Walkthrough of Starfield - game guide

 Passage of all story tasks and missions, elections, decisions, search for satellites, game endings

Starfield is a long-awaited new RPG from Bethesda. In this guide, we'll show you how to complete her main story quest.

One Small Step 

The game starts in 2330 at a mining station (Argos Extractors Mining Outpost) located on Vecter's moon. You are in an elevator descending into the depths of the mines. After checking by the supervisor Lin and her right-hand Heller, you will manage one of the Dusty (as the local miners are called). After the elevator stops, follow Supervisor Lin through the corridors of the mine. Stay close to the woman while she interacts with the other miners and make sure they don't get distracted from their duties. Soon she will call you to the box from which you need to pick up the cutter. Interact with the box, pick up the cutter and you will see 5 target markers. Use the cutter (LMB) to destroy the mineral deposits. Broken resources will automatically go to inventory, and a notification will appear in the upper right corner of the screen with information about what exactly did you get? Once you have the resources you need, return to Lin.

One Small Step

Council. Stock up on beryllium. Explore other parts of the mine and keep using the cutter to get beryllium. Before you continue, stock up on this mineral.

Follow Lin, follow the woman to the excavator and Heller. When the car clears the way, Lin will ask Heller to take a reading. Heller will notice a surge in gravity, but Lin will be calm as she knows about the existence of the anomaly. This is exactly what she went down into the mines for. It's time to take the first test. Lin and Heller will be asked to explore the opened cave. You will learn how to turn on the flashlight (press the F key). When you approach the cave, Heller will offer to go inside. You will enter a room with a strange object stuck in the shining boulder in the center. Pulling the object out of the stone with bare hands will not work, so use the Cutter to break these mineral deposits. After breaking off part of the stone, take the item. Soon you will wake up in the company of Lin and Heller.

Character creation process

Heller will ask if you remember anything before handing you an item that will launch the character creation menu. Right now you can change different aspects and settings of the main character. In addition to physique, face, and gait, you can choose the origin and up to three features (features). This will affect future gameplay: interaction with characters or resource extraction. After completing the settings, exit the character creation menu to talk to Lin about the strange item.

Character creation process

Advice . Game in first or third person. When you get up from your couch, you'll know that you can switch between first-person and third-person views at any time. To adjust these settings, use the middle mouse button (wheel) (MMB).

After a short conversation, Lin will ask you to follow her to meet a client who is interested in purchasing a strange item. Before we do that, let's look around the base, collect loot and other key items.

Base exploration

After taking control of the character, enter the cage where the miner is inspecting the suit. Another miner sits on a nearby bench with a space mining text log in front of him. Pick it up.

Council. In this magazine, you will find tips on oxygen accumulation in a respirator. A little later you will learn that when the oxygen supply meter turns red, the situation will worsen. As soon as the oxygen is gone, you will start taking damage. In general, keep an eye on his stock!

Supervisor's Journal No. 1 . Instead of following Heller and Lin, enter the room on the right side. Head to the back to find a yellow crate next to a blue container. Take the first supervisor's log.

Heller's Personal Journal No. 1 . Now go into the room opposite, behind the miner with the spacesuit. Look to the left. On the bench near the miner is Heller's first personal journal.

Go to the bathroom on the left side to pick up the first aid kit, and then look around the right side of the room, where there is a door with the sign Out of Order. You can open it to find several books on the shelf near the mirror. If you find Oliver Twist on the shelves, you will begin a quest during which you will have to find London on Earth. Thanks to this you will receive a collectible item.

When leaving the room, look to the left side and find the silver case. Inside is a space suit, which can later be sold for credits. Return to the couch you started from and take supplies from the first aid kit on the right side.

Heller's Personal Journal #2 . Continue to the right of the first aid kit to find an orange door. You can unlock it using the nearest terminal on the right hand to return back to the mine. When you enter the room, go to the left side and find another magazine.

