Bethesda's space RPG Starfield doesn't offer you the option to change the field of view in the graphics options. A savvy gamer found a way to still let you see more of the in-game environment detail. We show you how to do it.

Bethesda role-playing games often tell compelling stories and look fantastic while doing it. Not least thanks to an active modding scene, the titles still shine years after their release in a graphic splendor that one can only dream of in games from other developers.

With Starfield we got another graphic eye-catcher that takes us into space and onto foreign planets with its setting.

What Bethesda decision are fans upset about? Many a gamer has upgraded their computer, especially for Starfield or even invested in a new gaming PC to push all graphic details to the maximum. And yet many games are already bothered by a certain thing. Bethesda failed to include a FoV slider in the options, i.e. a slider for adjusting the field of view.

Player takes the problem into his own hands

What settings does the game offer? By default, Starfield offers you a switch between first-person and third-person views. In the latter, you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the image and in this way change the size of the field of view to a very limited extent. But not every player wants to play in the external view of their character permanently.

How can the field of view be changed anyway? Unfortunately, since there is no suitable option in the game's settings menu, you have to change the field of view outside of the Bethesda title.

In a post on Reddit, a friendly user shared his tip with others.

Follow these simple steps to adjust the field of view:

  • Navigate to the “Documents” folder in Explorer
  • In “Documents” select the “My Games” subfolder
  • There you then open the “Starfield” folder.

The path displayed at the top of Explorer should now look like this: “C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games” – depending on where your user files are located.

  • In the “Starfield” folder, create a new text file by right-clicking → New → Text document
  • Renames the text file to “StarfieldCustom.ini”.
  • Opens the text file and adds the following lines:

  • Close the document and save your settings at the same time

What do the entries stand for? With the value "fFPWorldFOV" you change the field of view for the first-person perspective. The entry "fTPWorldFOV" represents customization in the third-person view. With a larger number, you expand the field of view and have more environmental details on the screen. A smaller number reduces the field of view in turn. This allows everyone to make an ideal choice for themselves. 

What about console players? Unfortunately, players on Xbox Series X/S remain excluded from this option. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Bethesda will eventually submit a corresponding solution within the game options on the PC as a platform and then hopefully for the Microsoft consoles.

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