can’t defeat the enemies, I recommend leaving the ruins first and go to the left of them to end up in the tiefling camp. Here you will find a cage in which Laezel, a character from the game's prologue, is locked. If you just attack the tieflings, Gale and Shadowheart won't approve! An alternative option is to pass a test with a specific skill:

  • Deception
  • Belief
Laezel in a cage

Shadowheart and Gale would approve. If the tieflings ran away, there would be no need to fight. If they lower the cage, then you can either help them kill Laezel, or help Laezel herself, who will become a companion. If you accept Laezel into the squad, Gale will approve, but Shadowheart will not approve. The only viable option is to use deception. For example, Astarion! In that case, the tieflings will leave, there will be no need to fight anyone, and everyone will approve of it.

Laezel in a cage

Combat in the game is turn-based, and with rare exceptions, each character will be able to attack the enemy only once per turn. In general, the combat system deserves a separate guide, so we'll talk about it later.

BG3 satellitesRaceClass
KhalsinForest ElfDruid
Defeat three demons. Try to lure them out and destroy them one by one. Use the Devourer of Intelligence as a tank. Don't let the enemies surround your hero, otherwise serious problems will arise. If you are a mage, use a familiar to help you in combat. Unlike the first and second parts, the death of a familiar will not cause an irreversible decrease in the hero's health. Keep in mind that demons move far and attack from a distance. Once defeated, collect items and heal inside the Recovery Pod. Then go up to the deck above.

Laezel in a cage

Search all the corpses on the deck for potions, gold, and other items. Some slaves are alive, but you won't be able to save them. Attacking enemies will spawn Intellect Devourers, and killing them will only give you 1 EXP. Defeat two demons on the upper deck. Once you're done, pack your things and use the entrance ahead.

In one of the capsules on the left is Shadowheart, your potential companion. Pressing the buttons on the nearby panel will release a slave that will have to be killed. Freeing the girl will not work, but you can try and she will remember it. You will receive gratitude from her later, at the Ruined Beach.

Laezel in a cage

In the next chamber, interact with the terminal to see the man transform into a Mind Flayer. Luckily, the illithid is locked inside. On the dead body, you can find a key that opens the chest from the previous room with Shadowheart. Inside the cabin, you will see illithids fighting demons. Move towards the steering wheel. You can focus on the imps and ignore their commander. As soon as you get to another part of the cabin, even more enemies will appear. After killing them, interact with the control panel. Watch the video.

Walkthrough Baldur's Gate 3 - Chapter 1

Below is a description of the main tasks of the first chapter of Baldur's Gate 3. In order to move on to the next act, it is enough to complete only a part of the tasks, but please note that some quests will be failed / unavailable after that. Thus, you should leave the location only if you are really ready to make such concessions.

Here are three working ways to leave the first location:

  • Whether you start the quest to find the githyanki's nursery or not doesn't matter, although it will be easier with him. It will be activated automatically after Laezel joins you. A marker will appear indicating where you should go. This is the easiest way to get to the transition point to the second act. From the Dead Village, head north, jump over the bridge, and continue northwest to find Waukeen's hideout. Follow it west until you meet a githyanki patrol. If you have Laezel in your squad, you can use persuasion. If you pass the check, Laezel will play along with the commander, and you will avoid the battle. If you fail the check or Laezel is not in the squad, be prepared to fight the githyanki warriors. In any case, once the group is clear of the githyanki, continue west, to find the end of the map and the crossing point "Mountain Pass". Interact with him and confirm that you want to switch to a new map. I repeat, after this transition, you will not be able to return to some tasks. If you go this way, you will find yourself on the path leading to the Razimor Monastery.
  • A more tedious, but relatively safe method for non-githyanki characters without Laeel is through the Underdark. Throughout the first act, there are several ways to get into the Underdark, including a hag's lair and a cave with phase spiders and a matriarch spider. You can also solve the puzzle at Selûne's temple in the Goblin Camp, or find the hidden elevator under the Zhentarim's hideout. Once you reach the Underdark, you will have to overcome numerous obstacles and threats. Take the boat to Grim's Forge. Look for the boat on the Underdark beach in the center of the location. Cross this section to find an elevator that will take you to the second act.
  • Another passage to the Mountain Pass is near the goblin camp. If you free Sazza, she will lead you through the first gate. Turn left, take the only route to the west, and find a transition point.

This is the basic information that will allow you to complete the first half of the first act. All other surface quests are optional, only a few involve finding your way to the Underdark, though you don't even have to go there.

Grove of the Druids

Parasite extraction

The quest starts on the illithid ship after meeting with Laezelle. Talk to her. The girl will say that the parasites in the head will turn us into brain-eaters. And your task is to find a way to extract them.

Parasite extraction

After the shipwreck, you will find yourself on the Broken Shore. Move along the coast, searching the corpses. In no case do not turn left, because at the far end of the coast, at the locked door is your first companion - Shadowhart. In the full game, she will be lying around at the beginning of the Broken Shore:

Yes, yes, the same girl that you tried or did not try to save on the ship. If you tried, she will be grateful to you. But even if not, he will still join the squad. Two tasks are activated at once:

  • Story quest " Abandoned Ruins "
  • Companion mission " Daughter of Darkness "

abandoned ruins

Opening the door at which Shadowheart is standing will not work. Notice the purple seal on the rock on the left. This is a travel altar, an object used in Baldur's Gate 3 for fast travel. Climb up the slope, kill the intellect flayers, and turn right. So you go out onto the road with three dead goblins and see the altar of wanderings "Cliffs by the road". Approach the altar so that your new companion, Gale, will appear from it. Chat with him and offer to join the squad.

Move on top in the direction of the overgrown ruins, where there was a locked door. Among the ruins of the chapel you will find a group of robbers. You can take a skill check to convince them not to fight you. If your character is a warrior, then there will be a corresponding phrase. With it you will frighten all enemies. Gale and Shadowheart would approve.

There are several ways to get inside the ruins:

  1. Shoot from the bow at the stone hanging over the place where the two robbers were talking. From the looks of it, if a battle starts, you can also shoot the stone to kill the enemies (except for the sorceress, who will go up the stairs).
  2. Deceive the enemy behind a closed door.
  3. Hack the door using the lockpicking tool you find nearby.
If you get inside, bringing down the stone, you will find yourself in the bedroom. After searching it, when you exit, be prepared to fight several enemies at once. If you went inside through the main door, having deceived the robber, then kill him and take the key. To open the nearest door, use the lever on the wall to the left of it. Or return to the surface and jump through the hole. In the first case, there will be only one warrior in the corridor, though the rest of the enemies will be in the next room, and she will call them. And in the second case, all the enemies will be in the corridor, because they will hear the noise from the fall.

One way or another, in the ruins you will need to destroy 4-5 enemies. Having done this, examine the door on the right. She is closed. You can break, but let's act logically. It has no handles or locks. Head into the room to the left of the door, go behind the tall statue, and wait for the characters to pass the Perception check. When this happens, you will find a skull. Interact with him. The door is open! Go through it and the next door to enter the crypt.

Once in the dark hall, go to the right, because the door on the left is locked. Search the sarcophagi, find the button on the column (carefulness is needed) so that after you get the key from the central sarcophagus, turn off the traps. If you can't find the button, you'll have to manually exit the room. Previously, you can find several holes in the floor and close them with various objects so that the mucus (which makes it slippery) does not spill onto the floor. Having done this, open another huge door (which was locked). You will enter the hall with the dead. Search them. The path to the left leads to a room with loot, to the right - to a cave river and a ladder on which you can climb up.

To complete the required part of the quest, go to the large statue of the deity in the hall with corpses. Go to the corridor to the left of her. It is a dead end, but with proper insight, your characters will notice the button sooner or later. Click on it to open the treasure stash. But before you can pick up things from there, you will have to kill the risen dead. One of them will have a key. With this key, you can unlock the ancient door in the room with the sarcophagi, where you also found the key.

This will be the same door leading to the beach that Shadowheart knocked on. To complete the quest, look inside the sarcophagus, which is hidden behind that very wall. Talk to the undead (it is advisable not to attack the character), after which the dead man will leave, stating that you will meet him later. Quest completed!

Move towards the crashed ship to spot the castaways trying to retrieve the wounded illithid. If you can't convince them, you'll have to fight. After the victory, save, and then interact with the illithid. In no case do not succumb to compassion, because this creature will instantly kill you. Come out from here to the shore to see the elf Astarion. Chat with him and agree to accept him into your team. If you already have three companions, then Astarion will go to the camp. You will find it later.

Walkthrough Baldur's Gate 3 - Act 1

Move on and find the Druid Grove. Goblins will appear near the gate. Help defeat them and then go through the gate. Listen to the conversation between Zevlor and Aradin. You can intervene or stand on the sidelines. After that, Shadowheart will speak to you. Listen to her and agree that you need to think about yourself. Gale and Shadowheart will approve.

Go deeper to get to the Cavity location. There are many interesting characters here. Among them is a halfling merchant. You can sell him various items for squad gold. Do not confuse squad gold with regular gold that is stored in the inventory! Ordinary gold is cheaper than squad gold, and all goods from merchants are sold exclusively for squad gold.

A little lower you will meet Will - your fifth and last companion in the game. Talk to Gex standing next to him, who is training on a mannequin. If you can use the “Warrior” skill (you need to select this class for the hero), then all the characters from the squad will approve of this.

Talk to Kaga, then Zevlor, and decide what to do. You can send the refugees out or take their side, go to the Kage, and kill her. But this is the last resort. The main problem is different - goblins. So let's focus on them.

Find the githyanki's manger

This quest will begin if you free Laezel next to the cliffs by the road and accept her into the squad. Speak to Zorru in the Druid's Grove Hollow, where all the friendly NPCs are. He will say that he saw githyanki in the west, near the mountain pass on the road that leads to Baldur's Gate. The path will not be short.

Go from the extinct village to the right to the mill, and from it - even more to the right. Pass the sleeping enemy and head west. You will find many interesting quests, but you are interested in the marker pointing to the githyanki patrol. Let Laezel tell the truth, but in this case, you will have to kill all the enemies. However, you can then search the corpse. Be sure to examine the medallion to find out where the manger is. If you pass the persuasion check, you can avoid the fight and the githyanki leave. On the left side of the destroyed bridge, there is another bridge leading to the Mountain Pass. Read the continuation in the subtitle at the location of the same name.

Contact Healer Nettie for help

You can ask a merchant from the Druid Grove Hollow about a certain Nettie, a healer of this place. Go inside the Kagi temple and go to the far room where Netty, Khalsin's student is. Tell her about everything, but before you enter the next room, be sure to save. You will have to kill Nettie or convince her that you must live and have the right to be healed. The latter will require charisma, deceit or intimidation. Whatever it was, after that this quest will end. If Nettie is alive, then you will find out where Khalsin went.