On the right side of the log is a locked door that can be opened with Master Level clearance. A little further to the right, in the back of the room, you can find a storage box.

Supervisor's Journal No. 2 . When you're done searching the area, move to the next room to join Lin and Heller. Before you go to the next room, pay attention to the container on the cart to the left of the door. After passing through the plastic partition into the rest room, you will find a computer on the right. Here is the next log.

When you're done exploring the room, go through the airlock to join Heller and Lin. You will be asked to wear a helmet to protect yourself from the atmospheric conditions on Vecter. To equip the helmet, open your inventory: go to the menu and hover over the dot in the lower right corner. Once outside, follow Lin to the right side of the base, where the spaceship will land. Wait for this to happen and meet the client. The man's name is Barrett, and he understands what you've been through. You can talk to him about what you saw in the mine. Unfortunately, the conversation will not be long, as you will hear an alarm - someone has followed Barrett to Vectera and seems to want to take away a strange object. A pirate ship will land in the opposite direction.

Secondary objective: pick up a weapon . It is not necessary to use weapons in this fight, but if you want, go down the ramp to the pirate ship and find the weapon container on the left side. In addition, you can search the green first aid kit. The best way to survive this battle is to find cover first. If you have a weapon, use it to kill enemies from afar. You can also wait for them to get closer and shoot explosives in different parts of the base. If they get close, switch to the cutter. This will save you ammo! When you clear the area from pirates, be sure to search all the bodies (you can search the corpses of the miners). When you're ready, approach Barrett and talk to him. During the dialogue, you can learn more about the Crimson Fleet, the Constellation, and more.

At the end of the conversation, Barrett will give you the Frontier ship and hand over the watch. You will be able to scan planets, receiving information on resources, quickly move to your ship, study atmospheric conditions and use them as a navigation device. After receiving the ship, together with Vasco, you can kidnap Vektera and go to your next destination. When you get to the Frontier, look around on both sides of the entrance to get additional medicine from the bags.

On the Frontier

Barrett's Personal Note #2. As soon as you find yourself inside the “Frontier” (Frontier), stand facing the stairs you climbed up here and interact with the door behind it. She leads to the toilet. Barrett's personal note is hidden here.

Barrett's Personal Memo #1. As you head towards the hatch, look to the left side of the ship to see a navigation console and a research station. Go to the navigation console on the left and find the following note next to the cup.

Council. At the research station, you can complete various projects. Each of them requires a certain amount of material for complete research. Resources can be mined on explorable planets or created on industrial workbenches. If you are able to start researching a project, a yellow marker will appear next to its name. By hovering over it, you will see what materials you have. You can use all the resources you have to start a project, even if you don't have all the necessary materials.

Barrett's Personal Memo #3. On the right side of the ship are a galley and a bed. In the galley, you can cook food that gives various bonuses. Approach the bed and on the lower left shelf you will find another note from Barrett.

When you're ready, go through the hatch into the cockpit.

Council. How to store items in the cargo hold. When on a ship, develop the habit of storing things you find in the hold instead of overloading your character. Because of this, it will consume oxygen much faster. Behind the folding seat on the left side of the cab is the cargo compartment. On the right, look for the captain's locker, which can be used to store items, but its capacity is much smaller.

Get into the captain's chair to leave Vectera. At the moment of takeoff, training in the control of the spacecraft will begin.

First flight to space

When you first get to Frontier, Vasco will talk about the basics of piloting. Listen carefully to him, study the ship to understand what this or that sensor is responsible for, how to change the power, and so on.

As you attempt to leave Vectera, you will encounter the Crimson Fleet in space. If you have completed piloting training, Vasco will talk about the "golden mean" and the speed scale on the left side. Keep one movement speed to focus on the Crimson Fleet ships. Try to keep them visible, centered on the screen. After aiming and locking onto a target, first fire your laser weapons to break through the shields. When the shield is gone, switch to missiles and ballistic weapons. According to Vasco, even though you survived the attack, the activity of the Crimson Fleet is too high. The robot will report that the Crimson Fleet will continue to pursue you further. To get rid of this, you will have to visit Crete and negotiate with the captain of the Crimson Fleet.

