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Guild Wars 2 Skyscale: A New Friend – This is how you solve the quest and get the mount


Guild Wars 2 Skyscale: A New Friend – This is how you solve the quest and get the mount

The new expansion introduced another way to get the Skyscale mount in Guild Wars 2 . In this guide we reveal how it works.

What do you need before collecting? If you want to complete the collection, you absolutely need the latest expansion, Secrets of the Obscure. You also need to get some materials that you can earn in advance:

  • 27 Gold
  • 12 Charged Quartz Crystals - You can get these if you have 25 Quartz Crystals in your inventory and charge them at a place of power (hero points where you can channel). However, you can only do this once a day, so it's best to start right away!
  • 24 pieces of game meat - You get it dropped or from the trading post
  • 60 Ectoplasm Orbs - Get it for recycling yellow equipment or from the trading post
  • 300 Bloodstone Dust - You can get it from various bags, as a drop or when mining bloodstone
  • 29 Provider Tokens – You get these once per day per merchant in exchange for various items. You can find these merchants in the main cities and in the areas of Heart of Thorns and Secrets of the Obscure. There are 30 of them in total, but you won't always have every material. It's better to start straight away here too.
  • 375 Static Charges – You get this for completing events in the Skywatch Archipelago and as a reward for various achievements.
  • 375 Pinch of Stardust – You get this for completing events in Amnytas and as a reward for various achievements.
  • 500 Essence of Despair – You get this for completing Rift events.

You also have to visit a number of locations and complete tasks, which you can find in the collection under Secrets of the Obscure -> Horn of Maguuma -> A New Friend. We'll tell you the individual steps here in the guide.

In the meantime, it is advisable to level up the new mastery line “Flight Training” because you need the “Spiritual Flight” level to complete it.

Is the collection also worthwhile for owners of the Skyscale? Yes, because on the one hand, the players who already own the Skyscale receive a success in the magician's vault with 300 currency and of course the 5 success points. On the other hand, a new collection is unlocked with a new skin for the sky scale.

Find an orphaned Heavenscale Egg

For this first task you need to find a Skyscale Egg. This will randomly be found in one of 11 Skyscale Nests in the Skywatch Archipelago or in one of 9 nests in Amnythas. You may need to visit all 20 nests, but some were much quicker.

We have included two maps for you here on which the nests are marked. We start with the Skywatch Archipelago:

Find an orphaned Heavenscale Egg

  • Egg 1 is simply lying on the ground below the adventure route
  • Egg 2 lies openly visible on the green background
  • Egg 3 is located at the highest point of the Garrenhoff Islands
  • Egg 4 is on top of the high, flying island. From there, just walk to the northwestern edge.
  • Egg 5 is on the rock, which you can clearly see on the map
  • Egg 6 is in one of the ruined houses
  • Egg 7 is on the roof of the building
  • Egg 8 is located at the northern tip of the Ascending Horst, slightly below the main island. You can just drop down there and don't have to fly too much.
  • Egg 9 is on top of the flying island
  • Egg 10 is on the largest island in the air that paves the way to the wizard's tower
  • You can only reach egg 11 after the meta event



  • Egg 1 is still on the island below the tower
  • Egg 2 is at the top of the wall on a round plateau
  • Egg 3 is located to the north of the waypoint on the green plateau at the top
  • Egg 4 is simply elevated in the grass
  • Egg 5 is also lying in plain sight in the grass
  • Egg 6 is located slightly downwards on a ledge
  • Egg 7 is at the top of the tower, slightly higher than the ring around it
  • Egg 8 is hidden below the fortress on a ledge
  • Egg 9 is also a little further down on a ledge
Found the egg: Once you have found the egg, you have to go straight back to the first waypoint in the Skywatch Archipelago. There you have to talk to Dyanne, who is right next to the adventure. This then gives you three more collections.

Skyscale Egg Infusion

With this collection you have two options. You can choose to visit all the locations described in the collection, or you can take a shortcut by purchasing the materials.

However, each of the 13 steps costs 100 ectoplasm balls, 100 lodestones or T5 mats and another 100-250 other materials. That's why we recommend visiting each place once. We have also included pictures of the places for you. The exact points will be marked on the map when you are there.

Skyscale of Water - Castervall waypoint in Bloodstream Coast.

Skyscale of Fire - Rümpler waypoint in the Black Citadel, jump briefly into the lava.

Skyscale of Ice - This part is a little tricky if you don't have Living World Season 3. Then you have to wait for the world event with the Claw of Jormarg, which takes place in Ice Gorge Sound. Otherwise, you can simply travel to the Bitterfrost Borderland. You can find the ice storms there around the Deepest Sorrow waymark.

