Starfield Mods: Our selection of mods to enjoy a better gaming experience!

 Do you want to spice up your Starfield adventure by adding some mods? This is a great idea because Bethesda's latest game really lends itself to it. Many mods have already emerged and some are really relevant to improve your gaming experience. So, find in this article our selection of the best mods to optimize your space adventure!

Starfield Mods: Our selection of mods to enjoy a better gaming experience!

How to install mods on Starfield?

When it comes to mods, Nexusmods is the reference site. In addition to offering a very flowery catalog, the latter has the merit of being very reliable. So, so that you can install mods on Starfield, we advise you to first register on Nexusmods.

Then, all you have to do is consult the catalog that the site offers and download the mods that interest you. Each mod has a small installation guide, including all the necessary instructions for transferring the correct files into the Starfield installation file.

Modders put everything in place to provide clear and precise explanations regarding the installation, so do not hesitate to follow them to successfully implement your mods.

What are the risks of adding mods?

Like cheat codes, mods disable trophy progression. So, if you are a completionist, it is best to avoid engaging in the mod madness.

  • There is a solution to remedy this trophy problem. We give it to you a little further down in this article!

Additionally, mods can cause many bugs and other crashes. Although it is possible to mod Starfield, it cannot support everything. Therefore, don't be surprised if your game becomes much less fluid or has many errors.

Mods we recommend

Despite offering mods that could prove hilarious, we preferred to compose a non-exhaustive list of mods that will improve your gaming experience without distorting it too much.

  • It may happen that mods become obsolete following an update. If this situation arises for you, go to the mods community page to find out about possible fixes to be made. Modders are generally very responsive.


This mod is very useful for removing all the intro videos and Bethesda announcements when launching the game. It may be futile, but your startup will be much faster.

Starfield Upscaler

This mod replaces AMD's proposed FSR with Nvidia's DLSS or XeSS. With this tool, you will be able to get better performance. However, only take this mod if you have the machine that allows it. Note that you must also download the appropriate Plug-In for the DLSS functionality to be recognized. We put all the links below.


Do you want to have a clean gaming screen without frills for optimal immersion? This mod allows you to reduce the experience bar, but also the text that pollutes your game screen.

Achievement Enabler

It is well known that the use of cheat codes and mods blocks the progression of achievements. Except that with this mod, this inconvenience will no longer be a distant memory.

Dualsense PS5 Icons

Are you playing with a PS5 controller, but the buttons assigned to the screen are those of the Xbox controller? This mod will allow you to have the icons corresponding to the PS5 controller on your game interface.

Azerty Config File

Starfield does not support AZERTY keyboards, which is a problem for key assignment. So, this mod solves the problem by configuring all the keys for you so that you can play without having any assignment problems.

Starfield FOV

Want to extend your field of vision for better exploration? This mod allows you to modify the FOV as you wish so that you can not miss anything in your environment.

Smooth Ship Reticle

Do you want to have a better experience during ship combat? This mod will allow you to fix the ship's targeting reticle but also offers an option to increase each UI element to 120fps.

If you're interested in mods, you now know what to do... Wishing you a good trip to orbit!

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