Crete is in the same system as Vectera, so open the Narion system and then travel to Anselon's Moon to find Crete. Before landing at the Crete research base, you'll learn how to scan planets, checking for resource deposits and looking for potential landing sites. Rotate the planet until you see the Crete Research Lab. Land there.

Research station "Crete" (Kreet)

You can find the required research base southwest of the landing site. Use the scanner to explore the surroundings and find the shortest path to the laboratory. When you enter the first room of the research base, check the container to the left of the door. Pick up the first aid kit and continue on to the laboratory. Climb the stairs to the next room and enter the office. Climbing up the stairs, look for another first aid kit by the door. At the top, move along the corridor to vault 01 to find another container next to the body. Continue down the corridor until you find a door leading to the kitchen.

Go through the kitchen to the left to the pantry with the first aid kit. Go through the dining room where you will meet the first enemy group, then go up to the living quarters and enter the first door on the left. This is apartment 01. You will find three rooms. On the left side of the main room, next to the first aid kit, there is a computer. Enter the room on the right and look for a safe that can be opened at Novice Level.

Leave living room 01, go to the rest room on the right and find the weapon rack on the west side. Continue down the corridor to Lab 01. Before you enter, look to the left to find ammo crates and a medkit. After entering Laboratory 01 you will find even more pirates. Clear the bottom floor and go to the stairs in the southeast corner. Before you go up, go into the room on the right, where there will be a computer and a weapon box.

On the second floor, head east and visit Research 01. Search another weapon crate and a health kit hidden behind the door. Continue east, but stop at the pharmaceutical laboratory to the right of the door. Create any items you can. Materials are on the table on the left side. When you're done, head north to Research 02.

As soon as you open the door, you will see a first aid kit. There are also pirate pirates in this room that you'll have to deal with. After entering the room, on the right side is the testing department Testing 01. You need to unlock it, and this can be done with a master key at the Novice level. If you successfully unlock the door, find the Haydn Wynne Project terminal in the far corner, as well as a safe and an ammunition container.

Dr. Wynn, Emergency Medicine 1 . Climb up and enter the office to find another computer and a text journal to your left. On the right side of the door, you can find an ammo box that needs to be opened.

Dr. Wynn, ER 2. Bonus Objective: Open the safe. Before you go up the stairs to deal with the Crimson Fleet captain, you can open the safe (Novice level). There is also another text log on top.

A conversation with the captain of the Crimson Fleet can end in different ways. You can use persuasion and resolve the situation peacefully, or you can fight him. I recommend killing the captain to get additional loot. When you're done exploring the base, return to the ship. Your next destination is Jamison, where you will meet the Constellation and visit the House. To travel to Jamison, you will have to make a gravitational jump to the Alpha Centauri system. Make sure you assign some of your ship's power to the gravity jump or GRV column in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Council. Use the job menu to move quickly. Open the menu with missions, then select the current task to track, click on Set Course to automatically go to the destination.

New Atlantis

To land on New Atlantis, you will have to undergo inspection for the presence of contraband. If you are in possession of contraband, you will be arrested. Therefore, before visiting some cities, it is advisable to get rid of contraband.

Additional task: Talk to the mechanic. Once you arrive in Jamison, you can talk to the mechanic. He's standing on the ramp that leads into Jamison. Be sure to visit him, discuss repairs, upgrades, and a place where you can hire the ship's crew. He will also tell you where you can sell your loot.

Council . To the right of the ship's engineer in Jamison is the Trade Authority stand. Trade offices can be found in most major cities, and with their help you can sell unwanted items. Each stand will have a limited supply of credits, which is renewed each time you visit again. You can also sell loot directly from the ship without taking anything out of the cargo hold: just switch to the appropriate inventory.