Steal a sacred idol

In the Grove, you can chat with a boy named Doni. However, he will not be very talkative, and then disappear. If you can pass the skill check, you will find the entrance to the cave. If not, come here a little later so that Doni reappears. Talk to him, pass another check, which will allow you to get into the cave (repeat until you do this; try with different characters). Inside, a boy named Maul is waiting for you. Talk to him. If you saved the girl from Kaga, he will thank you.

And then he will offer to steal the idol that the druids use for their squad. If you do it in front of them, even with an invisibility potion, they will still have time to notice you, and you will have to fight 4-5 druids and beasts. If you kill Kaga, which Zevlor asks for, then there will be no one when you exit to the location. The idol can be safely picked up.

Alternatively, if you defend the grove from the goblins and drow on the "Rescue Refugees" quest, and also save Khalsin, the ritual will end. By the way, it is probably Khalsin who needs to be saved. He will again become the leader, and the idol will be transferred inside the cave where Kaga was. You can steal the idol, and no one will say a word to you (Rath will remain silent).

Save Arabella

This quest can be taken in the druid's grove, before going down to the Kage. Talk to Marikko. Find out that the druids have captured her daughter, and then agree to help. When you find yourself inside Kagi's cave, you will meet her, a captive girl and a servant. Kaga orders the girl to be locked in a dungeon. If you keep silent or fail to convince her, an accident will occur, as a result of which the girl will die. Persuasion requires a Charisma or Intelligence test. Select a character with a high skill in one of the skills and approach the Kage to start a dialogue. If you started the dialogue with another hero, you will not be able to switch to a character with a suitable skill. You have to load the last save. But even with maximum charisma or intelligence, it will not be easy. It will take luck. Whatever it was, go outside and inform the parents about the fate of the girl.

Look around the shore

Leave the druid sanctuary through the passage to the right of the steps along which you went down to the place of the ritual. Go a little to the left and forward along the path, to the northeast. Your characters will hear suspicious sounds of music, and the task will begin. Go down and see the boy by the river. His name is Mol. Whatever you do, if you speak, you will have to fight the harpies. Otherwise, the boy will be killed. As far as I understand, if you ignore this moment now, do not even talk to the boy, then, returning here later, you will find that he was killed by harpies. Therefore, you will have to strain and defeat them with the detachment that is at your disposal.

If you saved the child from the harpies, he will tell you how to talk to Doni. Tell Doni that you would like to go to the dragon's lair. Everything is simple.

Save Goblin Sazza

Save Goblin Sazza

In the Druid's Grove Hollow, there is a room with a caged goblin. If you help her against the tieflings (for example, intimidate them or convince them to kill), then you can chat and agree to a deal. But keep in mind that your companions will not like it. On the other hand, only consent can take this quest. It is not necessary to open the lock, the cage can simply be broken. However, when you bring out the goblin, keep in mind that any character who sees her will raise the alarm (you will have to pass checks or fight with everyone!).

Save the refugees

This quest can be started after talking to Zevlor in the druid's grove. Agree to help him. Refugees can be saved in several ways. For example, kill the goblins in their camp (do not confuse with the extinct village, which is located just beyond the forest, not far) or kill Kaga, the leader of the druids, who drives out the refugees.

Kill Kaga / Collect information about Kaga

After talking with Zevlor and Kaga, return to Zevlor again. Zevlor will ask you to kill Kaga. Below I tell you how to go on the path of exposing Kaga.

The Druid Grove holds many secrets. Kaga is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and has its own secrets.

Secret Chest of Kaga

To start Kaga's quest, you need to talk to her during the interrogation of the tiefling girl Arabella. No matter how this side quest ends, talk to Kaga again and find out the details of the druid ritual that began in the middle of the grove. Once she's done, you can try to steal the key to the chest, or go without it and crack the chest yourself.

The druid has a special dialogue with Kaga, and only he will receive a special item from her at the very end. In addition, the quest will automatically end or fail if you save Khalsin, who returns to the Druid Grove, or side with the goblins and the Druid Grove is attacked.

Go to the Chambers of the servants (do not confuse with the chambers of the druids, the room where you will get on a quest related to the healer Nettie). Walk around the bookshelf at the back of the room to find Kaga's chest. Open it with a key or open it with thieves' tools, read the book inside and the torn note to advance the quest and learn about the tree in the swamp. The next destination is the Sundrenched Marshes and will be the Sunshine Marsh and the Blight Mire.

If you've already completed Aunt Ethel's quest chain or reached her house, teleport to the Tea House by the River waypoint. If not, you need to go through the Dead Village and head south. Move to the far southeast corner (coordinates: X:84, Y:248), look for rocks and rotten piers. Jump on them to get to the Dilapidated Hideout, where you need to kill some Wade and Mephits. Give preference to mud mephits, which will constantly call on their relatives. Woads can deal a lot more damage, but are easy to deal with due to their vulnerability to fire damage. Once all enemies have been defeated, search the nearest chest for a beautiful pair of magical Lightning Grips and other resources.

Examine the large stump of a thick tree. from the side of the woven vines that it is desirable to burn, look for a hollow in the trunk. Just move the cursor to find the point of interaction. Take out the letter from there and read it to understand - Kaga really supports the circle of Shadows.

Once you find the letter inside the stump, return to the Kage in the Druid Grove. Talk to her and tell her what you have learned. You can attack Kaga and kill the Shadow Druids, or convince Kaga to join the fight against the Shadow Druids. If you decide to attack Kaga and kill her along with the Shadow Druids, you will have to fight her and other druids inside the hideout. Rath and Sedoy will be your allies in this battle, meaning the battle will take place in a 6 vs 6 format. Choosing this option will not allow you to get Kaga's unique staff, although you will get her unique necklace. If you decide to recruit Kaga, then you will only have to fight against three Shadow Druids in a 9 vs 3 format, which is much easier. On a failed check, she attacks you along with the druids of the Shadows.

If you spare Kaga, her ending with Khalsin will not change. Regardless of her remorse, if Kaga killed Arabella, she would still be exiled from the Circle and potentially killed by Arabella's parents at a tiefling celebration. Although I managed to save Arabella.

Fighting Kaga and the druids of the Shadows is not easy. Shadow druids act more like rangers than druids, using acid arrows and an entanglement spell. You will need fighters with high agility. Unfortunately, the battle takes place in a small area, and all the characters will be drawn into close combat at the beginning, so pick up companions with the appropriate skills and weapons. Luckily, Rath can use paralysis and he usually targets Kaga with it. Usually the check succeeds, so you can ignore Kaga for one round and focus on taking out the rest of the druids.

Olodan is the biggest threat, so focus on taking her down. Heal Rath, who is very useful in this battle: the spells available to him will be of great help to you. Once you're done with everyone, focus on the Kage. Her Thunderwave and Hellmetal spells are incredibly dangerous, and she wields two scimitars and daggers in close combat. Use tanks and drag her into close combat with them using attacks of opportunity. Since she doesn't have any ranged spells, stay away from Thunder Wave and don't crowd around the woman. When Kaga is done with, you can talk to Rath and search Kaga's corpse to get the Brood Mother's Revenge necklace.

To spare Kagha, you need to pass two tests - persuasion (15) and persuasion or religion (10). Failing will result in a fight with Kaga, so save early and try your best.

If you convince Kaga to fight for you, you will gain an advantage in numbers. Focus on Olodan first to get rid of all her annoying tricks. If Rath walks earlier, he can apply paralysis on her. After defeating Olodan, finish off the remaining opponents.

Speak with Kaga after the fight to get a thank you for your help. If—and only if—you are a druid, she will grant Pale Oak, a special rare magic weapon: +1d8, Strength modifier, Bludgeoning Damage. Druidic vines cannot confuse the wearer and are not considered difficult terrain. The wearer receives the vines of the Faith Keeper, a free variant of the first round entangle spell.

Whether you spared or killed Kaga, report back to Zevlor to complete the quest. He will thank you for your help, and you will receive the Pride of the Hell Rider reward - unusual gloves; medium armor. When you heal another creature, it gains resistance to bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing damage from weapon attacks and +1 to Strength saving throws. This is one of the best early game items for a support character, especially a priest.

Defeat the goblins

This quest is part of the Save the Refugees quest, but you will only receive it after you meet Will in the druid's grove. To complete this quest, you need to get to the goblin camp and kill Guts, Razglin and Mintara. And then report it to Zevlor.

Defeat the goblins

Raid the Emerald Grove

Inside the goblin camp you will find Dror Ragzlin. Help him in communicating with the illithid corpse (you can use Shadowheart since the check can be passed with the skills of the priest). And then he will order to speak with Mintara, another drow, so that together with her go on a raid on a grove of druids and adventurers. Yes, yes, the same grove.

You can talk to Ragzlin again. If you tell about the parasite, then he, along with other opponents, will attack you. Go back a little and turn right to find the Minatra behind the passage to the right of the large door. Do not resist her, otherwise you will have to fight. Say you'll help. You will still have the option to fight on the side of the tieflings. However, you can pass a skill check and hide the location of the grove. But if Sazza was saved, she will tell you where the grove is.

So, you have two options. Return to the grove and speak with Zevlor. Blow the battle horn nearby. Mintara will appear. Either open the gate and attack the tieflings, or refuse and fight for the tieflings against the goblins and drow. It's up to you to decide. Then the "Save the Refugees" quest will end. If you fought on the side of the tieflings, Zevlor will say that they will now leave the grove and go to Baldur's Gate.

Keep in mind that now, if you return to the goblin camp, you will have to fight with everyone you meet on the way!

goblin camp

Rescue Druid Halsin and Goblin Camp

You will learn about the disappearance of the druid Khalsin about Zevlora after defeating the goblins and passing through the gates of the druid's grove. To continue the quest, it is enough to find a stone bridge and three adventurers in the forest to the west of Silvanus Grove. Talk to the chief to find out that they abandoned the druid.

Get to the goblin camp. You can negotiate or fight with the goblins at the gate. You decide. Go to the settlement in front of the door inside the camp. On the right there is a merchant, in the center - the captive bard Volo (interact to take the "Save Volo" quest), on the left - a goblin who offers to take part in the barrow (you need to drive the chicken between two pillars, but no one will give you the winnings; only if you pass skill test).

Go through the archway on the right and meet four goblins. There will be an altar of wanderings nearby. Talk to Neophyte Khrup, who tells the story to the other three. You can bow, but your companions will not like it. You can avoid the fight by passing an intimidate or illithid check (used no more than a couple of times per day). But in any case, do not attack him! If you attack first, you will have to fight with everyone who is outside. And if the goblin attacks you first (refuse to kiss), then in this case you will only have to defeat the bully and his three friends.

If Hrup attacks you, it will be enough to beat him, but not necessarily to kill him. He admits defeat. If you offer to help him, the companions will not approve, and Khrup himself will not be grateful. Instead, make him kiss his leg, finish him off or leave. Apparently, if you finish Khrup, everyone else will take up arms against you.

Go inside the camp, deal with the goblins at the entrance (either kill or convince you to let through). The first character you will meet is Priestess Faithful Gut. She is needed as part of the Goblin Priestess quest and as part of the Parasite Extraction quest. Even if it's useless.

