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Login Failed 500 The Finals, how to resolve the error?

 Were you playing The Finals when suddenly the game crashed and you encountered login error 500? Do not panic! Here's how to fix the error.

Login Failed 500 The Finals, how to resolve the error?

The Finals, the long-awaited FPS from Embark Studios, offers enthusiasts a unique opportunity: participate in its open beta. Yes, you read that right, early access to one of the most anticipated titles of the year. 

The Finals launches its open beta for a limited time, accessible on  PlayStation, Xbox and Steam. However, during your gaming experience you may have encountered server issues or errors. We'll explain to you, in this article, how to resolve the “Login Failed 500” error on The Finals

Login Failed 500 how to solve this problem on The Finals? 

Unfortunately, there is no solution for this error from Embark Studios. However, we now know what caused this error! When the capacity of The Finals servers reaches its limit you will encounter Login Failed 500. Players will be automatically disconnected or will not be able to launch the game to avoid overloading the servers. 

To deal with the Login Failed 500 error, The Finals recently expanded the capacity of the beta servers. The studio didn't expect so many players on its beta, that's pretty good news, right?

The Finals is shaping up to be an unmissable FPS experience. With its rich and diverse open beta, it's clear that the game has a lot to offer. Don't wait any longer, you can dive into the action of The Finals since October 26. See you in the arena!