When you're done selling your loot and talking to the ship's mechanic, head to Jamison. You need to go to the UC checkpoint, turn northeast to the station and take the subway to get to the MAST area. Upon arrival, head to the marker in the east to get to the House.

Council . Use the scanner to navigate. When you open the scanner, if there is a direct path to the target, it will immediately appear as arrows on the floor.

Walk up to the House to automatically use the clock and get inside. Go to the next door to find yourself in the library. You will see several people, and the first conversation will be a potential companion Sarah Morgan. She wants to know why Barretta hasn't returned. Explain to her what happened to the Artifact and Barrett on Vecter. Vasco will confirm this information. When you complete communication with Sarah, find out about the Constellation and search for Artifacts. As you approach the center of the room, you will find Constellation Guide 01 for leveling up your skills.

Go to the console in the center of the hall and install the Artifact in it. The mechanisms will begin to move: the artifacts in the console will begin to react to the new one. Then the members of the Constellation will share theories and discoveries, after which Sarah will ask if you are ready to get to work and go after the rest of the Artifacts.

Next, you can talk to Sarah and learn more about the Constellation and what this organization knows about the Artifacts. When you complete the conversation, you can further explore the House by completing the first story mission.

Reward : 8000 credits, House key, Constellation set.

The Old Neighborhood

First, talk to Sarah Morgan. Her acquaintances track any strange metal objects in different parts of the galaxy. There's a tip from UC Vanguard and she wants you to accompany her. When you're ready to continue the mission, Sarah will become your companion and you won't be able to fire her until the mission is completed.

Leave the House and head southwest towards the MAST building. Inside is the training center for the UC Vanguard faction and Commander John Tual. During a conversation with John, he will offer you to become part of UC Vanguard, which will start the Supra Et Ultra side quest. By completing this mission, you will unlock a special suit, a booster pack, and be able to buy new upgrades for the ship. What's more, by completing the Supra Et Ultra side mission, you'll gain access to a combat simulation. This is not only good practice for space combat, but also a chance to reinforce the basics of piloting once again.

Cydonia (Mars)

Sidonia is located in the solar system, on Mars. The moment you land, you will again be screened for contraband. Land in Sidonia and head to the northeastern part to reach the mining colony of the same name. Head to the Central Junction of Cydonia. Go to the right through the plastic partitions to reach the bar in the southern part of the Central Hub. When you enter the first door on the right, look to your left and you will see two terminals.

To the left is the Sidonia Mission Council. Here you will receive rewards, be able to deliver cargo or complete research missions. The terminal on the right is a self-service kiosk for completing contracts. There you can cancel any wanted notices by paying fines. Go down the stairs to the southern part of the room where the bar is and talk to Jack about Moar. The man does not want to share information until you pay off his debt of 2,500 credits or cannot convince him.

Council . Let Sarah put pressure on Jack and the woman will accuse him of lying.

If you fail to collect money, you can collect rewards, complete research missions, or deliver cargo from the task board. If Jack can be convinced, there will be no need to pay, and he will provide information pointing to Venus.

Note "Gabby's request." Before leaving the bar, go to the toilet on the left and open the left stall. There is a text journal lying on the floor.

Leave Sidonia and return to the ship. To get to Venus, you won't have to leave the solar system. You need to move to Venus in the lower right corner. When you approach the planet, Sarah will speak to you. She will offer two options for traveling to Venus, as she will notice a cluster of ships of the Fanatics of Va'Ruun. You can try to approach them directly, but it will be a difficult battle, or alternatively go to the UC satellite on the right, next to the ships. To get closer to it, you need to turn off the ship's power.

Council . By turning off the ship's power, you can act stealthily. To get close to something on the ship without being noticed, turn off all systems except for a few bars on the Engines gauge.

Whatever you decide, you need to approach the satellite beacon and aim at it. Being within a distance of no more than 500 meters from it, you will be able to download data. After reading the satellite data, you will learn that Moara has gone to the Nova Galactic Staryard for emergency repairs. To get to Nova Galactic Staryard, head to the Moon in the solar system, which is located in the north. To the left of it is the Nova Galactic Staryard.

