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CS2: Mouse settings for the perfect sensitivity


CS2: Mouse settings for the perfect sensitivity

If you really want to play Counter-Strike 2 , we'll show you how to find your perfect mouse sensitivity.

Counter-Strike 2 replaces CS:GO after 11 years and becomes Valve's new flagship shooter. Many players will therefore return to the CS series and may even play for the first time.

If you're a new or returning CS player, we'll show you how to find the perfect mouse sensitivity for you.

The basics of your mouse sensitivity

Why should you find perfect sensitivity? Sensitivity is probably the most important setting in shooters. A sensitivity that is too high or too low has a negative effect on your aim and therefore on your performance.

This is also the reason why you shouldn't adopt the settings of a professional 1:1 - the setting from s1mpel may be too slow or too fast for you.

As a rule, the following applies to your sensitivity: If you turn your arm 180° in a “normal” movement in the game, you are on the right track.

Note: Your in-game sensitivity can also be influenced by your mouse or mouse pad. The different surface materials of a mouse pad have the same effect as the “feet” (skates) of your mouse.

Find CS2 sensitivity without websites and programs

What guidelines can you work with? The first thing you need to know is how much DPI you are playing with. Typically, players choose either 400 or 800. The higher your DPI, the more sensitive your mouse is and the lower your in-game sensitivity should be.

Anything above 800 DPI, for example 1,600, are exceptions and are primarily used by players who only use their wrist and not their entire arm to aim.

Determine sensitivity yourself: If you want to find your CS2 sensitivity yourself, i.e. without the help of other games, programs or websites, the best thing to do is as follows:

  • Find a good player who uses the same DPI as you
    • 400 DPI: Example: s1mple (CS2 Sensitivity 3.09)
    • 800 DPI: Example shroud (CS2 Sensitivity 1.2)
  • adopt the setting of the player you have chosen
  • goes into training, for example a death match against bots and tests the sensitivity
  • Based on your test results, you increase or decrease your sensitivity until you feel comfortable.
  • To fine-tune your Sens, you can try to patch small fixed points quickly and precisely. The following test also helps:
    • Find a point on a map that offers you at least 2 fixed points: one “at 12 o’clock” and one “at 3 o’clock” from your position.
    • now you aim back and forth between the two points. This doesn't have to be a quick aim or even a flick at the beginning.
    • If you overload when aiming at one of the points, your sensitivity is too high and you should reduce it slightly. If you understeer when aiming at one of the points, your sensitivity is too low.

Important: finding an ideal sensitivity is a lengthy process. You won't find the perfect value straight away. It may be that you repeatedly tweak your sensitivity, increasing or decreasing values, until you are completely satisfied at some point.

Determine CS2 sensitivity with Aim trainers

What are Aim Trainers? Aim trainers are programs like Aimlabs or Kovaaks in which you shoot colorful balls or other objects that move back and forth on your screen. The main goal for you is to improve your aim.

You should playfully track the targets with the crosshairs, practice flicks and simply gain practical experience aiming with the mouse. There are now a few aim trainers like “Oblivity” that have functions to determine the perfect sensitivity for you . Aimlab, which is available for free on Steam, now also has such a program.

How do aim trainers determine your sensitivity? In the case of Aimlabs, you play a test for about 10 minutes with repetitive tasks in which you have to use different sensitivities.

At the end of the test, the game tells you a calculated “sensitivity” in centimeters that should be ideal for you. The number displayed tells you how many centimeters you should move your mouse to complete a 360° rotation. In Aimlabs itself you can then select different games in the sensitivity settings.

If you then select Counter-Strike, for example, Aimlabs automatically converts the centimeter information into a CS sensitivity.

Determine CS2 sensitivity with other shooters

Why should you convert the sens of another game? If you have been playing a shooter other than Counter-Strike for years and have a sensitivity there that you have mastered, you can have it converted and then use it in CS2. There are various websites to convert your sensitivity such as

The website then tells you what you need to set in CS2 to have the same sensitivity as in Valorant, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, or other games. You don't have to get used to a new setting, but you can rely on your muscle memory.

How do you calculate your Sens with a website? To find out your CS2 sensitivity, first select the game whose mouse sensitivity you want to convert. Then select CS2 to indicate that you want your settings to be adjusted for the CS: GO successor. Then add the sensitivity value.

You should also specify which DPI you are playing on, how large your monitor is and in which resolution and aspect ratio you are playing Game 1. The website takes care of the rest.