From the prisoner inside the goblin camp (after entering, go right up the stairs and see two goblins torturing the adventurer) you can learn about the fact that Khalsin turned into a bear, and then no one saw him. But for this you have to free the prisoner. If you don't kill the goblins, you'll have to hurt the prisoner. And if you kill, then take the key from the rack (the torture device to which he is tied) from one of them.

Go deep into the goblin building and go to the far right corner relative to the entrance (if you stand with your back to it. There you will find a door. Open it and talk to the goblins who are throwing stones at the bear. Attack them, because there is no other option to protect the bear! After the victory the bear will turn into Khalsin.Help the grove against the goblins and drow on the "Rescue Refugees" quest, then talk to the returned Khalsin.He will say that he is ready to help you in the morning.

By the way, if the raid on the grove was not allowed, Haslin will ask you to kill Gut, Razglin and Mintara. Do it in any way.

Ask the Goblin Priestess for help

You can learn about the priestess from a captive goblin in the Druid Grove Hollow. Or on your own, when you enter inside the goblin camp and talk with Faithful Gut. Refuse everything she offers, because your companions will not like it. And the goblin herself can't help.

If you still agree, follow her, separate the main character from the squad (hold LMB and pull out the hero icon from the rest of the icons in the lower left corner of the screen). Remove them from the room and talk to Faithful Gut. Then she will ban you. If you are playing as a sorcerer, the potion will not work and Gut will attack you. If you break out of the shackles, you will have to fight a large ogre. If you can't (or decide to save your strength), just wait. A girl will appear who will save the hero. Search the corpse of Loyal Gut and go to the door on the left. You will open this and the next door with two keys.

At the back of the dungeon where you were locked up, there is a puzzle with rotating plates.

Save Volo

When you save Bard Volo, he will be in your camp. Talk to him, tell him about the parasite, after which he will ask for some time to brush up on his knowledge. When you rest next time by the fire, the next day go to Volo. He is ready to pull out the parasite, but at the same time he will use an ice pick for this. If you allow him to wield a tool, he will gouge out the main character's eye. You will receive a permanent debuff. If you refuse, then save your eye.

How to clear the goblin camp and kill the three leaders
The main entrance to the Goblin Camp is to the west, behind the Dead Village. You can talk to the goblins at the gate and convince you to let them in. You can also just kill him or sneak inside. In addition, Sazza will help you pass without a fight if you free her in the Druid Grove. If you attack the goblins at the entrance, all creatures inside the camp will be hostile. Near the main entrance, to the right of the guard, there is a war drum, which is sure to be hit, raising a general alarm. If you can destroy the drum before someone hits it, there will be no alarm and you can enter as if nothing had happened.

In general, it's best to pass persuasion and other skill checks, or free Sazza. Once in the camp in a peaceful way, you can freely walk around it. There are three trolls in the Extinct Village. If you can negotiate with them, they will fight for you anywhere you call them with the horn. You can look for secluded places in the camp, and kill goblins while no one sees it.

The first person you can take out is Priestess Guts, who sits on a throne inside the Broken Shrine. If you let her help extract the parasite and obey her orders, you'll end up in prison (although the mages can pass the test and the potion won't work on them, Guts will get angry and the battle will begin). While in prison, do not try to escape. Wait for the appearance of a stranger who will kill the priestess and her guard, and after that you will be able to freely walk around the priestess's apartments.

There are large doors here that lead to the Fel Temple, but you will need to go through the door to the left of the prison cell to get back to your squad. The goblin camp will not know what happened. In general, one of the leaders is finished!

Mintara is located to the northeast inside the Shattered Sanctuary. You can kill the girl and her goblin minions without anyone in the rest of the camp knowing about it. Be careful, the bridge near Mintara's room might be broken and you won't be able to jump out of the ditch if you fall down.

The All-Seeing Eye moves around the Broken Shrine. If he sees you in combat, take him out quickly so that no reinforcements appear. After about two turns, the eye will call for reinforcements. Before causing aggression or attacking Mintara, you should destroy the drum to the left of her, on the rock. This way you avoid raising a general alarm. Use different spells that will interrupt Mintara's actions and spells. Reduce the number of enemies, as there are really a lot of goblins here.

The most difficult task is to eliminate Dror Ragzlin. Look for him behind the large door in the north of the shrine. He has the most servants with him. It will be an uphill battle, but there is a hole in the floor leading to the spider's lair. You can use spiders to your advantage. Push the goblins down. If the goblins attack the spiders first, the spiders will become your allies. If the spiders see you first, they will become your enemies (unless you enchant them). You can summon ogres from the Extinct Village to this battle. After killing all three leaders, you do not need to clear the entire camp. There is also a barrel of booze in the yard. You can poison her by pouring poison.

Find Nightsong

Near the stone bridge in the forest, to the left of the dog Shkryab, there are three adventurers. Talk to their chief to learn about a certain order from the wizard from Baldur's Gate. Allegedly, he asked to find one of the relics hidden under the temple, where the soldiers lost half of their squad. In addition, you will learn that they abandoned the druid Halsin as soon as the smell of fried.

From the prisoner inside the goblin camp (after entering, go right up the stairs and see two goblins torturing the adventurer) you can learn that the Nightsong is somewhere here in the goblin temple. But for this you have to free the prisoner. If you don't kill the goblins, you'll have to hurt the prisoner. And if you kill, then take the key from the rack (the torture device to which he is tied) from one of them. And if there is Will in the team, the goblins will offer to torture the captive in order to tell where Will's girlfriend is. You can let him do it, but the goblins won't say anything anyway. And then give the prisoner a healing potion.

When you find yourself in the goblin camp, you can chat with the priestess Guts. Look, if you agreed to all her proposals, you will find yourself in a dungeon. Sooner or later, a woman will save you (just select the "Don't waste your energy" option). After she kills Gut and the ogre, go into the bedroom behind the ogre and search the bedside table (to the left of the bed). There will be a priestess' book. Read it to get a hint to solve the puzzle: the moon must be near the star, and the shadow must be below.

Walk forward along the corridor and find yourself in a room with a puzzle. On the floor there are four rotating tiles with cells - white, half white or dark. On one of the disks there are stars. This is where all four white cells should be. And on the disk under the stars - all black (as you know, on the two side disks there should be one Moon and shadow, as well as two cells of the crescent.

If you have not had time to twist anything yet, here is the solution to the puzzle:

  1. top (with stars)
  2. left
  3. right
  4. right
  5. lower
  6. lower
  7. lower
  8. left
  9. left
  10. right
  11. right
  12. left
  13. upper
  14. left
  15. upper
  16. upper
  17. upper
  18. left
  19. left
  20. left
  21. right
  22. upper
  23. upper
  24. upper
  25. right
  26. right
  27. right
  28. upper
  29. right
Note. If you have a sufficient level of attention, then you can find the point of interaction without solving the puzzle. See the broken statue on the steps? There is a golden decoration on the wall on the right (there are several of them in the hall). It will become active either after solving the puzzle, or if your characters notice it due to high insight. Perhaps, after solving the puzzle, you don’t even have to break this “lock”. But without a solution, you'll definitely need some luck and a few hack kits.

Eventually, you will be able to continue this quest in the second act, at the Shadow-Corrupted lands. We talk more about this in the second act.

Save Volo

When you find yourself in front of the entrance to the goblin camp, you will see the bard Volo, who was captured by these disgusting creatures. Listen to his words, a quest will begin that requires his rescue. Head inside the goblin camp and up the stairs to the right of Priestess Guts. In one of the rooms (behind the wooden door) there will be a cage with Volo. She is guarded by a goblin. Kill her, pass a skill check, or ransom Volo. You can redeem it for 50 gold!

Backroad and Waukeen's Retreat

runaway she-devil

In the same place where you took the Lost En route quest (read above), go further along the road with blood to go down to the river. There will be a few more bloodstains, and on the other side is a tiefling. Convince the girl not to shoot and then agree to help. Nearby there is a bridge, and next to it is an outpost. There are about four characters. Chat with their boss. He will ask the same tiefling girl who asked to get rid of the sectarians. This is what they are. Will have to choose. But I will say for sure that it is the tiefling girl who is right, so it would be wise to kill the cultists. In addition, in the next act, she will probably be able to become your companion. If you decide to kill her, then cut off her head and bring it to the sectarians.

Rescue the poor man in the trap

You need to save the half-elf that the beam has fallen on. It is located on the second floor. But if you just open the door, a flame will flare up and the floor will start to burn even more. After freeing the half-elf, go outside with him and talk. He is looking for Miri. There is another building on the left. Approach the entrance and use the jump to jump inside. Move by jumping and get to the top floor. Search Miriken's corpse, then report to the half-elf. He will go to the corpse. Follow him and talk to learn about the dowry. To complete the quest, you need to find this dowry.

Saving the Grand Duke

Follow the marker of the shelter not far from the place where the caravan survivors were helped on the Lost En route quest. You will find a burning estate. Break the large barrel of wine on the right, enter the building and jump up to the second floor. Break the oak door ahead to save the duke's assistant. In addition, in one of the rooms on the second floor there is a half-elf on whom a beam has fallen. A separate quest "Save the poor man in the west" is associated with it. As for the duke himself, he was taken away towards the Mountain Pass.

Read the continuation of this task in the chapter on the Lunar Towers.

Missing Cargo

This quest can be picked up if you return to the Dead Village and follow the path to the right of the steps leading to the mill. This path will take you past a sleeping enemy (a knock is heard in the house, an ogre is having fun with her lover there, so it's better not to interfere with them) to a destroyed bridge. Jump over it and on the other side go right. You will see traces of blood. Kill all the hyenas and search the corpses. There will be a letter on one of the corpses of the caravaneers. Read it to find out about the chest and someone with the initials N.F. Climb a little higher and find the gnolls that attacked the survivors. Kill them all. This will be a difficult battle. And then talk to the leader of the caravan. He will tell you about the shelter. Go to Waukin's shelter, go left of the burning buildings and use the door behind the crates. Inside, name the password, and then go down the hatch in the back of the barn.

colorful rescue

There is a merchant in the thieves' hideout, where you will get on the Lost En route quest. You can buy some Oscar from him. If you convince, the cost will be 600 gold. Do not convince, you have to pay 1000 coins. Then talk to Oscar, give him some coins for the journey and he will go home. You will meet him at Baldur's Gate.

Dead Village / Sundrenched Marshes / Blight Mire


During the passage of Baldur's Gate 3 you will meet many dangerous opponents. One of them is Medvesych. Leave the camp through the gate and go right to find yourself in the forest. On the right hand you will meet three people, and one of them is dying. Do not say that you are a crash survivor and that you are not the Faithful, otherwise they will have to be killed. Tell them they must finish Medvesych. Follow them to Medvesych's cave and kill this monster. Then say that the couple should go to the nearest camp and report everything. And one more thing: a parasite will come out of the corpse of their brother. If you let him go, your companions won't like it. At least try to kill him. Even if you don't pass the test, at least you won't get a reputation minus. There is a magic chest in Medvesych's lair. Jump over to the statue nearby and go behind it. When you pass the attention test, find a note with a prayer. Return to the chest and read this note again (from inventory). The chest will open, but keep in mind that if you take things from it, you will receive a -15 penalty to Shadowheart's reputation.