Nova Galactic Staryard (Moon)

When you approach him, Sarah will speak to you again, and you can find out from the woman what happened to the Earth. After the conversation, aim at the Nova Galactic Staryard and fly closer. You can dock with star stations and ships that are moored to them. You need to get within 500 meters before a docking prompt appears. Once you dock at the Nova Galactic Staryard, you can board the ship to find clues about Moar. When you enter the first room, you will find a locked door on the left that can only be opened after reaching the Advanced hacking level.

Go through the door to the north to reach the Nova Galactic Staryard. First, go northeast, to the dining room, and in the far northeast corner, near the kitchen stove, find a container. Exit the cafeteria and go east to the conference room, where you will find two enemy groups fighting each other. Clear the area and go right (south) to the medical bay. After clearing the area, you will find a door on the right side, which can only be opened at the Advanced hacking level. Make a note of this location, then go left, through the doors to the north.

Side quest "Mantis". You can open a secret outpost! Search the corpses and, if you find information, be sure to read it to start the Praying Mantis side quest.

Walk to the left and take the items from the first aid kit, then go to the room in the northeast. When you enter the room, look at the sink on the right to find the Search and Rescue key. With it, you can open the advanced level door from the medbay. Return to this door and use the key to reveal a weapon rack and a first aid kit. There is a container in the room on the right.

Return to the main area that you entered when you first visited this place, and then turned right to enter the medbay. Now go north to the control room. It's best to clear the area first, but before you enter the control room, follow the left side to the Security Department. Here, look for a weapon rack and a first aid kit hanging on the wall to the right. On the left, find boxes of ammunition lying on the shelves. To the left of the weapon rack there is a door that can be opened with lockpicks. Inside is a box with weapons and ammunition.

Continue to the control room, kill the enemies, go up to the second floor and go west to get to the workshop. When you go through the first door of the workshop, you will most likely encounter many enemies. One door leads to the left, the other to the right. It is possible to open the door from the left side (Novice level), so if you have lockpicks, start there. There is a container with resources and an ammo box in the room. Then go through the door on the right and enter the office. In front of the first chair at the entrance to the room is Nova Galactic Manual 02.

Follow to the right and go down the stairs. You will encounter enemies, so take your time and gradually clear the area. What you are looking for is on the lower level of the ship. Find the tablet on the table in the center. In the eastern part of the ship there is also a pharmaceutical kit and a container with items.


As soon as you get the tablet, your goal will be updated and you will have to go to Neptune. When you're ready, leave Nova Galactic Staryard and return to your ship. Once you're done exploring this area, return to the Frontier and undock. To find Neptune, stay in the solar system and fly to the upper right corner. Set a course for Neptune, and soon you will see Moara's ship drifting in the distance. Fly towards Moara's ship, and when you get close to it, you will be attacked. Moara will report that it's not his fault, as the ship has been hijacked. While they are firing at you, demonstrate your skills in space combat and dodge flying projectiles. Destroy shields with laser weapons. When you do this, fire missiles and ballistic weapons at the ship's engines. Once the ship has received enough damage,

Fly to the ship and dock with it to board. Once on board, prepare for battle. There are five enemies in total, and each will attack you as soon as you enter the eastern door. Follow the hatch to find Moar in the cabin. Talk to Moara, who will happily give you the Artifact. The object is located in zero gravity behind Moara, on the right side of the cabin. After collecting the Beta Artifact, return to the Constellation hideout and install the item.

After completing this quest, you will become a full member of the Constellation, after which three new quests will be activated, which can be completed in any order:

  • Return to Vectera (Back to Vectera).
  • Empty nest (The Empty Nest).
  • Into the Unknown.

If you talk to Sarah again and ask where she recommends starting, she will suggest finding Barrett first. We are talking about the mission “Back to Vectera”, so we recommend going there. Sam Coe, who starts the Empty Nest quest, is in the Lodge garden, so you can talk to him before starting the Back to Vectera mission.

