Top 4 MMORPGs for the Nintendo Switch in 2023

 MMORPGs are available on many platforms, but in recent years the Nintendo Switch in particular has enjoyed increasing popularity among gamers. We therefore introduce you to 4 MMORPGs that you can gamble on the handheld console.

Top 4 MMORPGs for the Nintendo Switch in 2023

What is this list based on? In this list, we present you 4 MMORPGs that you can play on Nintendo consoles. The games were selected by MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch, who played each game himself.

At the end of the list, you will also find other titles that we did not directly include in the ranking.

DC Universe Online

Setting: Superhelden | Entwickler: Daybreak Games | Plattform: PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch | Release-Datum: 11. Januar 2011 | Modell: Free2Play

What kind of game is this? In DC Universe Online you take on the role of a superhero or villain. In the game, you follow a story that takes you to Gotham City and includes characters like Batman, Superman, Joker, or Harley Quinn.

  • Numerous quests await you that you can complete.
  • There are action-packed battles with powerful abilities.
  • The max level is 30, but even after that, there is still a lot to do to improve your equipment and become stronger.
  • In the endgame, there are dungeons, raids, and missions for solo players or small groups.
  • For PvP fans there is Arena PvP or the optional PvP in the open world. There heroes can fight against villains. There is also a special mode in which you can take on the role of iconic heroes and use their skills.

In July 2021, DC Universe was also revised so that Free2Play players can experience more. For example, the new chapters and daily login rewards have been removed from the optional subscription and made available to all players. In addition, the maximum money and the housing system were expanded. This makes the superhero MMORPG even more interesting, especially for newcomers.

There is criticism for the outdated graphics, the rather low level of difficulty at the start and in the open game world, as well as the shop, where you can buy special superpowers that you can't get otherwise.

At the end of 2020, the developer of DC Universe Online surprisingly announced the player numbers. At that time, around 420,000 different players were online per month and there were 40,000 subscribers.

What has happened recently? 2021 was all about the big overhaul for Free2Play players. In 2022, two major updates were released that brought content such as new areas, new missions, new raids, and new gear into the game.

On April 13, 2023, the new episode 45: Shock to the System was also released. It's all about the hometown of superhero Static, Dakota City. There are new missions, challenges, and bosses to discover. The story was written by comic book author Leon Chills.

There are also regular events that bring bonus rewards or include special missions.

Who is DC Universe interesting for? For fans of the superhero universe, DC Universe can be one of the most interesting MMORPGs. After all, the players can meet their heroes, who have also been fully equipped with voice acting.

An interesting mix of PvE and PvP content awaits you in the game so that basically every type of player will get their money's worth. However, the graphics and the combat system just seem outdated in places.


Setting:  Fantasy block world | Developer:  Gamigo | Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release date:  June 9, 2015 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Trove is a voxel-world MMORPG that doesn't take itself too seriously. There are a wide variety of classes, including the boomerang, pirate captain, or candy barbarian. You can then equip these characters and learn new skills with them.

  • Trove offers an open world in which you can also build on specific lots, similar to Minecraft.
  • The game convinces above all with its colorful look and varied game content.
  • In the endgame, there are dungeons that you can complete together with other players.

Trove is still popular years after its release and is one of the few  Trion games that are still successful. With 81% positive reviews, it is also one of the MMORPGs with the best ratings on Steam.

What has happened recently? Trove is constantly being further developed by Gamigo, albeit not in such large steps as was the case with the release and under Trion Games.

In 2022 there was already a major revision of the Shadow Hunter class and a smaller update with balance adjustments. In 2023 the Gunslinger was adjusted. The last really big patch was in March 2021, with a new biome and many new cosmetics.

However, you can expect several events every month that bring playful innovations or bonuses in certain content.

Who is Trove interesting for? Trove is a mix of Dungeon Crawler, MMORPG, and Minecraft, but it's not really good at any of them. However, the varied classes and the combat system are convincing.

If you're looking to explore dungeons, grind, and just have a fun, chilled time, check out Trove. However, the game doesn't offer great lore, only a few building options, and a lot of repetitive grind if you want the perfect equipment.


Setting:  Fantasy/Sci Fi | Developer:  Allods Team | Platform : | Release date: July 16, 2015 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? In Skyforge, you embody a lowly god who can collect followers and expand his powers. The game mixes fantasy and sci-fi elements.

In Skyforge you don't fight in an open game world but are on missions in relatively small zones. Although there are many PvP elements, including a Battle Royale, PvE, and PvP are clearly separated here.

  • Exploration of varied instanced game areas
  • Quests and fights against monsters, robots, aliens, and gods
  • An action-packed combat system
  • No binding to a class
  • Regular invasions as group events
  • Expanding your abilities and following as God
  • Various PvP content
It's one of the best-controlled MMORPGs on console, but the graphics and performance could use some improvement. In general, the menus and the shop mechanics are more reminiscent of a mobile game.

