Who is the talking goose in Atomic Heart: Annihilation Instinct - theories, memes and references


Who is the talking goose in Atomic Heart: Annihilation Instinct - theories, memes and references

The first story expansion for Atomic Heart, Annihilation Instinct, introduces a talking goose. He not only constantly pursues Major Nechaev and attacks him, but also often calls the hero various curses. In fact, this is not an easy animal, which is probably directly related to the plot. Today we will try to find out who the talking goose is and where it came from, as well as collect a detailed list of references and memes.

Note: The author of this material believes that the talking goose is a purely meme character. All of these conjectures and theories have only indirect confirmation.

Who is the talking goose?

“Wake up, Nechaev. Follow the white goose” is the first line you will hear from this character. He will appear in the swamps immediately after Professor Lebedev repairs the protagonist's glove.

Who is the talking goose?

It would seem that the animal only knows how to call names and attack, and there is no point in following him. However, it is not. Sometimes the goose gives out rather strange remarks, which can later be beaten up by the plot.

“I’m no longer a man, *****, I’m a goose *****” - the bird will give out if you try to attack it. So, quite recently he was a man, and Major Sergei Nechaev must be familiar with him. But, as we know, the main character lost his memory after the incident in Bulgaria, where his wife Ekaterina died. So you can't remember right now.

If you look at the bird up close, you can see the "Thought" device attached to the head. But even if you don’t notice this, you can hear the phrase “I have a “Thought”, and I think it”.

Exploring the underground part of the complex, you can also read an entertaining entry in the mailbox of one of the terminals. The letter is signed as "Feathered foul language". In it, the duty officer of the security department of the Mendeleev complex writes to the senior head of the scientific group on the fact of the appeal. The security guard looked at the recordings from the surveillance cameras and found that several people in the form of the Pavlov complex had thrown the bird over the fence on the night of April 1. At the end of the letter, he also notes that the voice of the goose is very familiar to him.

This may mean that the thought module with the mind (or just memories) of one of the employees was implanted into the bird. At the moment, it is not known exactly who the white goose was in life, but at the same time, we can go through some interesting remarks and put together a big picture to understand what is happening.

Interesting replicas that can reveal plot details

“I forgot my wife… I forgot my goose… But didn’t you forget Petrov’s head at home?!” and “If something went wrong, Seryozha, then don’t be upset, it’s not your fault ... But whose fault is it? Whose fucking fault is this?! - the goose definitely knows Sergei Nechaev, as well as his wife Ekaterina. At the same time, he is aware of the events at Enterprise 3826 after the incident. Since the bird appeared on the territory of the Mendeleev complex long before the incident (April 1), it cannot be one of the dead during the emergency.

“Once upon a time, an adventure road led me, but then they stepped on my foot ... It was you!” - the bird appears almost everywhere and insults the major in every possible way, and also attacks him. With this remark, the character makes it clear that the main character has crossed his path.

“And I found rings ... My charm! Will not give it back!" - Another entertaining phrase that a goose can say if attacked. In the original game, Nechaev pursues the traitor Petrov and takes special rings from him, with which you can control the entire Collective system. HRAZ persuades the protagonist to throw them away so that the connectors do not fall into the wrong hands, which happens in the story. The major throws out the rings on the shore, where the bird really could find them.

“But then, in Bulgaria, it was me! Ha-ha-ha!” - according to the plot in Bulgaria, Nechaev and his wife explode in a car, after which the protagonist becomes a cyborg, and his wife becomes a resource for creating twin robots. Does this mean that the talking goose is involved in blowing up the car, or is he just trying to hurt the hero in such a cruel way? We just have to find out.

Memes and references with a talking goose

  • “And I found rings ... My charm! Will not give it back!" - A direct reference to Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.
  • "I'm a goose! I'm up to you *******!" and “I'm a goose! Perhaps I am *******" - the famous phrases of the let's player Dmitry Kuplinov.
  • "Break, break me completely!" - a well-known meme phrase from a viral video in which a drunk man asks a policeman to “break” him during his arrest.
  • "A-ah-ah-ah-ah! Caught an olive! Oh no, it seemed! - this is how the bandits exclaimed in the games of the STALKER series when the main character or other characters fell into them during gunfights.
  • "Fabulous *******" - this meme needs no introduction.
  • “Once upon a time, an adventure road led me, but then they stepped on my foot ... It was you!” - A reference to the phrase of the Whiterun guard from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • "HARE, GOOSE! HARE, GOOSE! HARE!" - a reference to the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!". In the original game, there were also enough such Easter eggs, which are only worth cartoons on TVs in the rest rooms.
  • “What if I’m just a bird with a neural interface? .. No, he ** I’m some kind of ...” - a reference to a popular Internet meme.
  • "Where did you even draw from?" Quote from the movie "Boomer".
  • “Don't speak out loud, P-3. You're lowering the IQ of the whole complex!" Quote from BBC's Sherlock.
  • “You know what, P-3? This world is absolutely clear to me!” - a reference to a philosophical meme that appeared from the monologue of a man in the video "Walking to the river."
  • "Do you think I won't beat you? I will destroy you!" - a well-known meme phrase uttered by publicist and foreign agent Yevgeny Ponasenkov in one of his videos. It is believed that it was thanks to her that Ponasenkov gained popularity.

  • “Seryozha, don’t humiliate me, I’m already short!” - the famous phrase from the movie "Rock and Roll" (RocknRolla).
    • "How did you sleep, brother? Hungry, perhaps, brother? and “Well, don’t, well, don’t knock, don’t knock!” - meme phrases from the film "Green Elephant", banned for distribution in Russia.
    • “I have a thought, and I think it” - the phrase of the Boa from the Soviet cartoon “38 Parrots”.
    • "Seryozha! I’ll take some money from you - for bread ... ” - a phrase from the film“ Peculiarities of National Fishing ”(1997).
    • “Everyone will get *****, and Seryozha too!” - A reference to an advertisement for Mamba chewing gum.
    • “I live in a swamp. Stumbled on signs. I am small and vicious. Is this not enough to achieve solitude? - a famous phrase from the cartoon "Shrek".
    • “P-3 left Baba Zina, left Secheny, but he won’t leave me!” - a reference to the Russian folk tale "Gingerbread Man".
    • "Big geese start small!" - a reference to the wisdom of Lao Tzu.
    • “The bird talker is distinguished by intelligence and quick wit. But not Seryozha ... " - a reference to the Soviet full-length scientific cartoon "The Secret of the Third Planet".
    • "The lower the head, the deeper my thoughts" - a reference to the cartoon "Through the Looking Glass".
    • “Seryozha-karasik, drank all the kvasik, then for an hour ****** like a fool” and “Why don’t you like the swamps, huh? I have been sitting here for a long time and I advise everyone!” - A reference to Iwasik from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt .
    • “******* motherf@king, come here, you fucking dog, did you decide to climb on me?” - a quote from the movie "Blood and Concrete" translated by Goblin, which has become a popular Internet meme.


                These are all the theories, memes, and references we found with the talking goose in Atomic Heart. If you want to supplement the material, be sure to write about it in the comments.

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