Rewards: Constellation costume, Constellation space helmet.

Back to Vectera

When talking to Sarah at the end of the previous mission, she recommends completing this task next. First, you need to find Barrett. To return to Vectera, open the Narion system and land at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost. When you do this, you will meet Lin. You can ask where Barrett is, and she will tell you that even more pirates have appeared since you left.

Your task is to find Heller and Barrett, but Lin cannot track their location. To find the communications computer, go to the orange hatch to the north and open it. Behind the hatch, go right and enter the first room. Move to the end of the compartment to find the right door on the right hand.

Trackers Prime 05 . To the left, in the northwest, there is another vault door that you can interact with. Enter the second room on the right and pick up the collectible.

There is also a container on the left. After searching the area, go to the room with the communications computer. Open the room with the control room key and try to interact with the computer, only to find that it is powered off. To turn on the computer, you need to find 3 power elements. Three markers will appear indicating their location. They are all located outside the control room.

Go back outside and interact with the robot to pick up the first power cell. Then talk to Lin to get the second one. The third can be found inside the infirmary table where you woke up at the beginning of the game. There are other energy cells that you can pick up - on the table next to the robot, in the break room and in the storage room. By turning on your computer, you can read the emergency message from Barrett and Heller. As soon as you receive the data, give it to Lin and tell her everything you found out.

Additional Objective: Recruit Lin to the team. You will receive information on where to go, and while Lin is waiting for evacuation from Vectera, she is ready to help with the search for her missing comrades. You can recruit Lin and she will join you on the Frontier.

Altair 5

Travel to the Altair system to get to Altair V. Land at the site of the crashed ship. As you approach the marker, you will find a wounded Heller lying on the ground to the right of the ship. Talk to him about the crashed ship, after which he will say that Barrett was captured by the Crimson Fleet. He will hand over a tablet with the message Emergency Transmission 02, which will allow him to track down Barrett. You can also hire Heller to join your team.

Bessel 3

Open your inventory, scroll down to the Notes section to find Emergency Transmission 02. When you examine the entry, you will be prompted to go to Bessel III. The planet is located in the system of the same name. Land at a looted research outpost. Approaching the plundered outpost, you will find traps set by pirates (including mines). When you get inside the outpost, you will have to destroy the turrets and other defense mechanisms. Find a satellite dish with pirates in the northwest corner. Use a ranged weapon (if you have one) to eliminate them without having to go upstairs. However, there is a box with ammunition and a container with resources.

Once you clear this place, go up to the first floor of the tower in the southwest. Go down the stairs and find another container in the western corner. To the east, to the right of the computer desk, look for weapon boxes, ammo boxes, a container, and a safe that can be unlocked in the Novice level. Climb to the top of the tower in the southwest. Search the container, ammo boxes, suit workbench, first aid kit and examine the computer (advanced hacking).

Orders to the Crimson Fleet . Go to the northwest corner of the room, to the computer and monitor on the wall. To the right of the computer there is a note that you can pick up.

Travel to the Crimson Fleet Outpost objective marker to get inside. It is worth noting that the door on the left will be locked and can only be unlocked at an advanced level. After making your way inside the Crimson Fleet outpost and going down the stairs, you will find Barrett communicating with the Crimson Fleet crew. There is clearly no danger to him, so you can spend time searching the containers on the left and right (boxes with weapons and ammunition, resource container).

You can also climb the stairs on the right and go to the end of the corridor to find two more boxes. When you're ready, enter the room and fight the Crimson Fleet.

During a conversation with Matsura the Grim, a choice will appear:

  • Pay a ransom of 4,000 credits to free Barrett.
  • Convince the Crimson Fleet to release Barrett.
  • Allow the interlocutor to conduct a dialogue and offer money.
  • Attack.

