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Alan Wake 2: Alan or Saga, which story to start with and how to change between the two characters?

 In Alan Wake 2, you have the choice between Saga and Alan to experience two different stories. But which one should you choose first?

Alan Wake 2: Alan or Saga, which story to start with and how to change between the two characters?

Alan Wake, the successful game from Remedy , is back in a second opus: Alan Wake 2 ! This time, get ready for adventures that might make you jump through the roof. The story and narration are clearly the strong point of this game, but that's not all since the entire artistic creation, the soundtrack and the performances of the actors give a perfect match for Alan Wake 2.

In this long-awaited sequel, you have the choice between two main characters: Alan and Saga. The question then arises: which one to choose first? Each has a story with various chapters that will draw you further into the plot. You will also have side objectives like Words of Power for Alan, and Alex Casey's Nursery  Rhymes , Sect Caches and Meal Boxes with Saga.

Which story to choose first between Alan and Saga?

Alan Wake 2 offers two distinct single-player stories: those of Alan and Saga.

The order of play does not influence the finality, but can offer different perspectives of the plot.

It is possible to switch between the two characters through specific points in the game.

The charm of Alan Wake 2 lies in its ability to offer a flexible narrative experience. Whether you choose to explore all of Alan's or Saga's missions first, know that you will always have the option to complete both main stories. Focusing on a single character can make the game more episodic and consistent.

Personally, switching between the two characters after each main mission provides a smooth progression of the story. In addition, to advance towards the end of the game, it is necessary to complete the missions of both protagonists.

How to change character between Alan and Saga?

The transition from one character to another is not immediate. After completing the first section with Alan, you will need to interact with him as Saga at Elderwood Palace Lodge. Once this step is completed, the change of reality and character becomes accessible.

Concierge Buckets are your access points to change reality. Located in janitor's closets, they allow you to switch between Alan's and Saga's missions. If Saga continues the Cult of the Tree, Alan's reality reveals itself to be more mysterious, offering a unique experience and in order not to spoil it for you, we won't tell you more.