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EA FC 24: This is how your players become faster, a simple trick makes it possible


EA FC 24: This is how your players become faster, a simple trick makes it possible

In EA FC 24 it is important to have a lot of speed in the wing positions. But it's not just the pure speed stat that determines the speed of your players. A certain playstyle combination gives you an additional sprint boost.

What factors are important for the speed of your players? Of course, the speed stat still has the biggest influence on speed. The fastest players not only have a lot of speed, but also have to have other attributes to achieve maximum speed.

In addition to the type of acceleration (explosive, controlled, or sustained), the playstyle is also a decisive factor. If your player has certain playstyles, he can run faster. If he even has a certain combination of playing styles, he can not only run quickly without the ball, but also develop enormous speed when dribbling with the play equipment.

In the YouTube short you can see how two of the fastest players in EA FC 24 compete against each other in a sprint duel. Below the video we tell you which playstyle combination enables this top speed.

Players with Quick Step and Frenzy have more speed

Which playstyles are important for the tempo? In the video you can see a race between Alphonso Davies and Rafael Leão. In addition to their already great basic speed, both have the “Frenzy” playstyle from the ball handling category and the “Quick Step” playstyle. Both playing styles affect the players' pace.

Fast step ensures that your player gets a quicker start. Frenzy gives you faster speed while dribbling. Combined, both playstyles give you a speed advantage over your opponents in the first few meters, but also over the distance.

Ideally, players not only have both playstyles in Silver, but also have one of them as Playstyle+ in Gold. The effects of a golden playstyle are even higher than those of a silver one.

Below you can read which players have this combination with a Playstyle+ and can therefore give their sprint a special speed boost.

Players with Frenzy and Quick-Step for maximum speed

Which players are particularly fast due to both playstyles? Below we have put together a list of players who have the top speed combination. We have also added the club and the associated playstyle levels (silver/gold) for you.

  • Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain): Frenzy (Silver)/ Quick Step (Gold)
  • Vinícius Júnior (Real Madrid): Raserei (Silber)/ Schneller Schritt (Gold)
  • Rafael Leão (AC Milan): Frenzy (Gold)/Quick Step (Silver)
  • Moussa Diaby (Aston Villa): Frenzy (Silver)/Quick Step (Gold)
  • Federico Chiesa (Juventus Turin): Frenzy (Gold)/Quick Step (Silver)
  • Lauren James (Chelsea FC): Frenzy (Gold)/Quick Step (Silver)
  • Ousmane Dembélé (Paris Saint-Germain): Frenzy (Gold)/Quick Step (Silver)
  • Trinity Rodman (Washington Spirit): Frenzy (Silver)/Quick Step (Gold)
  • Alphonso Davies (FC Bayern Munich): Frenzy (Silver)/ Quick Step (Gold)
  • Karim Adeyemi (Borussia Dortmund): Frenzy (Silver)/ Quick Step (Gold)
  • Sirlord Conteh (SC Paderborn): Frenzy (Silver)/ Quick Step (Gold)

So you have all the super sprinters at a glance. We didn't take icons and heroes into account in our selection. We are also aware that some players like Mbappé or Vinícius Júnior do not suit every budget.

Other players, like an Adeyemi or a Chiesa, are sometimes available for less than 10k. So if you still need a fast winger with extra speed, we recommend adding one of the cheaper options listed above to your team.