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Guide to the Triple Keys in Lies of P - how to find and correctly answer Harlequin riddles


Guide to the Triple Keys in Lies of P - how to find and correctly answer Harlequin riddles

There are many secret places and items in Lies of P. One of these are the Triune Keys and the corresponding sanctuaries. If the keys are relatively easy to get, then you will have to look for places where you can use them. In this guide, we will tell you in detail how to get all the Triforce Keys, where the Triforce Shrines are located, and what you will receive as a reward.

Why are triune keys needed and how to get them

For the first time, you will be able to find such an artifact in front of the entrance to the Venigni factory. The keys are given out by Harlequin, or, as he calls himself, the King of Riddles. During Pi's adventure, he will sometimes find phone booths that will ring when approached. By answering, you will hear the riddle and also get the opportunity to solve it. It's quite difficult to make a mistake, since there are only two options to choose from.

Any Triple Key is suitable for any sanctuary, which will be found only by those who are accustomed to inspecting all the nooks and crannies. The Trinity Sanctuary is easy to identify - it has iron green doors with a white triangle and a circle in the center. Inside the sanctuaries there is always a chest with a valuable reward or interesting clothes waiting for you.

How to solve all the riddles of Arlequin

The telephone booths through which the King of Riddles communicates are scattered unevenly throughout all chapters of the game. Some are quite easy to spot, others will have to be looked for. Listen carefully to what Harlequin is saying, as you will have limited time to answer, and you should not make mistakes. There are five Triple Keys in total. Sometimes you'll find the shrine before you find the key. In this case, the main thing is not to forget where you need to return later.

Where to find key number 1

  • Stargazer: Krath Town Hall Courtyard;
  • The answer to the riddle: “Man.”
As we wrote above, the first key awaits you in front of the Venigni factory in Chapter 2. The gate is fenced off by a bridge, on which several aggressive puppets are waiting for Pi. You need to go right without crossing the bridge.

Where to find key number 2

  • Stargazer: Malum District;
  • The answer to the riddle: “Candle.”

In Chapter 5 you will be taken to the bandit area of ​​Krata - Malum. Look for an area with a fire in the center. There will be a big monster and some shooting hexes on the rooftops. You need to go through the square to move further in the story. After you kill the infected who broke through the ceiling in the building, go up the stairs and you will immediately see a booth.

Where to find key number 3

  • Stargazer: World's Fair Gallery;
  • The answer to the riddle: “Egg.”
In Chapter 7 you will find yourself in a large building where an exhibition is taking place. Finding a booth won't be easy. Navigate to the place where you will meet Belle.

From the astrologer, go towards the large sign that says “The Grand Exhibition”, and then to the end of the corridor, right and left to the stairs. Go straight, then left. Having walked to the end of the corridor, on the left you will see an iron structure through which you can go to the other side. There, turn right and immediately go through the doorway to the left. Keep to the right to find a large staircase down. Once down, go straight through the large doors to the end, there is another staircase on the right. At the top, reach the iron fence and turn left. You will hear a ringing sound almost immediately. Having said the correct answer, you will not receive the key yet.

From the booth, go right to the end of the corridor. Turn left and immediately right. Going down the stairs, you will find yourself in a hall with two statues. Turn the right one the same way as the left one, after which you can pick up the key.

Where to find key number 4

  • Stargazer: Krata Central Station Street;
  • The answer to the riddle: “Ergo”.
In Chapter 9 you will again find yourself on the street of Krat Central Station. Your adventure began there, and it was this location that led to the very first boss. You've probably already seen a phone booth when you completed the level for the first time. Then one could hear a radio message from it about the situation in the city. It is located on the street along the cliff, at the very beginning. There you first encountered an elite puppet - the milkman.

Where to find key number 5

  • Stargazer: Krata Central Station Street.
When you open the four Trinity Shrines, return to the same phone booth where the 4th key was. There will be no riddle here, just a direct question. Select the answer that matches your passage. You have the key.

Where to find Trinity Shrine #1

  • Stargazer: Waterworks of Venigni's workshop.
Once at the factory water supply near the stargazer, you will see several paths. One leads into a large pipe - stand facing it, and to the right you can go into the corridor - you go there. Go to the end, but be careful, there is a fireball rolling out from time to time. In the corridor, turn right and go up against the movement of the ball, keeping to the right.

Turn into the second passage and go to the end. You will go out into a large hall, where you will first meet the hunters - the Cat and the Fox. Keep right again, pass the place where the hunters were standing and go straight into the gate. At the end of the corridor, turn right and then left. Move around for a while and you will see a green gate with a triangle. Here you will receive Blue Blood Tailcoat and Quartz.

Where to find Trinity Shrine #2

  • Stargazer: Chapel of the Cathedral of Saint Frangelico.
In the cathedral, from the astrologer, go to the left side, where the path follows the plot. There is a broken floor ahead, carefully go down the inclined slab and turn right, and then go down the stairs. You will come to a chapel with wooden beams and mechanisms.

If you've already been here, the corrupted water has been destroyed by the brazier, so go to the far end of the room and onto the stairs. In the case when you have already completely passed the cathedral and destroyed the Archbishop, the mechanism on the right can lift you up, this is much safer and faster, but we will consider the standard path.

At the top, follow the wooden bridges to the left to reach another set of stairs. Once up, immediately turn around and walk along the wooden beam so that the rotating mechanism is on the right. Then choose the right moment to slip under the gear and continue along the beams to the left side of the room. Jump under the other gear again and stay to the right side of the platform to find a ladder.

Once down, go all the way until you see the rails. An electric ball rolls down them. Keeping to the right, rise against the movement of the ball. You will see a staircase going up. There are another rails, and the same ball rolls along them. This time stay to the left and go against his movement again. You will immediately be taken to the doors of the sanctuary. Here you will receive the Black Cat Amulet and the Monstrous Scavenger's Hunter's Garb.

Where to find Trinity Shrine #3

  • Stargazer: Entrance to the Estella Opera House.
In Chapter 6, go to the theater along the red carpet in a straight line. In the room with the swinging fire chandelier, where the boss was and the floor was broken, jump into the gap. Turn around immediately - on the left is the sanctuary gate. Here you will receive an improved radiation converter from Belford and Quartz.

Where to find Trinity Shrine #4

  • Stargazer: The lobby of Krat Central Station.

In Chapter 9, near the astrologer, look at the gate leading forward from the station. Approach them and turn left. You will almost immediately find doors with a mark. Here you will receive a Master's Work Clothes and a Burden Amulet +1.

Where to find Trinity Shrine #5

  • Stargazer: Outer wall of Arche Abbey.
In Chapter 11, next to the Stargazer, look at the wall and then turn left and go up the stairs. Go right along the steps along the wall until you reach the very top. There, climb the stairs again. Turn right again, and at the fork left. Keep to the right and go down. There will be a wooden beam on the left. Follow it to the opposite side and immediately go down the stairs on the left. Facing the stairs, turn right. Jump down and turn around - the sanctuary is in front of you.

Arlecchino himself awaits inside. He will ask Pi about who he is. Answer truthfully or lie. Select the option that suits your experience. Regardless of your decision, you will receive the Alchemist's Cape and Quartz. The game will also count the “End of Riddles” achievement.