Dog Shkryab

Go to the other side of the cave and turn right to find the dog Shkryab near the corpse. Interact with him and try to pass the training check. Note that if you fail with one character, you can repeat the check with another. In the end, you will know his nickname. Let him smell your hand so that he can follow further to your camp. And then you can safely search the corpse. Keep interacting with him in the camp. With the help of the skill of communicating with animals, you can sympathize with him. When Shkryab has a ball in his mouth, you can throw it, and the dog will bring it to you.

Go the other way from Shkryab, to the concrete road, where three people are standing. Go through the gate to the extinct village. Goblins will notice you, but you can exclude the battle if you use the Itillid and Wisdom talents. Go to the well in the center of the village, just to the right of the wandering altar. If you pass the intelligence check, you can go down and find yourself in the abyss. There are dangerous enemies here, including phase spiders. By the way, you can go down even without passing the test.

In the depths of the well, you will encounter a phase spider matriarch. This is a dangerous opponent, but after his death, you can get good equipment.


In the same village, Fezzerk and other goblins can be found bullying the halfling. You can help him in the "Save the Dwarf" quest.

Save the gnome

Once in the extinct village, go up the stairs on the right to see Fezzerk and other goblins mocking a dwarf tied to the windmill blades. Decide what to do. But on assignment, you need to convince the goblins to leave or kill everyone, then go inside the mill and press the brake lever (do not confuse it with the lever that allows you to release the brake). Then talk to Bark, after which your paths will part. The task is completed, but in the early build it does not disappear from the inventory.

If Will is in the squad, you will have to fight. Moreover, you must beat the main goblin, Fezzerk, and the rest will all scatter. If you leave him alive, he will show a secret path to the camp.

Help of three ogres. There are also three ogres in the village. If you convince them not to eat you, you can either pay 500 gold or trick them into 1000 to help you fight the goblins. They will give you a horn to blow when the battle starts. In addition, you can pass another test and offer goblin corpses as food in exchange for help.

Tea House/Save Mairin

From the extinct village, go down to the south (down the map), and on the way to the sunny swamps, meet Aunt Ethel and two guys. They claim that Ethel kidnapped their sister. Ask the old woman to tell the truth, but she will threaten and disappear. Tell the brothers that you will return Mairin.

Move deep into the swamp until you find a house. You can chat with the character on the left, who is looking for Astarion. More details in the Pale Elf quest. Then go inside the house and talk to Aunt Ethel and Mairin. In the end, Aunt Ethel will move Mairin to the basement. Talk to her about help in removing the parasite. She will offer to help, but will say that in exchange you will have to give up any eye. Agree, but don't give up. Instead, it is better to attack Ethel, who will reveal her true hag egg. The witch will first become invisible and then disappear. You kill the Red Hats that are attacking your squad.

Alternatively, you can refuse Ethel's offer, and then return here later. The woman will not be in place, and you will be able to extinguish the fire and go through it. Go down into the Overgrown Tunnel. Use the Whispering Mask to go through the door. But act quickly - you need to remove it, otherwise the hag will enslave you. Kill a few enemies, move deeper into the cave, bypassing various traps. At the very end there will be a cage with Mairin. Defeat the hag if you haven't already done so. Towards the end of the fight, she will offer a deal. You can go along with it by giving Mairin and getting +1 to any characteristic of any character from the group. Or you can pass a skill check to get both a girl and a bonus to the characteristic. Go through the wooden door to the room with the witch's supplies. Find the witch's staff (weapon) there. There are also letters from and to Ethel on the table, and there you should also find the "Bitter Parting" wand. The task will be updated. It is this wand that will allow Mairin's husband to be revived. Either break the wand in a conversation with Mairin, or revive her husband.

If you do this, you can take the undead with you, kill or give Mairin's wand. She will go with the reanimated dead to Baldur's Gate.

Go to the Moon Towers

Update. In the full version of the game, Halsin will return to the camp on his own if you kill all three goblin leaders. Talk to him to learn about the Lunar Towers and start the current quest. But you still have to hold a party in the camp, which is described below.

The quest will start after the party at the camp. To do this, you need to deal with the goblins (kill the three leaders) and save Khalsin. After that, talk to Zevlor and agree to go to the camp. Attention! Now you have to do whatever you want until your character says he's tired and needs to rest. After that, return to the camp, click on the fire and select the end of the day. If you have recently rested, clicking on the fire will simply teleport you to the last visited wandering altar. That is, you will need to wait until the character gets tired again. In the evening there will be a party, and in the morning Khalsin will talk about the Lunar Towers. You can go to them through the Underdark (there is a skiff boat, doorgars, but in early access the path there is not available), or on the surface.

You can go down to the Underdark, get to the skiff in the Dvergar Village, and agree to set sail. Save your progress first. Along the way, you will encounter other doorgars. If you complete the quest with the missing boots, they will let you through. If not, the doorgars will have to be tricked or killed.

The most important thing is that you can get to the Moon Towers from above or below - through the Mountain Pass or Underdark. There are two passages to the Mountain Pass - at the beginning of the goblin camp, after the main gate, go left, and on the Laezel quest when meeting with the githyanki warriors in the northwest. As for the Underdark, there are many ways to get into it, but the best one is after solving the puzzle in the goblin camp, inside the Broken Sanctuary


In total, there are four different ways to get into the Underdark. At least those are the ones I could find. So let's list them:

Dungeon "Whispering Abyss". You can access this dungeon by going down the well right next to the Rune Circle of the Dead Village. This well leads to a dungeon inhabited by dozens of spiders and a spider matriarch, considered the main boss of the region. The matriarch moves around a giant pit that you can jump into and reach the Underdark. To do this, you need the skill "Smooth Fall".

The Defiled Temple is an area in the Shattered Sanctuary in the northwestern part of the Goblin Camp. After entering the Shattered Shrine, head northwest to Priestess Gut's private room. However, to get to the locked door, you have to go past two goblins and a merchant. You can sneak behind them and open the door with a lockpick, or just fight and open it with the key you found. Or you should talk to Guts, who will offer help in healing from the parasite and take you to his room. If you end up in jail, wait a bit to be rescued by a stranger. You can then solve the moon puzzle by turning a few circles correctly and proceed to the Underdark.

Solution if you haven't touched anything:

  1. top (with stars)
  2. left
  3. right
  4. right
  5. lower
  6. lower
  7. lower
  8. left
  9. left
  10. right
  11. right
  12. left
  13. upper
  14. left
  15. upper
  16. upper
  17. upper
  18. left
  19. left
  20. left
  21. right
  22. upper
  23. upper
  24. upper
  25. right
  26. right
  27. right
  28. upper
  29. right
Aunt Ethel's Portal - If you follow the map south from the Dead Village and visit the swampy area, you can stumble upon Aunt Ethel, who lives in the Tea House in the Blight Mire. Depending on what choice you make when interacting with her, you can go behind the fireplace in the house, overcome obstacles and meet an old woman at the end of the tunnel, who will captivate Mairin. Defeat her, decide the fate of Ethel and Myrina (this is another task). You can then use the soft fall to drop down into the hole Maireena was hanging over.

Elevator to the Zhentarim hideout. Finally, the last entrance to the Underdark is hidden in a small barn where a group of Zhentarim hide. You can find this shed in Waukeen's Refuge, west of the Uphill Rune Circle. Go past the burning tavern in the orphanage, follow under the archway and find a dead bull lying on the road. Head north from the bull to find a barn with a door cluttered with crates.

Move the crates to open the door leading to the hideout. Get past the guards and then continue through the dungeon to the north. You will have to break open the closet in order to move deeper. In the end, you will reach the place where the squad must successfully pass the attention check near the stone wall. Below and to the left of the place where Zarys and other members of the shelter are standing. If you pass the test, an illusory door will open. Open the door and use the lockpick on the elevator to go down to the Underdark.

Once in the Underdark, you can visit the Myconoid Colony, Grimforge, the Adamantine Forge, the Wizard's Tower, and many other places. To explore the Underdark, pump at least to the third or fourth levels, otherwise you will not be able to cope with local mobs.

Defeat the Dvergar Invaders

Once in the cave below the Goblin Camp (if you choose this path), you will be taken to the Selunite outpost. Pull the lever to remove the grate, and be sure to shoot the moonstone on the statue to disable the turrets. Move forward. In the upper right corner is an elevator that you could theoretically take down to the Underdark from the Zhentarim Sanctuary. One way or another, on a large field with exploding mushrooms, you will meet myconids. Pass the test or just tell the truth, then go deeper into the Myconid Colony, Climb up to activate the rune circle in the Colony and meet Lord Spav. Talk to him and he will ask you to kill the doorgars. Agree. Travel deep into the Underdark, to the southwest, to discover the Dilapidated Village. Go down to the shore and kill four doorgars (one of them will revive the corpses).

After the victory, if you took Gloth with you, talk to him. He will offer to kill Spav, who did not save his Circle. It is best to agree and then return to Spav. In dialogue with him, you will have two options. You will be able to side with Glot, as you agreed, or tell Spav that you wanted to personally show the traitor. If you side with Gloth, the entire Myconid Colony will turn against you. However, as soon as Spav is dead, you will complete the task and the rest of the myconids will not touch you. As a reward, Gloth will give you Wintergrip Gloves (when the wearer deals cold damage, the target (or targets) is afflicted with Ice Crust for 2 turns). If you have taken the side of Spav, a passage will open below into a small room behind the vines, next to the merchant Derrit. There you will find loot on a pale corpse, and among other things there will be records dedicated to the Adamanite Forge.

Cure a poisoned gnome

Once in the Myconid Colony, climb up and find Lord Spav. Next to him lies the dwarf Tulla. Talk to her, take a medical check, or give her an antidote if you have one in your inventory. The task will end.

Rescue the gnomes in Grimforge

Continue talking to the cured Tulla at the Myconid Colony to activate this quest. Some quests taken in the Underdark can only be completed upon arrival at Grimforge. To do this, find the Dilapidated Village in the southwest of the Underdark, finish off the doorgars and use their boat to get to Grimforge.

Head south towards the marker to spot the doorgars and captive gnomes who are trying to clear the rubble behind which Nere is located. Talk to Sergeant Trinn. If you saved the gnome in the Extinct Village, meet Bart Root again, who is in trouble (he is one of the captured gnomes). Listen to the communication of the dwarves to find out that they need explosives.

Find explosives

Move to the upper right corner of Grimforge, where you appeared at the very beginning. By the way, there are two doorgars with a dwarf slave. If you kill them, you can use the elevator behind bars that leads to the Lunar Towers. This will continue the story, but you will fail some side quests, so take your time.

