Starfield inventory: How to enlarge it and increase the load that the character can carry?

 By collecting all kinds of objects on Starfield, you will quickly find yourself overloaded and unable to move correctly due to losing 02. There are various tricks to increase the size of your inventory and we offer them below.

Starfield inventory: How to enlarge it and increase the load that the character can carry?

Invest in Weightlifting Skill

The most effective way in Starfield to improve the maximum load of your inventory in the long term is to invest skill points in “ Weightlifting ”.

The first improvement will allow you to carry +10 kg of additional loads. Then, you will have to complete a small skill quest to unlock the second level. This quest is simple to complete; you will just need to travel a defined distance with 75% of your maximum charge.

The second improvement, for its part, will allow you to carry +25kg of additional loads. And just like the first upgrade, you will again have to complete a small quest to unlock the third tier, but over a longer distance. The third and final level will allow you to carry +50kg of additional loads.

Thus, you will be able to obtain +100kg of additional inventory charges, which will be extremely beneficial for your excursions in disused places.

Search with discernment

When visiting an abandoned outpost or an abandoned research base, you will be able to collect many things: notebooks, pens, cups, bowls, plants, decorative elements, etc... However, these objects are not the most useful. They sell for a pittance of credits and prove useless for your adventure.

So, prioritize objects that will allow you to move forward in your research. These objects can very easily be differentiated from others. This is because they have a little extra description indicating that they can be used for research.

On the other hand, all these objects will not necessarily be useful to you immediately. So, to only collect the items you really need, do not hesitate to “follow” all the searches that interest you from your computer. In this way, the objects essential for the good continuity of your research will have a small blue marker next to their name when exploring an area. Note that this trick also works with merchants.

Buy outfits that increase your inventory load

In New Atlantis (or other planets with a clothing store), you can unleash your passion for fashion. Except that the latter will not be in vain, because it will be very useful for your explorations across the galaxy. Indeed, certain outfits will allow you to obtain a small amount of additional charges, which will help you collect a little more resources than usual. So, don’t hesitate to do a little shopping to improve your total inventory load.

  • You can find this kind of outfit in the wild, especially by searching abandoned factories or laboratories.

Give equipment to your companions

If you are not a lone wolf, know that the companions who accompany you on your adventures will be a godsend to relieve you of certain objects. So, don't hesitate to talk to them and give them a few extra items. Prioritize companions with the “Weightlifting” trait, especially the fan, because they can carry many more objects than the others.

  • Note: Do not give anything to Vasco at the start of the game. The latter will leave your group with all the resources that you were able to give him before. We were never able to get back what we gave him, so when in doubt, wait for Sarah or another character.

Think of the ship's hold

Because we don't think about it enough, but the hold of your ship is a godsend for storing the heaviest objects. So, don't hesitate to get rid of your armor, your weapons, research resources, or even decorative objects that caught your eye in your hold.

If you're worried about accidentally selling them, you can also place a small amount of items in the Captain's Chest which is also located in your ship. This way, your most precious treasures can be well kept.

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