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EA FC 24 Flair passes: With these passes, your teammate sets the scene particularly beautifully - this is how they work


EA FC 24 Flair passes: With these passes, your teammate sets the scene particularly beautifully - this is how they work

In EA FC 24 you can add a special style to your game with flair passes. But the special passing animations not only look cool, but can be really useful in one situation or another. We'll show you how to carry out the special pass.

What is the Flair Pass? Flair passes are passes that differ in execution from normal passes. Your player uses all possible footballing means at his disposal to deliver the pass. Be it a backheel pass, a Rabona cross or a Scorpion kick.

We'll tell you which players can execute the flair pass and finally how to perform the pass.

Can all players play a Flair Pass in EA FC 24?

Do I need a playstyle to play flair passes? There is no prerequisite for executing this particular type of pass. However, it is an advantage if you play flair passes with the appropriate playstyle flair, because this gives the passes more precision and you generally have more stylish variations to deliver passes to your teammate.

Flair is a playstyle in the ball control category. Around 1,500 players in Ultimate Team have this playstyle in EA FC 24. If you have a player in your ranks who shows flair in their playstyles, they can use even more individual passing animations in the game.

In connection with the power shot, we will introduce you to another new playstyle in EA FC 24 in more detail.

In addition, there are 9 players in Ultimate Team who have the special “Flair+” playstyle. These players differ from normal flair players in that they can deliver special passes to their teammates with unique precision.

A prominent example of the “Flair+” playstyle is noble technician Paulo Dybala from AS Roma.

So much for theory. Now let's move on to executing the flair pass.

How to perform the Flair Pass in EA FC 24

How to perform the Flair Pass: As complicated as the passes seem in the game, executing them with the controller is just as easy. To perform the Flair Pass, all you need to do is hold down the L2 button on Playstation or the LT button on Xbox while playing a pass.

The player largely makes the decision for you about what type of flair pass you play. However, you can influence whether you want to play a high flair pass with the cross button (square button on the PS or the X button on the Xbox) or whether the flair pass is played flat using the normal pass button (X button on the PS or A button on the Xbox).

Depending on the situation, your player chooses the appropriate animation to bring the pass to the man with that certain something.

Flair passes are primarily pretty to look at, but they're not just a decorative element and we'll show you that.

What do Flair Passes do for me in the game? Flair passes give your passes a special touch and are initially fun to watch. But heel passes in particular are also extremely effective because they save you from having to align your player in the direction of the pass, for example if your teammate is behind you.

With flair passes you save time and are less predictable. In some situations, it is these surprising passes that give you the decisive advantage.

In addition, with Flair players you can process passes directly and forward balls regardless of their height. Especially if you find yourself in pressing situations and want to process the balls quickly and continue playing, the flair pass is a surprising element to free yourself from the opponent's pressure.

You now have everything you need to know about the Flair Pass at a glance. We recommend that you try out the various options in the training arena or in Squad Battles games.