You need to go to the northeast and find a lot of corpses and two doorgars at the locked door. It is not necessary to kill them, but you will have to break the door. After the hack, continue northeast. In the room behind the locked door, you need to pass an attention check against the far wall (it stands out, and the hidden passage is clearly visible) to find the button. By clicking on it and opening the passage, defeat the slugs and climb higher. Jump over the abyss, go around the locked door through the ruins and meet Philomina. Talk to her, pass a persuasion check to get a vial of gunpowder (explosives).

When you get the explosives, return to the rubble in Grimforge and talk to the dwarves. After that, throw a vial of gunpowder into the rubble, move to a safe distance and fire a ranged weapon (or cast a spell). Right after that, you will see a cut-scene. Nere is saved, which was required by an optional quest. But if you really want to help the dwarves, you'll have to stop him. therefore, I recommend eliminating doorgars in the vicinity if possible before blowing up the blockage, otherwise you will have to fight against many enemies. After the victory, talk to the dwarves to complete this task. You can also agree to help them find their leader as part of the "Save Vulbren" quest. But you will complete this quest at the Lunar Towers location. In addition, Ruta, whom you saved now and in the Extinct Village,

Find a mushroom picker

In the same Myconid Colony, there is a merchant named Derrit Bonecloak. Talk to her and find out that she is looking for her husband. Go to the passage where the guards are standing (to the left of Derrit and to the right of Glot), and then turn right. This is how you get to the green spores. On the right there are vines leading down. Go down to find yourself in the Dread Hollow. Ahead is a huge clearing with mushroom spores. There will also be Baelen, who has fallen into a trap. There is a fire in the distance, and if the mushrooms let out poison, then the entire location will ignite, and Baelen will die. Use jumps and move forward. To the left of Baelen lies his backpack.

You need to jump on ledges along the left wall. Then jump down to the backpack and search it. After getting the scrolls you need (or taking the entire backpack), jump back up and continue jumping over the ledges towards Baelen. Give him the Scroll of Miststep. You can use the Scroll of Soft Fall to avoid landing damage. He must teleport. Follow him, still jumping on the ledges, and talk. You will receive a scroll of invisibility. Then return to the Myconid Colony and speak with Derrit. The quest will complete, you will receive rare gloves, but in a conversation you can find out that the couple is looking for a rare good fungus.

Go back to where you found Baelen, go down the vines to the poisonous mushrooms. Again, jump on the ledges along the walls, clockwise. There is a blue good mushroom in the far corner. Use the scroll of soft fall, quickly jump down to the mushroom, pick it up and jump back. Make sure you do this with a character that has been separated from the party. As in the case of saving Baelen. If you're lucky, you'll even manage to get out of the location without getting poisoned. Or if you get it, buy an antidote in advance and be healed. Return to the Myconid Colony and you can give Derrit the Good Mushroom. Unfortunately, she cannot thank you, but promises to do so if you visit her drugstore in Baldur's Gate.

If you travel further west, you will find the Sussur Tree rune circle. Here you can find the bark for the side quest "Complete the Weapon Masterpiece". Move south from it to get to a clearing with a tombstone at the very edge. At this point, most likely, you will be attacked by the local boss Bouley.

In a fight with him, it will be great if you can inflict monster paralysis. Otherwise, problems may arise. Save ahead of time.

Avenge the Circle of the Throat

If you go down behind the platform with Lord Spav, pass by the local merchant Derrit, you will find a myconid named Glot. Talk to him to tell him about his problem and offer to help in eliminating the doorgars. If you take it with you, it will help kill the doorgars on the shores of the Underdark. But keep in mind that you will need to get to the shore along the path without obstacles, since there will be no jumping over the ledges of the Glot. Attack the doorgars (there are four of them), and after the victory, talk to Glot. He will offer to remove Spav, but most likely he will have to fight with all the myconids. You decide. And if you refuse, Glot will attack you. However, as mentioned above, you can simply not take Glot with you. Read the description of the Defeat the Dvergar Invaders quest to find out how Glot and Spav's story could end.

Bring the head to Nera

This quest will begin after you defeat the doorgars in Dilapidated Village and return to Spav. If you kill Spav on the side of the Glot or vice versa (or you don’t take the quest with the Glot at all), the remaining leader of the myconids will ask you to bring the head of the drow to Nera, who brought corruption to the Underdark. Some quests taken in the Underdark can only be completed upon arrival at Grimforge. To do this, find the Dilapidated Village in the southwest of the Underdark, finish off the doorgars and use their boat to get to Grimforge.

When you find yourself in Grimforge, you will receive another task. You will be offered to save Nere, who will contact you telepathically. If you delay (for example, go on a long vacation in the camp), Nere will die. However, if you decide, like me, to bring the head of a drow to Spav or Gloot in the Underdark, you don't have to save him. On the other hand, if you do this, the dwarves who are trying to clear the blockage to Nera will die. That is, you will fail another side task, "Save the Dwarves in Grimforge." Read the description of this quest above. After defeating Nere, take his head and take it to Spav or Glot in the Underdark. As a reward, you will receive the Amulet of the Messenger (the Voice of the Circle skill - give an ally +2 to persuasion checks).

Help Mistletoe investigate the parasite

This sub-quest can be picked up in the Myconid Colony, which can be accessed via the Goblin Camp or the Zhentarim Sanctuary. More about this is described above. Not far from the lord of the myconids, in the corner is the trader Blorg. Talk to him and tell the whole truth. Do not interfere with Omelum and listen to him. He is ready to prepare a special potion, but you need to find two dangerous mushrooms. Timmask spores and the tongue of madness can be found in a mysterious tower nearby, which belongs to a priestess of Mystera named Lenore.

The main entrance to Lenore's Arcane Tower is in the southwest of the Underdark. Head south to the Dilapidated Village, where you must also destroy the doorgars on the instructions of the myconoids. On the other side of the village, at the top, there is a passage leading further south. Move along it, climb the stairs in the direction of the ruined tower that the illithid was talking about. There will be magical turrets in front of the tower. When you enter the tower, keep in mind that you will find yourself on its fourth floor (the structure goes down). The main entrance is guarded by magical turrets - two outside and two inside, which periodically deal damage while you are in sight. The main entrance to the tower is locked, but you can jump in through the open window south of the door.

Magic turrets are resistant to weapon damage, but there are several ways to deal with them. If you have Will or another sorcerer in your group, use Otherworldly Blast. Alternatively, you can use the Invisibility spell to simply run past the turrets.

The engine that powers the elevator is at the base of the Ruined Tower, and you'll have to make a few jumps to get to it. From the main entrance, go through the south door to the balcony. From there, jump onto the blue mushrooms to the east, then onto the third floor balcony. Just below there is another set of blue mushrooms that will allow you to reach ground level, but be careful⁠ - the last jump can cause serious damage. Use the Miststep spell instead. You will find yourself at the base of the tower. Collect one of the sussur magic-annulment flowers near the tree of the same name and combine with the engine inside the tower to activate the elevator, which you can access on the second floor by climbing up the stairs from the generator. Activating the engine will disable the magic turrets,

Mushrooms for Omelum are located on the third floor of the tower. Take the elevator from the second floor after activating the engine. Timmask Spores are on a bookshelf in the northwest corner of the third floor, and Tongues of Madness is at the base of the giant orange mushroom in the southeast.

The top floor of the Ruined Tower is guarded by a clockwork butler, a level 5 boss, and four weaker automatons. One level down, on the fifth floor, look for a book called Descent Into Darkness (in the southeast corner). If you read its contents, you can quote lines from the book in a conversation with Bernard, the robot butler, and he will recognize you as his friend. You can return to Mistletoe at the Myconid Colony to learn more about the parasite, and you can also get a magical, mind-boosting ring⁠ - although you will have to pay Mistletoe a significant amount or pass several skill checks for it. If you dug up a dog collar in the Underdark, look for the button under the window on the fourth floor of the tower. Put on the collar and click on it to get a raw steak.

Adamantine Forge

To the west of the Myconid Colony, you can find a sussur tree and a rune circle of the same name. Near the tree you will meet several enemies, among which, in the camp by the fire, on a hill, there will be Filro the Forgotten. Kill him and search the corpse for notes. After reading them, you activate this task. Some quests taken in the Underdark can only be completed upon arrival at Grimforge. To do this, find the Dilapidated Village in the southwest of the Underdark, finish off the doorgars and use their boat to get to Grimforge.

Once in Grimforge, climb higher to the merchant near the rune circle, move further north until you see doorgars with rote (similar to buffaloes). If you can talk to the doorgar, he will say that behind the nearest blockage is the entrance to the Adamantine Mine. Use animal communication skill on animals and talk to them. Pass a persuasion check and the animals will destroy the blockage. Please note that after this you will have to kill three doorgars who do not want to share the loot. Animals will fight by your side.

Climb the steps to enter an area full of puzzles and platforming elements. Here you will be able to collect various forms to create equipment. After climbing to the top, in the middle, roll up to the two levers. Jump with one character to the platform (separate from the group), and switch the levers with the other to get to the opposite side. With this character, you must reach the other two levers at the end of the path on the right. With the remaining heroes, return the platform, jump on it and run along the central path until you find another platform. The separated character must lift it with a lever, the other heroes must jump from above. And again, use the levers with the separated character to move deeper. Jump down and jump down to find a rune circle.

Eventually, you will reach the Adamantine Forge. Next to the rune circle, you need to go down and turn to the lava on the left. Kill all enemies and destroy the vein to get mithril ore. Go down to the forge itself. Take your time and jump to the right. Go around the lava areas and look for an adamantine chest in the distant ruins. Hack it and take the contents. Among other things, there will be a Sentient amulet. It contains the spirit of a cursed monk. This will start the side quest "Help the Cursed Monk", which points to Baldur's Gate.

Now you need to activate the Adamantine Forge. Place the mithril ore in the center crucible. Place any mold you find in the mold slot near the mold eject lever. Pull the forge control lever in the far corner. She will go down. Before proceeding, prepare for the boss fight. Arrange the characters as follows...

One character must stand next to the control lever. One or two ranged DPS should be on top of the central crucible. The last character should be next to the lava valve. When the character interacts with the valve, the arena will fill with lava, and only some of the platforms will remain intact. The Grim boss will also appear, immune to almost all types of damage, resistant to cold, lightning and strength. You can only damage him when he is standing in lava (the effect lasts 2 turns, his body becomes softer). Grim moves and attacks the last character that damaged him. Ideally, this should be a character that stands on a crucible. Once Grim is on the crucible, activate the forge lever to lower the large anvil and deal 100+ damage to the boss. Be aware that the lava will disappear, so you will have to re-tap the lever to deal damage to the boss (which will no longer be affected by lava). After hitting the anvil, he will also be knocked down for two turns. After the victory, you will be able to take Grim's helmet with Hunter's Mark (spell) and damage resistance. Also, collect the Forged Adamantine Gear to complete the quest. In the future, you will be able to forge other equipment if you find mithril ore.