Matsura won't drop anything special, so you can try to free Barrett during communication or use your companion to pay off the debt. Thus, Matsura informs the rest of the Crimson Fleet that they can leave Barrett alone. Once Barrett is safe, return to the Constellation hideout in Jamison. Enter the library and wait for Barrett to appear. Let him talk to all the members of the Constellation, and then talk to him separately.

Reward: 6000 credits.

The Empty Nest

You can find Sam outside the Constellation hideout. If you are facing the center of the room when entering this location, the garden is on the left side. Sam will communicate with his daughter Cora. Talk to him: he will tell you about the expedition and ask for your help. To get to Aquila City, you need to go to the Cheyenne system.

Gravity jump limitations. If by now you have not encountered restrictions when using gravity jumps, most likely you will learn about them right now. Due to the distance, you will not be able to travel directly to Cheyenne from Alpha Centauri. As you plot your course, you will see areas that are out of range highlighted in red. To get to them, you will have to make additional stops at the systems closest to the route. In this case you need Arana/Olympus.

Aquila City

When you talk to Sam in Aquila, he will become a temporary companion for the rest of the quest. When you're ready to continue, say it to get to Akila City. The cards Sam is looking for are in the GalBank vault, so follow the man. When you try to enter, you will be stopped by the guard of the city of Akila. Galbank's vault has run into trouble and is advised to stay away from it, and The guards recommend avoiding it unless you can offer a helping hand.

Complete the Jobe Gone Wrong side quest right now. This side mission can be completed before the main quest if you visit Akila earlier than in the story. More details about all additional quests will be described in a separate guide.

Once you're inside the Galbank vault, go down and find the maps with Sam. Sam will give you the key to the bank and you can check all the safes. One of them contains a note for Sam. Once you receive the note, talk to Sam and find out about Jacob. Head to the Coe Estate, which is located in the eastern part of the city. Once you're there, let Sam and Jacob chat with each other. Talk to Jacob and try to convince him to give up the cards.

While Jacob is guarding the cards, you and Sam can talk privately and figure out a way to get them. There are three scenarios:

  • Try to talk to Jacob and convince him.
  • Have Sam distract Jacob while you steal the cards.
  • Use Cora's help.
Sam won't like it if you use Cora, so your best bet is to try to convince Jacob, and if that doesn't work, ask Sam to distract the man and then pick the lock on the room he's guarding. If you focus on talking to Jacob about Solomon's legacy and convincing him that Sam is following in his footsteps, you might be able to convince Jacob to hand over the key to the office. After picking the lock or getting the key, enter Jacob's office. The cards lie to the right of his table.

Tell Sam, who will then study the maps to determine exactly where the Empty Nest is located. You can go there by your ship or walk there from Aquila City. If you plan to walk, then after leaving the estate, move northwest and find the steps leading to the lower level. Open the door and exit the city on the east side. Once you're through the gate, head southeast to reach the Empty Nest.

The empty nest is guarded by members of Shaw's gang. There are also turrets and robots. If you are approaching this place from the southwest, which is quite likely, and you move on your ship, you will probably hit the mines. If you enter without stealth, focus on destroying the turrets and robots first, as they deal the most damage. When exploring the area, check the houses to the northwest and head towards the building closest to the stairs leading to the objective. Go to the left side and in the last locker on the right side, look for the text magazine "Gang Shaw, welcome." You can also open ammo boxes.

Once you're done searching, head northeast to the marker to enter the Empty Nest. Once inside, you will encounter other Shaw bandits. Shoot the explosive containers. Head east along the path until you reach a small camp where you can find a cache of contraband (Expert level), as well as several crates of weapons and ammo. Immediately behind the cache of contraband, on the table, look for the key to the Shaw gang’s cave. Move on to a locked metal gate that can be opened with the Shaw Gang Cave Key. Follow the cave to the marker until you reach the Artifact. Carve it out of stone. You will receive a Qi Artifact.

