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EA FC 24: Squad Battles are really worth it right now, play it on the weekend now


EA FC 24: Squad Battles are really worth it right now, play it on the weekend now

EA FC 24 has launched and players are looking to improve their teams in Ultimate Team. The Squad Battles mode is ideal for this. 

What are Squad Battles? In this mode you play against the AI ​​instead of against real players. At the end of each game you will receive a score based on the result and various data from the game. The better you play, the more points you get.

These points are included in your weekly ranking; you can play a total of 32 games that will be counted. Your result then determines what rewards you get. The higher you finish, the better the reward. The Squad Battles rewards are always available on Sunday mornings.

But the regular Squad Battles rewards are not the only argument why you should play this weekend.

Many packs in the objectives are easier in Squad Battles

There are various arguments in favor of starting squad battles now if you want to improve your team. 

The difficulty:  You can choose how strong your opponent is. This gives you the opportunity, firstly, to play with cheap starter teams and secondly, to try out new gameplay mechanics. 

The Division Rivals mode is very competitive, especially at the start, as many players start and even stronger opponents have to advance. If you want to get started in a more relaxed way, choose the Squad Battles.

The Time:  Squad Battles have 4-minute half times this year . This allows you to complete matches faster than in other modes.

Strong rewards in objectives:  There are a lot of objectives right at the start in EA FC 24 that you can complete relatively quickly if you score a lot of goals and achieve high victories in Squad Battles. A few examples of current goals:

  • You get a “Gold Pack” for 25 assists, a “Two Rare Gold Player Pack” for 50 assists and a “Premium Gold Player Pack” for 150 assists in any mode. This works well in squad battles. A Jumbo Rare Player Pack is even available for 400 assists, but that takes longer.
  • There is also a lot to be gained from the final goals.
    • 10 Lupfer goals earn a “Two Rare Gold Players” pack.
    • A mega pack is available for 50 power shot goals.
    • You can get a Rare Mega Pack for scoring 75 goals per cut shot.
    • Another rare mega pack is available for 100 goals.
    • 250 goals will get you a Jumbo Rare Player Pack.
    • 50 volley goals will give you a Premium Gold Player Pack.

  • The “Mastery: Squad Battles” series in the Milestones brings you various packs for Squad Battles victories.
    • A Rare Player (82+) pack is available for 10 wins.
    • A “Two Rare Gold Player Pack” is available for 25.
    • A “Rare Player Pack” is available at 50.
    • Additional rewards are available for 100, 200, and 300 wins as well as overall completion. This will take longer, but just getting started is useful.

  • “FC Founder” is a series of tasks where you have to collect various victories and goals while wearing the “FC Founder home jersey”. This is what you get as a founder if you play until November 1st. There is a lot of XP here, which in turn helps you progress through the season and gives you rewards.

Even more goals: These are just a few examples, there may be more goals to come. For example, there is also a target row with first-possession players - i.e. players that you have from SBCs, packs or rewards, not from the transfer market. If you put together a team, you can also get the rewards from it. 

Some of these objectives can also be completed in other modes, but it is simply easier in Squad Battles. This is particularly useful if you want to collect a lot of packs to improve your team at the start. 

Special card for Reyna:  The RTTK event in EA FC 24 has started and has a special card for Reyna from BVB on board. You can also secure these by completing the corresponding objectives in Squad Battles. Make sure that you need at least semi-professional difficulty .