Another mithril ore can be found near the rune circle of the ancient forge. Go to the grate on the right, where the armor will come to life. Follow the corner ruin passage down to the lava and you'll see another ore that needs to be smashed. Don't forget to reshape every time (if you don't want to create the same weapon), add ore, flood the area with lava and drag forge lever to hit the anvil.

The missing boots

The quest is taken from a doorgar in the Underdark, in a Dilapidated Village near Myconid Colony, where a boat of doorgars is also stationed. He asks to find expensive boots that the fugitive Tulla took. Tulla writhes in pain in the Myconid Colony next to Overlord Spav. Follow her and take the boots. You don't have to kill her. Revisit the coast with the doorgars and speak with Geh. Tell me about boots. He will tell you to visit Grimforge and hand over the boots to Sergeant Trinn. Climbing down, you will find a Dvergar skiff.

Accordingly, the quest will not be completed to the end. If you kill the doorgars, you will receive an antidote. Give it to Tulla, but keep in mind: if the boots are stolen, then she will attack you. Myconids will do the same, including Swap. But if you heal Tulla in advance, she will give you these boots.

The task may not even start if you did not communicate with Geg, but first took the myconid quest and went to the Dilapidated Village with Gloth. Then you won't even have a chance to interact with the doorgars. One way or another, when you get to the Adamantine Forge, you can talk to Sergeant Trinn and give her the boots. This task is completed in parallel with the side quests Adamantine Forge, Rescue the Dwarves in Grimforge, Bring the Head to Nera, and Free the Loyal Nera. Choose your own reward - an unusual armor of the indomitable Kushigo or an unusual ring of effort.

Mountain pass

Pass through the mountain pass

You can get to the Mountain Pass from the main location of the game from two directions - from the side of the goblin camp or the destroyed bridge in the northwest, where the task of finding the githyanki nursery directs you. We took the second option and got on the path to the Rosimorn monastery. go forward and activate the Trielta Rock rune circle. However, even if you go here from the side of the goblin camp, you will still find yourself at a fork with the same runestone.

Walk forward and turn at the fork to the first enemy group, ghouls and shepherds of death. the latter should be killed first, otherwise they will constantly summon new undead. Follow the story quest marker further and you will find a transition point to the Shadowcorrupted Lands. As with Grimforge after the Underdark, this location predates the Moon Towers. If you want, you can start right now.

Find the Githyanki's Manger (continued)

Once in this location and activate the first rune circle, move to the northeast to find Lady Hester with a side quest and a cable car control lever. You will have to pass a force test, so use the same Laezel or Karlach. The cable car will take you to the Rosemorne Abode.

Go down below to find the rune circle of the same name. First go to the right side to update the quest near the main entrance to Rosemorne's Retreat. Once inside the building in any way, go down lower and lower and enter the basement to get into the githyanki's manger. Make sure you have Laezel in your squad, and in that case, she will negotiate with the githyanki.

Get to the infirmary and talk to the doctor. Let Laezel get in the car. It doesn't matter if you convince her otherwise or not, but hitting won't help. If after that you do not deceive the doctor, she will ban you inside the laboratory, and if you try to leave it, all the githyanki will turn into enemies. Therefore, save in advance and make sure that you deceived the doctor, supposedly the parasite in Laezel's head is dead. The task will end. In addition, 3 flasks with parasites can be found in the infirmary laboratory to unlock new illithid abilities.

Find Blood of Lathander

Return to the rune circle and climb the vine. Jump over and break the boards, then jump inside the Abode. Destroy all the beasts and go through the nearest door. Move to the hall with stained glass. There are four plates for ceremonial weapons on the sides. The sword is already in place. There is a huge statue with a sign on the first floor of Rosemourne's Retreat. Examine this tablet to learn about the Blood of Lathander relic. And so the task will begin. This puzzle is just related to this task.

Get out through the narrow broken window, jump into the next room with the armor under the spell of Faith. When you pick up the ceremonial ax, you will have to destroy the revived armor.

Go down a few floors below, and jump down to the fountain in the southeast. Here you can climb up the mountain and dig out Master Dawn's grave to find a rusty mace. However, you don't need it. The ceremonial ax found under the animated armor should be placed on the base of the Master of the Dawn Vazid. From the stained glass room, exit to the balcony to the north and climb the vines to the roof. Here you will find an eagle's nest. By the way, if you went west from the cable car after moving to the Rosimorne Abode, you could meet a jay that would complain that the eagles occupied its nest. Finish off the eagles, then take the ceremonial warhammer from their nest.

Go down from the roof along the same vine. Under the balcony there is a wooden board and a hole in the wall. This path leads to drunken kobolds, which you can see on the mini-map. But jumping there is dangerous as you will lose a lot of health. Fortunately, diagonally from the same balcony, you can jump onto the rock above, and already along the ledges along the mountain go down to the desired floor of the Rosimorne Abode. However, there is nothing interesting

Return to the location of the puzzle solution. As written earlier, place the ceremonial ax on the plinth with the Dawn Master Vazid tablet. Place the ceremonial hammer on the pedestal with the Master of Dawn Sid's tablet. On the remaining pedestal of the Stockhold Master, place a rusty mace (from the grave: can also be found directly inside the Cloister, next to the skeleton). If done correctly, a secret niche will open up and you can take the Dawnmaster's Crest (Comb).

You can continue the search for the legendary weapon already inside the githyanki's manger. So from the first floor, go down the stairs and enter the basement. When you get to the inquisitor, what will happen according to the plot (show the artifact to everyone, do not resist so as not to lose Laezel), after defeating all enemies (before that, be sure to visit the astral prism) in the western wing of the inquisitor's quarters, find two pedestals with statues and tablets. The statues will appear after successfully passing the attention check. Turn the right one to the east (interact three times), and the left one to the west. The left will get stuck, so strength and athletics are needed. In general, Laezel will be able to turn it.

Climb down and go through the Gate of Dawn to use the hidden staircase. Destroy the power source to the left of the fog and go to the next room. Disarm the Dawnbringer device using the same Astarion. then enter the cave on the left by jumping over the ledges and go around the barrier through it. Break the power source by destroying the barrier and disable the next Dawnbringer device. The source of energy from the third barrier is in the abyss on the right. get down close and shoot him. Place the coat of arms on the plinth to receive the legendary Mace "Blood of Lathander".

Baldur's Gate 3 Walkthrough - All Companion Quests

In this part of the article, you will learn how to start companion quests, although we will talk more about their passage in separate guides.

Daughter of Darkness

The task becomes available after you accept the team (or send to the camp) Shadowheart.

Wizard of Waterdeep

The task becomes available after you accept (or send to the camp) Gale to the team.

Githyanki Warrior

The task becomes available after you accept (or send to the camp) Laezel to the team. Speak to Zorru in the center of the Druid Grove where all the friendly NPCs are.

He will say that he saw githyanki in the west, near the mountain pass on the road that leads to Baldur's Gate. Go from the extinct village to the right to the mill, and from it - even more to the right. Pass the sleeping enemy and head west. You will find many interesting quests, but you are interested in the marker pointing to the githyanki patrol. Let Laezel tell the truth, but in this case, you will have to kill all the enemies. However, you can then search the corpse. Be sure to examine the medallion to find out where the manger is. An alternative option is to use persuasion, and if successful, Laezel will play along with the commander, there will be no need to fight. Astarion will love this.

blond elf

The task becomes available after you accept (or send to the camp) Astarion to the team. In the sun-drenched swamps (down from the extinct village) you can find the altar of wanderings at the tea house. There will also be a monster hunter Gandrel. Talk to him and find out that he is hunting the vampire Astarion. If you admit that Astarion is on your team, you can let him kill the hunter or fight him with the whole squad. In addition, you can give Astarion to Gandrel, but it is not clear why this should be done with your companion.

Blade of the Frontier

The task becomes available after you accept (or send to the camp) Will to the team. He wants to track down Carlach, a powerful she-devil who threatens the entire Sword Coast. go to the Extinct Village, jump over the abyss to the north of it. You will come to the Ascending Path. Go right, kill the hyenas and gnolls.

Baldur's Gate 3 Act 1 Walkthrough

This guide is dedicated to all the side quests of the game that you can find and complete in the first act - at the starting location, in the Underdark, Grimforge, in the Mountain Pass and in the githyanki nursery.

Nautiloid Crash Area

Explore the ruins

Move north from the ancient door to find the Chapel Entrance location. From here you can alternatively get into the Dark Crypt behind the same ancient door. First, you can go past the chapel with the bandits, go down the vines and find a wooden hatch. As in the case of the door, the hatch must be cracked. You can find thieves' tools somewhere on the shore, where you got at the beginning of the game after the crash of the nautiloid. Astarion has good hack bonuses, so use it.

The second option is to go back and crack that same ancient door. The disadvantage of this method is that you will not be able to get into one of the rooms of the crypt, since the door is opened using a button hidden on the other side of the door, behind the statue.

The third option is to go to the chapel, intimidate, convince or deceive the bandits. If you're playing a sorcerer, you can use his phrase without any checks. Also, if you convince the bandits to leave, you'll get Shadowheart's approval. Then interact with the door behind which there are bandits. You can hack it or deceive the bandits who will let you inside. You can also shoot Astarion's bow or cast a spell on the rope holding the cobblestone. The stone will break through the cracked floor. I went exactly this way. Going down or passing through the door behind which there are bandits, you will join the battle. I recommend breaking barrels of oil, and then setting it on fire, causing additional damage to opponents. After the victory, look around in the nearest rooms. In the dining room, where the table stands, there is a door leading outside (where there were bandits and a stone hung). Go behind the statue into the room on the other side. After successfully completing the attention check, you will find a lever on the wall. Pull it to open the door to the third room.

Pass through it. One of the doors is not locked and leads to a room with a sarcophagus. After successfully passing the attention check, you will find a trap on the lid of the sarcophagus. To defuse it, you need a sapper kit. In addition, there is a button on the column on the left. You can also break open another oak door and find a room with dead scribes and warriors. At the back of the room, there is a button on the wall. Click on it to open a secret room. Inside is a chest with an amulet that allows you to communicate with the dead. At this point, all the scribes will wake up, so it's best to first collect all the weapons from them and simplify the battle.

Return to the sarcophagus. You don't need a sapper kit to safely open a sarcophagus. You can put various objects on the floor grates to prevent the oil from getting into the room after the trap is activated. It's best to enter turn-by-turn mode by pressing Shift+Space. Then open the sarcophagus and shoot or just interact with the button on the nearest column. This way you will disable traps that in turn-based mode will not even have time to work. Inside this sarcophagus is a key that will allow you to open the nearest oak door (if you entered here through the ancient door). Go to where the scribes lie, and open another sarcophagus in a secret room. You will meet the Withered One. This character will allow you to change character class and redistribute stats.

Get the soul coin from the sarcophagus. You can find another one in the library, where you found a lever behind the statue that opens the door. Mission completed.

Find Song of the Night

You will receive this side quest if you save Aradin at the entrance to the Emerald Grove, and then talk to him inside. However, it will be activated later. Keep exploring the locations until you get to the second act, the Shadow-Corrupted Lands. Here you can complete the quest, but keep in mind that this will lead to the final events of the second act and you will no longer return to the lands of the first act. Read the continuation in our separate guide dedicated to the second act of the game.