Climb out of the Empty Nest to face Shaw's gang again. There are three scenarios:

  • Belief
  • Bribery for 4000 credits
  • Attack
In any case, Ashta will appear. If you persuaded or bribed Shaw's bandits, you can kill Ashta with them. Return to the Constellation with Sam and enter the library. Add the Artifact to the rest of the collection, then wait for Sam to appear and talk to him again.

Rewards : Modified Calibrated Rattler weapon, caliber .27 (30), 7200 credits.

Into the Unknown

Important note about the locations of this quest. In this mission, Vladimir will send you in search of Andrea, and the locations will be random. You'll be given information about two areas to explore, and the planets you'll be sent to will be random for each player and playthrough. It seems that in each case you are visiting some kind of cave, but Artifacts will be in both locations. Due to the random placement of the planets, it is difficult to provide a step-by-step description of this task. Thus, I will not describe the first location, but I will focus on the second, where you will find Andrei.

So, for example, the first planet I was sent to was Piazzi IV-C. And the random landmark to visit could be anything from an abandoned cryogenic laboratory to a bandit-occupied mine. Wherever you end up, you will follow the marker and receive the Zeta Artifact. In my case, it was caves with many boxes and items, as well as first aid kits. The artifact was found in the back.

On the second planet, I visited the abandoned Nirira mine, where I met Andrea. In the western part of the mine there was a passage deep into the cave. As soon as I got there, I met Andrea fighting with the enemies. There were boxes with weapons and ammunition near Andrey's place of deployment. There was also a computer that managed to recalibrate the robots so that they either couldn't fight or continued to fight, but already on my side.

Once you enter the cave, you will find several ecliptics. With Andrea's help, you need to clear the area or sneak past them into the back of the cave to get to the Iota Artifact.

After getting both artifacts and meeting Andrea, return to the Constellation and talk to Matteo. Leave Jamison and return to Vladimir on the Oko. Dock to the Oka and board to meet Vladimir and share the latest news. He will say that the scanner has detected an anomaly, which, in his opinion, is caused by Artifacts. To find the anomaly, you need to go to the Procyon system on Procyon III.

Procyon 3

When you land in the anomaly, you will be prompted to open a handheld scanner and look for distortions. To see them, point the scanner towards the anomaly. While scanning something, a perfect white circle is displayed on the screen. However, when you move in the right direction towards the anomaly, the white circle will begin to distort, glitch and diverge, and you will hear some noise. When you get close enough to the anomaly, a marker will appear, making it easier to move.

The source of the anomaly is located in the Eta Temple east of the landing point. It is surrounded by water, but due to the natural origin of the planet, you should not go into the reservoirs, otherwise you will receive damage from the icy liquid. Temple Eta can be accessed in two ways, and you will be directed to the nearest entrance depending on which side you approach it from. When you're nearby, you'll see glowing fragments on the door. As you approach them, the mechanism will have to move, and you will be able to enter the temple.

How to solve the ring puzzle in the Temple of Eta

Upon entering the Temple of Eta, you will see metal rings in the middle of the room. They will rise as you move towards the center and begin to rotate around each other. You will also experience a state of weightlessness and be able to move up and down through the air. As you move up and down the room, concentrated clusters of stars will begin to appear. When you get close to them, you will also hear a ringing noise. To solve the puzzle, you will have to fly around the room, moving up and down and passing through clusters of stars. As they pass through these stars, the rings will begin to spin faster. The constellations will appear much earlier, so you will have to act quickly. If you miss constellations, the rings will slow down and you will have to start over.

The goal is to make the rings spin as fast as possible until they start moving out of control and then line up to create a portal. Go through it to unlock a special power. The special power from the Eta Temple is the Anti-Gravity Field. Return to Constellation and talk to Vladimir. Try out your new skill and show it to Vladimir and other members of the Constellation. Now that you have found the artifacts, special power and the first Temple, you can find other temples by starting the side mission “Power From Beyond”.

Rewards: map update, 2 medical kits, 9500 credits.

To be contined 

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