The trailer for the PS4 release gives you an insight into the MMORPG:

What has happened recently? Skyforge gets an update every week, which usually consists of bug fixes, balance adjustments, new seasons, new events, and offers in the shop.

In the meantime, support for German news has also been discontinued. However, the localization in the game is still available and should be retained for future updates.

Who is Skyforge interesting for? Skyforge is a lobby MMORPG that doesn't offer an open world but places more emphasis on how you improve and develop your hero.

Anyone who likes to fight a lot of battles against monsters and compete with other players in PvP can have a lot of fun with Skyforge. What is also special is that you can try out the umpteen different classes with a hero once you have unlocked them in the game.

The last really big update was on December 17, 2021. At that time, a new adventure, adjustments to areas, and trophies were made. A highlight was the first release on the Nintendo Switch in February 2021.

The aesthetics are unusual, but the gameplay is typical of an action MMORPG. However, the rather weak graphics, the mobile menus, and the monetization are cited as points of criticism, as are the lack of major updates.

War frame

Setting: Science Fiction | Entwickler: Digital Extremes | Plattform: Steam (PC), Epic Games Store (PC), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch | Release-Datum: 25. März 2013 | Modell: Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Warframe is a fast-paced Free2Play shooter that was released in 2013 and has been continuously expanded and improved ever since. In the game, you control the Warframes and biomechanical combat suits that allow you to take on the roles of different classes.

  • You experience the adventures in PvE instances with up to four players.
  • Each Warframe has special abilities, including fire weapons, reviving the undead, or super-fast attacks.
  • The focus is on the loot because there are always new and useful items.
  • There are many large worlds to explore, all very different from each other.
  • Fighting in PvP doesn't get as much attention as PvE and is ignored by a large part of the community. It can therefore take longer to find a match here.

The update trailer offers you an insight into the gameplay:

What has happened recently? Warframe has released the new expansion “The New War” at the end of 2021. This brought a new story campaign, a new Warframe, and other small innovations.

2022 saw more quests, also a new Warframe, and the return of a legendary hero. In February 2023 there was already an update with a new Warframe.

Who is Warframe interesting for? Warframe is ideal for all players who love co-op action and wild space battles. Because Warframe is ideally played with buddies. The action-packed fights in particular make an impression.

However, if you want to have good and above all cool-looking equipment, you can expect a good deal of grind. Getting started is also a bit tricky because there is a lot to learn, but that is precisely what is poorly explained. 

Elemental Knights R

Setting:  Anime | Developer:  Winlight | Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS | Release date: November 2, 2018 (for Switch) | Payment model:  Buy2Play

What kind of game is this? In Elemental Knights R you start your adventure in a 3D anime world where you fight opponents in an action-packed combat system. At the start, you can choose from four different classes: Fighter, Cleric, Thief, and Wizard.

The focus of the game is a lot of dialogue, fighting against enemies, and, above all, fashion. The game is advertised on the website by saying that you can choose from over 2,000 skins to customize your look.

What is the problem? Elemental Knights R is a mobile game that has been ported to PlayStation and Switch. The graphics are correspondingly weak. It's also free on mobile devices, while you have to pay just under 10 euros for the Switch version.

Another point of criticism is the localization. Some cutscenes are only available in Japanese, and the translations into English are often not successful and are even confusing in the tutorial. The video from YouTuber Solo Wing Fury gives you an insight into the game:


Setting: Anime | Entwickler: CyberStep | Plattform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintedo Switch | Release-Datum: 12. Dezember 2013 | Bezahlmodell: Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Onigiri is an MMORPG from Japan set in a mythical world where humans and non-human creatures like oni or yokai coexist. You play a character whose playstyle is defined purely by his equipment. There are no classes in Onigiri.

The MMORPG is primarily characterized by two special features:

  • A very action-packed combat system
  • Various NPC partners who support you in battle and bring their own personalities and skills with them
What is the problem? The MMORPG has very weak graphics and there are always performance problems.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Setting:  Science Fiction | Developer:  SEGA | Platform : PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release date:  May 27, 2020 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Phantasy Star Online 2 is a MMORPG from Japan that appeared in its original version in 2012. In 2020 the game came to us in the West and in 2021 it got a sequel with New Genesis, which is played in the same client.

In New Genesis, you can choose from different classes with which you can explore an open world and fight against huge bosses. The game has been moved to a new engine and offers good graphics with New Genesis. The MMORPG is particularly impressive with its action-packed fights and the cool jumps with which you can climb buildings.

What is the problem? Phantasy Star Online 2 can currently only be played via a cloud solution on the Nintendo Switch. As far as we know, this is only possible in Japan so far. It is not known when the west will be able to play PSO2 on the switch.

View of Palia

What about Palia? Palia is a cozy MMO currently in open beta on PC. However, it should be released for the Switch in 2023. Then it will definitely be one of the best games for the console.

Which MMORPGs do you particularly enjoy playing on the Switch? And which games should get a version for this console in the future?

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