Complete a weapon masterpiece

When you get to the Dead Village southwest of the Emerald Grove, check out one of the houses near the well. The door is small, open, next to it hangs the coat of arms of a blacksmith. Inside the house, look for the diary from the High Cliff. After reading it, you will activate this task. Go to the next room and pick up the old key. In the center, on the floor, there is a spider web. Burn it or attack with another spell, then jump down. You will enter the lower part of the blacksmith's house. Make a Attention check at the chest next to the stairs to find a trap. Make sure you have a sapper kit and try to disable it. After successful neutralization, get the blueprints from the chest. Read them by right clicking in inventory. This will update the assignment.

The next step is to find the bark of the sussur tree. In addition, just above there is another chest with a forged sword, a blacksmith's note and infernal iron. These items have nothing to do with the quest. When you get to the Underdark, look west of the Myconid Colony for the Sussur Tree. Climb up the large branch to the tree trunk and find an interaction point to rip off the bark. Return to the forge and interact with the furs. Then use the inflamed furnace and install the sussur bark in the right slot. The flame will turn blue. Now you must interact with the furnace again and install a regular two-handed sword, sickle or dagger in the right slot. Any other weapon will not work!

Save the gnome

While exploring the Dead Village, you may come across goblins tormenting a deep goblin that they have tied to a mill. You can try to pass various checks or use the illithid to convince the goblin to leave. Checks will reduce the cost of paying for the fact that the goblins do not attack you. It is best to go around the mill from the other side, leaving the village through the gate, and jump over the hole in the wall. So you can get close to the windmill from behind and stop its rotation. Do not release the brakes, because in this case the gnome will fly away. One way or another, the battle will begin, but you will find yourself in cover. You can also try in advance to take more advantageous positions on the roofs of neighboring buildings. After the victory, free the gnome to complete the task.

Explore the basement

While exploring the Whispering Abyss, closer to the habitat of the phase spiders, look for a skeleton on the first floor. Nearby is a student's backpack.

Look inside and read the diary. It talks about some kind of amethyst and a key. In the same Whispering Abyss, there is a huge matriarch spider. Under it, in the far corner, there is a dark (purple) amethyst.

And there are two options. You can break through there with a fight, but it is extremely difficult to defeat the constantly teleporting spider. Or you can use Astarion's stealth by separating him from the squad (drag the icon) to steal the amethyst without a fight.

One way or another, when you have an amethyst at your disposal, go to the center of the village. In the first building on the left behind the main entrance (opposite the blacksmith's house), look for a wooden hatch in the floor. After going downstairs, inspect the basement, then find the lever behind the three wooden boxes. Pull it to reveal a secret passage. Move there and find a mirror. Save ahead of time. Introduce yourself, say that you are an ally of the owner. Call Shaas a villain. Balsam ointment is used to treat burns. Finally, in the mirror, you want to find a remedy that will cure you of the parasite.

After passing the test, you will be taken to a secret laboratory. Examine the researcher's notes on the central table. There is a grate on the left, a room with a rusty key on the right. Using the key, you will be able to open the grate. Please note that there is a trap both in front of the bars and in the chamber with the book of necromancy. If you successfully read all the pages of the book, you will gain access to the Speak with the Dead skill. Apparently, the last page will be read much later in the game. If you decide to destroy the book, you need to use any spell with radiant damage against it. When destroying a book, stand as far away from it as possible, otherwise you will be blinded. In addition, three Shadows will appear, which will have to be destroyed.

Save Mairin

Talk to Aunt Ethel in the Emerald Grove. You can meet her again at the entrance to Sundrenched Marshes. This time, she is threatened by two young men who blame the woman for the disappearance of their sister Myrina. Right now you can:

  • Take the side of the brothers. If you do this, Aunt Ethel will disappear, moving into her tea house. You will be able to talk to the brothers who, despite the offer of help, will continue to search for their sister on their own. This leads to their death.
  • If you side with Aunt Ethel, you will have to kill the brothers.
As soon as you get to the tea house, regardless of your choice, meet Aunt Ethel again. She keeps Mairin captive and forces her to eat since the girl is pregnant. When you enter the house, depending on the previous interaction with the old woman, she greets you in different ways.

You can ask her about Mairin. Aunt Ethel will not like this, she will begin to threaten and ask you to mind your own business. If you insist or tell Mairin that her brothers are dead, Aunt Ethel will teleport her and then return to her true form. After the woman will disappear behind the furnace leading to the secret lair. The next time you meet her, a fight will start.

If you stay away from Myrina and ask about the procedure for removing the parasite, she will offer a deal, but in return you will have to give up one eye. Companions won't like it. If you do not heed their warning and decide to agree to the procedure, you will lose your eye, and the parasite will remain in your head. Aunt Ethel declares that the parasite has been spoiled, it smells of dirty magic, so she does not want to touch it. However, she states that her part of the deal has been kept, so your eye belongs to her. You get a debuff.

When she first transforms into a witch and tries to escape, if the group is well prepared and deals enough damage to them, you can kill the woman before she can. Because of this, there will be some changes in her lair. For example, poisonous clouds will disappear. The four masked men are no longer aggressive and can be spoken to. You can even save one of them.

If you deal significant damage to her in the lair, she will offer a deal. If you leave it alone, you will receive a permanent +1 bonus to one of the characteristics. But in that case, she would leave with Mairin. After passing a few skill checks, you can get a stat boost and save the girl. When you fight Aunt Ethel in her lair, she will create three copies of herself. Only one of them is real, while the other three are illusions. You can dispel them with any attack. Keep in mind while doppelgangers are active, they can damage you.

Find the missing cargo

If you head north from the Dead Village and jump over the pit, you will have to kill some hyenas and gnolls at the fork on the right. In the same place, look for a dead caravaneer, on whose corpse there will be a note. Read it to start the quest. Continue north until you find a cave with caravaners attacked by gnolls. After defeating the latter, you will be able to chat with Rugan. If you convince him with a skill check, he will grant you access to the chest. Enter the cave and hack it with Astarion's skills. Save in advance so as not to waste thieves' tools. After a successful hack, take the iron vial and the task will end.

However, this is not all. Travel to Waukeen's Refuge, move from the yard with the burning inn into the archway on the left to find a barn with a bull in the distance. Nearby there is a building with a dilapidated door. Break the crates in front of the door and go inside. If you previously met Rugan, then the man hiding inside will give the key without any problems. Go down the hatch and open the far cabinet to get to the Zhentarim Sanctuary, where the rune circle of the same name will immediately activate. Move deeper and you will see that Rugan is being interrogated (in my case it was because I persuaded him to take the booty). You will have to kill Rugan or everyone else. In general, ideally, it is better not to select the cargo and not to offer any deals.

Hunt down the she-devil

When you go for Carlach on the assignment "Blade of the Frontier" from Will, in a conversation with her you can agree to help. After that, this task will be activated. Karlach itself is southeast of the marker, down the slope, across the river. You need to go through the log. Head up the slope and enter the paladin's house. Naturally, if Karlach is in the squad, the battle will immediately begin (or after the dialogue). If you don't have Karlach, talk to Anders. He will offer a deal - his sword in exchange for Karlach's head. So you have to decide whether to side with the paladin or protect your new companion.

In addition, below the paladin's house lies the corpse of a toll collector. Further down, on the way to Karlach, you can find the Toll Collector's Key. With it, you can open the door in the basement, where you should go down through the hatch in Anders' office. There are many traps that will have to be disarmed. In the next room, you need to split the squad and sit in two stone chairs to the left and right of the suspicious wall, behind which the room is visible.

Return to Anders and tell him that you know who he serves. The man will stop pretending and you will have to kill him and two more henchmen. Therefore, trade with Cyril in advance.

Rescue the poor man in the trap

To the north you can find Waukin's shelter. You will meet him on the way to the githyanki nursery. In the building on the left side, on the second floor, there is a room in which Benrin is stuck. Break down the door, but be prepared for the flames to break out. Use Laezel to help Benrin get out of the trap. After that, you will be able to run out of the room. If you suddenly turn on the step-by-step mode, press Shift and "Space" to exit it. Talk to Benrin, who will tell you about the dowry. Get out and go through the archway. Find a barn with a haystack. Interact with him, and after passing the test, you will find a chest. Search to get a ring. You can sell it, thereby completing the task, or return Benryna. The task will end.

Save the Grand Duke

To the north you can find Waukin's shelter. You will meet him on the way to the githyanki nursery. Use Laezel to help people break down the door. Climb up and break down the door to the trapped woman. Go down after, talk to the adviser and find out in which direction the drow took the duke. If you talk to Will in the camp, find out that the duke is his father. There will be hints that the duke is being held in the Moon Towers. But this is the second chapter.

Personal tasks

Reveal the secrets of the artifact

Activates automatically at some point, and will continue when you meet a githyanki in the quest "Find a githyanki's nursery". You need to be patient and get through the Mountain Pass to the githyanki's nursery, under Rosemorne Sanctuary. Visit the captain and agree to hand over the artifact. Although Shadowheart will not like it, the artifact will still return to you. But you will be allowed to see the inquisitor.

When you meet with the Inquisitor, you will have several options to choose from at once. You can not give the artifact, but in this case, the battle will begin. Laezel will still stay with you. You can give the artifact, and then Vlaakith will appear. If you do not obey the will of Vlaakith, Laezelle will leave your squad and take the side of the inquisitor.

In order not to give the artifact and keep Laezel in the squad, choose the last option and say that the artifact protects you from the parasite or the Absolute. But keep in mind, even after you kill the Inquisitor, Vlaakith will appear. If you start saying that the goddess can kill anyone, she will actually do it and kill you. It will be Game Over. If you try to leave the room after being ordered to insert the artifact, you will have to fight everyone, including Laezel.

So, if you obey everyone, you will fall into the Astral Prism. Enter the cave ahead to meet your Guardian. If you go further and try to kill her, it still won't work. So it's better to earn the trust and say that no one will die today. Talk to Laezelle, show her that the Keeper has some secret about Vlaakith. Go back and kill the inquisitor. No one was going to let you go, so kill everyone and talk to Laezel to complete the Uncover the Secrets of the Artifact quest. At night in the camp, when you rest, Voss will appear and kneel. Listen to him, support Laezel to earn the approval of several allies (she still won't kill Voss). You will receive a detector that will go off whenever Vlaakith's minions are nearby.

Help Kitrak Voss

Complete the "Uncover the Secrets of the Artifact" quest while exploring the githyanki's nursery at the same time. Whether Laezel stays with you or not, Kitrak Voss will appear the next night and offer his help. You need to meet him at Baldur's Gate. The continuation will be in our guide dedicated to the third act of the game.

Accept your potential

This task will become available after you meet your Guardian, created at the beginning of the game. From now on, you can use the parasites you find (from the corpses of those who have been infected by them; for example, every goblin leader in the Goblin Camp has one) to unlock illithid abilities.

