Starfield: This is how you secure a brutally powerful weapon right from the start


Starfield: This is how you secure a brutally powerful weapon right from the start

Gunfights are not uncommon in the new SciFi RPG Starfield. If you want to get yourself a nasty shooting iron right from the start, then go for the “Elegance”.

What kind of weapon is that? The Elegance is a rare pistol that you can purchase early in the game.

The US site PC Gamer discovered the part in a shop in Akila City and swears by the strength and handling of the pistol ( via ). There is hardly a better alternative to start with when it comes to rare weapons with just one perk - but this perk has it all with the Elegance.

You can find out what the pistol can do and where you can get it here.

What can Elegance do? This is a medium-range pistol. The Elegance offers low recoil coupled with a decent rate of fire. However, the small magazine holds the pistol back a little.

The perk really packs a punch:

  • Shattering: Breaks through even the strongest armor

If you are a reasonably good shooter, the Elegance should easily carry you through all the battles of your first space adventures. If you increase the damage with skills like “Pistol Certificate”, you won’t have any problems at all for the time being.

PC Gamer recommends adding a silencer - this gives extra damage to enemies who haven't discovered you yet.

Where do you get the Elegance? At the “Rowland Arms” shop in Akila City in the Cheyenne star system:

  • After the tutorial and your first visit to New Atlantis, open your star map
  • If you have Alpha Centauri in the middle, move the cursor to the top right and look for the “Cheyenne” system.
  • In the system screen you will find the planet “Akila”
  • Select the landing point “Akila City” on the planet
  • Walk into town and stay on the main street - on the left you will find the "Rowland Arms" shop
  • Here you can buy the Elegance for around 18,000 credits
If you have already collected enough small change, you will immediately receive a very powerful weapon to start with. PC Gamer even calls the pistol "overpowered".

What little tips and tricks did you discover at the start of the game? Leave a comment if you know any hints for powerful gear.

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