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Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link release date: when is the mobile game coming out?

 Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is coming in 2024! Find out release date, gameplay and more in our detailed article.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link release date: when is the mobile game coming out?

The magic of Kingdom Hearts is about to be renewed with something new that thrills fans' hearts: the long-awaited announcement of the release date of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. This game, designed for mobile platforms, promises to bring a welcome freshness to the famous Square Enix franchise. If you grew up with Sora, Donald and Goofy, or if you have just discovered the enchanting universe of Kingdom Hearts, this article is for you.

More specifically, our goal is to immerse you in the world of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, unraveling the mysteries surrounding its release date, plot, gameplay and more. Prepare to dive back into the fight against the Heartless and discover new horizons with Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link!


  • Square Enix reveals release window for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, scheduled for 2024.
  • The game promises an original adventure with innovative gameplay and will be available on iOS and Android.
  • The Kingdom Hearts saga continues to fascinate with this new addition, promising an immersive and captivating experience.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Release Date Revealed

Square Enix has finally lifted the lid on the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link release date, set for 2024. While specific details are still being kept under wraps, the excitement is palpable within the community. The official announcement, accompanied by new images and a captivating trailer, unleashed the passions of fans.

The Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link trailer does not fail to arouse interest. Not only does it feature intriguing narrative elements, but it also reveals insights into innovative gameplay. Players can expect an immersive experience, combining action and adventure in the expanded Kingdom Hearts universe.

Few details have been revealed about the plot of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, but we do know that it will take players to the real world, from Scala ad Caelum. The Heartless will, as always, be your adversaries in this epic quest.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link gameplay promises to be revolutionary, with two distinct control modes: GPS Mode and Pad Mode. GPS Mode, similar to Pokémon Go, synchronizes your character's movements with yours in the real world, while Pad Mode offers a more classic experience, with virtual controls on the screen.

The game features area quests and area bosses, adding an extra layer of challenge and exploration. These elements, coupled with dynamic gameplay, ensure a unique and captivating Kingdom Hearts experience.