Learn the story of Prince Orpheus

In the classroom in the nursery, you can see how the coach Keksh mocks the youngster. If you can protect him by passing the persuasion test, he will survive. Talk to him, find out who he is so inspired by, and convince him to give the book. Read it to start this quest. In addition, if the youth does die, it will be easier for you to search his corpse and take a book, which then needs to be read again. The continuation will be in our guide dedicated to the third act of the game.

Druid Grove

Tasks related to attacking the Grove or clearing the goblin camp are described in our main guide for the first act of the game.

Save the refugees

After you get to the Emerald Grove, talk to Zevlor. He will tell about the rite of the druids and the fact that the refugees are forced to leave the grove. Climb up to the bridge above the grove gate and go west. Climb up the mountain and save Nadira from the goblin. Talk to her. If you can convince or pass the test with another skill, then Nadira will give you a soul coin. Go down to the ritual site and enter the shrine with Kaga. You will most likely meet Arabella as well and be able to complete the side quest described below.

During a conversation with Kaga, say that sometimes you can't do without toughness. You will receive the approval of Shadowheart and Laezel. Talk to Rath to learn about the refugee camp and the druid Khalsin. Only he can stop Kaga and end the ritual. Travel to the Secluded Rooms in the Grove Camp and speak with Zevlor. He will offer money to kill Kaga. Now you can either kill Kaga or set up a goblin camp.

But there is an alternative option, although it has nothing to do with rescuing refugees. You can stop the ritual before you deal with the goblins.

Kill Kaga

If you decide to kill immediately after Zevlor's offer, all the druids will turn on you. But there is a better option (read below).

Find information about the Kage

Go west from the room with Kaga and the druids, look for Kaga's secret chest behind the bookshelf. Open it. If there are druids nearby, use stealth. Read the note inside and travel to the Sunlit Swamps. If you haven't been to these places yet, follow south from the Extinct Village. But if you have already met Aunt Ethel in the Blight Mire and unlocked the rune circle, use fast travel.

Head southeast and jump over the rocks across the river to get to the marker. Destroy all enemies, search the chest and burn the thickets. Examine the huge stump from the thick tree. Move the cursor along its walls until you find a hollow. Get a note from there that directly says that Kaga is collaborating with the druids of the Shadows.

Return to the grove and talk to Kaga. If you can't convince her, you'll have to kill the woman. You have to fight against Kaga, three druids of Shadows and two ordinary druids. If you can convince Kaga to take your side, you only have to kill three Shadow Druids. After winning the battle, report to Zevlor that the rite in the Grove has been stopped. He will say that the tieflings will not leave the grove, as there are still goblins on the way.

If Arabella is dead, then upon returning to the grove, Halsin (if they went this way) will first drive Kaga away, and then Arabella's parents will kill her. If Kaga kills no one and you convince her, then Khalsin will spare the druidsha.

Save Arabella

Head down the Emerald Grove to find people arguing. Talk to Komira. This is how you get this quest. Follow below and visit the inner sanctuary to the right of the ritual site. Save early and pass the skill check with Kaga to save Arabella. Go outside and near the entrance to the grove, where they took the task, talk to the girl's parents. You'll complete the quest and receive Komira's Medallion as a reward, which unlocks the Dancing Lights focus.

Save Goblin Sazza

Go deep into the Emerald Grove and find a temporary prison. Rescue Sazza from Arka, who intends to shoot her. Talk to the goblin to get the main and side quests. Promise to save her. When you're done with your business in the grove, return to the prison and open the cell in which the goblin is sitting. Open the door and tell her to follow you. If you go out the usual way, you will be discovered by the inhabitants of the grove and you will have to fight them. The best option is to use the jump to move to the platform on the side of the cage. After successfully passing the attention check, you will find a door leading to a cave.

Follow there and destroy the goblins. You can revive Findal, but keep in mind that he will notice Sazza in your squad and you will have to pass checks to calm him down. There are statues inside the cave that will shoot at you if you pass by. Usually there are wall runes near these statues. Interact with them to disable defense mechanisms. So you need to do with the statues of a bear and an eagle. There is a heavy chest with a trap near the eagle statue. A sapper kit is hidden in one of the barrels nearby. It is best to neutralize with Astarion. Shadowheart can heal Findal. Outside, your paths will part, but the task is not yet completed.

Follow to the indicated place to the west of the Extinct Village and talk to Sazza. She will escort you to the territory of the goblin camp. Follow her until you meet Mintara. Tell her that you have some business or she will gather the goblins and prepare to attack the Druid Grove. Also, if you follow Sazza, you'll see her being pushed into the pit by the other goblins. I tried to stop them, but there were no dialogue options for helping Sazze.

View the shore
Travel northeast from the Emerald Grove, from the ritual site, to receive the additional objective "Survey the Shore". Go down below and chat with the boy who is being lured by the harpies. Kill all harpies. Remember to take advantage of the height, or at least not attack enemies from below them. After winning the battle, talk to the boy to update the task. Leave the coast. Using jumps, you can jump on the columns and dig out the chest.

In the center of the camp at the top of the grove, you can meet the tiefling boy Doni. Talk to him. He will disappear, but after passing the test, you will be able to find a secret hatch. Visit another place and return so that Doni reappears at the hatch. Talk to him, pass the checks, and the boy will show a hatch leading to a secret hideout. If it fails, just reboot and pass the test successfully. Chat with Maul inside the cave to complete the quest. You can agree to her offer to start the next quest. You can also chat with Mirkon to get a story from him.

Steal a sacred idol

In order to start this quest, you first need to complete the "Survey the Shore" mission and successfully save Mirkon from the harpies. Then head to the Dragon's Lair in the Druid's Grove and talk to Maul, who will ask for help in stealing the Idol of Silvanus (you can get there if you follow Doni). She offers to give some of the money you get from selling the figurine at Baldur's Gate when she finally gets to the city.

Stealing the idol isn't that hard, you can just walk up to it and pick it up, but doing so will send the Druid Grove into chaos. The druids will attack the rest of the grove, and a fight will break out that will result in the death of countless NPCs, which will prematurely and irrevocably end some tasks. You'll also have to fight the nearby druids, but once you've dealt with them, you can return to the Dragonpit to hand over the Idol to Maul.

Even if you successfully deal with the goblins and reconcile the druids and tieflings, picking up the idol will still result in a battle, although not between the two groups living in the grove. However, if you steal it in stealth mode, you will be able to trick or intimidate those who notice you and safely leave with the idol. Therefore, before stealing an idol, be sure to resolve the dispute between the druids and tieflings.

If fighting is still going on in the grove, Maul will be too upset to speak, so explore the area to make sure there are no ongoing battles left. When you finally talk to Maul, you have a chance to give the idol to her or keep it, but the quest won't complete until you hand over the item. In return, you will receive a ring of protection that gives the wearer a +1 bonus to armor class and performance. Maul also promises to reward you with additional rewards at Baldur's Gate when both of you reach the city.

There is another option: you can investigate the actions of Kaga, which we wrote about in our walkthrough, and then either kill her along with the druids of the Shadows, or convince and defeat these druids together with her. Immediately after this, the ritual will end. Use a misty cloud or darkness spell on any character and steal the idol. The druids will surely stop you, and you will have to pass a Deception or Intimidation check. If successful, no one will touch you. You can keep the idol for yourself, but to continue and complete the task, it is better to take Maul. This must be done before the camp celebration in honor of the victory over the goblins, if you have killed three leaders.

Save Volo

This quest will appear after you infiltrate the goblin camp. Provided that you do it without a fight (for example, free Sazza). Having done this, find Volo in the courtyard of the fortress, which entertains the goblins. Watch him, after which the guard will take him inside. Keep following until you find Volo's Detention Chamber. Talk to Gribbo, and use any checks only to make sure they pass. You can also spend money, but it's much easier to save and repeat the conversation until a free skill check is passed. Invite Volo to go to your camp. Talk to him in the camp, let him examine you. He will try to find information about the parasite, but for now the quest will be completed and you will receive a generosity jacket (light armor, AC 11) as a reward. After a while, he will offer a cure (after a long rest). If you agree

Mountain pass

All side quests in the Mountain Pass are described in our separate guide for the first act of the game.

Deepholm and Grimforge

All side quests of the Underdark and Grimforge are described in our separate guide for the first act of the game.

Githyanki manger

Steal a githyanki egg

This quest can be picked up at the mountain pass near Lady Esther, which is located east of the Trielta Rock rune circle. The woman asks to steal an egg from the githyanki's manger. When you are near Rosimorn's House, get inside and find the entrance to the basement on the lower floor. That's how you get into the nursery. Next to the infirmary, which you need to visit in the story, there is a door to the Incubator. Enter there, get to the head of the incubator, save and use persuasion to persuade him to give you the egg. Immediately after that, put on the special shoes that you get from him and pick up the egg. Take it to Lady Esther to complete the quest and receive 600+ gold coins. She will offer to meet at Baldur's Gate.

Find the Blood of Lathander

Return to the rune circle and climb the vine. Jump over and break the boards, then jump inside the Abode. Destroy all the beasts and go through the nearest door. Move to the hall with stained glass. There are four plates for ceremonial weapons on the sides. The sword is already in place. There is a huge statue with a sign on the first floor of Rosemourne's Retreat. Examine this tablet to learn about the Blood of Lathander relic. And so the task will begin. This puzzle is just related to this task.

Get out through the narrow broken window, jump into the next room with the armor under the spell of Faith. When you pick up the ceremonial ax, you will have to destroy the revived armor.

Go down a few floors below, and jump down to the fountain in the southeast. Here you can climb up the mountain and dig out Master Dawn's grave to find a rusty mace. However, you don't need it. The ceremonial ax found under the animated armor should be placed on the base of the Master of the Dawn Vazid. From the stained glass room, exit to the balcony to the north and climb the vines to the roof. Here you will find an eagle's nest. By the way, if you went west from the cable car after moving to the Rosimorne Abode, you could meet a jay that would complain that the eagles occupied its nest. Finish off the eagles, then take the ceremonial warhammer from their nest.

Go down from the roof along the same vine. Under the balcony there is a wooden board and a hole in the wall. This path leads to drunken kobolds, which you can see on the mini-map. But jumping there is dangerous as you will lose a lot of health. Fortunately, diagonally from the same balcony, you can jump onto the rock above, and already along the ledges along the mountain go down to the desired floor of the Rosimorne Abode. However, there is nothing interesting

Return to the location of the puzzle solution. As written earlier, place the ceremonial ax on the plinth with the Dawn Master Vazid tablet. Place the ceremonial hammer on the pedestal with the Master of Dawn Sid's tablet. On the remaining pedestal of the Stockhold Master, place a rusty mace (from the grave: can also be found directly inside the Cloister, next to the skeleton). If done correctly, a secret niche will open up and you can take the Dawnmaster's Crest (Comb).

You can continue the search for the legendary weapon already inside the githyanki's manger. So from the first floor, go down the stairs and enter the basement.

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