The contraband business is a worthwhile side income in Starfield if you don't get caught. You can find out how to successfully obtain, hide, and sell contraband here on our site.

What is Contraband? These are usually high-priced items that you can only get rid of at certain points of sale.

The problem: When approaching one of the civilized planets, you will often be scanned and the local law enforcement officers will be happy to take the smuggled goods from you - as a reward there is a bounty for you. By the way, while they're at it, the cops will take all the stolen goods from you.

  • Contraband has a yellow icon
  • Stolen goods have a red symbol

Starfield: Contraband – Get, Hide, Sell

Where do you get contraband? You can find Starfield large contraband containers to collect the valuable goods. In addition, boarded ships by pirates and mercenaries are considered an excellent source.

The same applies to stolen goods: Pay attention to the symbols on the right in the display field when picking up items. If you pick up something with a yellow symbol, you won't get through the security scan unless you hide the item.

Starfield: Contraband – Get, Hide, Sell

How do you hide contraband? The basis for hiding contraband is “cargo hold shields”. If you have installed “cargo hold shields”, you can see the strength of these smuggling shields in the ship overview.

The higher the shield strength, the more illegal stuff you can transport. But be careful: there is still a chance that the contraband will be discovered. The closer the mass of contraband is to the strength of the “cargo hold shields”, the higher the risk of detection.

This helps with smuggling:

  • cargo hold shields
  • Scan jammer
  • Social skill “Deception”

You will rarely find “cargo shields” and “scan jammers” from dealers. Take over or search ships that you didn't destroy in battle and keep an eye out for the components.

By the way: It doesn't help if you simply throw contraband into your ship instead of storing it properly. Then the stuff will definitely be detected by the scanners.

How do you sell contraband? At a dealer or vending machine of the "Trade Control". The “Trade Oversight” branding is hard to miss. They use a bright yellow to match the contraband:

Starfield: Contraband – Get, Hide, Sell

You can find a “Trade Supervision” dealer in all large cities, such as Neon or Akila City. At larger landing sites you can also look for machines from friendly dealers.

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