Skyscale of the Earth - landmark of prosperity in the dry hill, just jump into the quicksand.

Skyscale of Air – To do this you first have to get into the jumping puzzle. There are four entrances here. Then you have to jump to the wind concentrate. 

Skyscale of Life – For this part you simply need to revive 20 allies. This applies to both players and NPCs. You can find many dead NPCs at the Thaumanova reactor in the province of Metrica, but also at every major meta-event.

Skyscale of Blood - To do this you simply have to kill 100 enemies at the Bloodhill Camp in the Gendarran Fields.

Skyscale of Growth – To do this, go into the grove and visit a small patch to the west. Travel to the Caledon waypoint and then simply hop directly over the wall and drop down.w

Skyscale of Death - Travel to the Altar of Murdered Dreams waypoint in Cursed Shores and interact with a coffin there.

Skyscale of the Spirit – Travel to the Bloodfin Lake waypoint in Ironmarch. There you should interact with the Cauldron of the Great Fire, a hero point.

Skyscale of Fear - Travel to the southwest of Ebonhawk (Fields of Desolation) and attack chickens there. At some point, angry chickens will attack you back.

Skyscale of Valor – Defeat 4 world bosses. This also includes Jormag's claw, which you should take care of beforehand.

Skyscale Initial Equipment

For this collection you have to get 13 items, some of which you can or even have to buy.

  • Skyscale Treats – You can purchase these directly from Dyanne for 12 Charged Quartz Crystals, 24 Wild Meat, 60 Ectoplasm Orbs, and 300 Bloodstone Dust. We already introduced these items to you at the beginning of the guide.
  • Hearty Kryptis Skin - You can get this from Kryptis - best at rift events.
  • Tasty hiking ration – You have to kill Jotun for this. You can find many of them in the Schaufler Horror cliffs east of the Hessdallen Kenning waymark.
  • Delicious Devourer Carapace - To get this you need to kill Devourers. You can find many of them in the Plains of Ashford at the waypoint: Catacombs of Ascalon.
  • Crunchy Chak Leg – A huge amount of Chak can be found in the Twisted Depths. It's best to port to the confluence of the ley lines and then walk west.
  • Tasty Moss-Covered Bark – For this you have to kill tree shepherds. You can find a lot of them in Queen's Valley west of the Phinney waypoint.
  • Juicy Worm Segment - You can find many worms in and around the Findworm Cave at the waymark of the same name in the Wanderer Hills. Alternatively, you can go to the Desider Atum waypoint and kill slimes at the same time.
  • Delicate Slime-Dried Meat – Some slimes can be found in Metrica Province, south of the Desider Atum waypoint.
  • Forged Ankle Joint - Most forged ones can be found north of the Destiny Canyon waypoint in the Crystal Oasis. If you don't have a Path of Fire, you can find some of them in the desert part of the Skywatch Archipelago.
  • Bird Whistle – You can get the whistle from the NPC Gortho, son of Malik. In the Eisenmark it can be found either in the very north-east in the Schwindherz section or below the waymark Lichtungsrutsch. This is the NPC with the ogre pipe. The bird whistle there costs 2 gold.
  • Plush Quaggan - You can get the Plush Quaggan from dealer Sven Edson in the Tower of Magic in the outer ring, directly slightly southeast under the Tower Inner Court waypoint. The item costs 10 gold.
  • Durable Dolyak Blanket - To obtain this item, you must complete Shepherdess Lyod's Heart south of Durmand Abbey in Lornas Pass. Then Lyod sells you the item for 3 gold.

Skyscale saddle materials

For this part of the collection you have to visit the 10 faction suppliers in the new areas and buy the required materials there. For this you need the tokens and the remaining materials that we mentioned at the beginning of the guide.

We have created a map of the respective positions for you, which can also be seen directly on the map.

Skyscale saddle materials

3 – Jadegesponnener Seidenfaden
5 – Fine mahogany from Maguuma
7 – Deldrimor Staples
8 – Garrenhoff-Webstoff
9 – Elonian sandpaper

Skyscale saddle materials

1 – Stardust Infused Leather
2 – Mist Infused Saddle Oil
4 – Robust saddle fittings
6 – Saddlebag of storage
10 – Particularly sticky tar

Get the Skyscale

Finally, after you've leveled up the three collections and mastery, you'll need to speak to Dyanne one last time. Then the achievement is completed and you will permanently receive the sky scale or the additional rewards if you already have one.

This also unlocks the “A New Look” collection, through which you can earn a Skyscale skin.

How did you like the new collection? Feel free to write it in the comments.