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New Nintendo console with 3 screens? The patent that sets the web on fire

 A new portable Nintendo console revealed by the Japanese company? Dream or reality? We'll address the rumor in this article.

Nintendo fans are abuzz following the discovery of a patent recently filed by the company, referring to a dual-screen gaming device that can be split in half. This discovery was revealed by Game Rant, who shared images supposedly related to this patent, evoking the iconic design of the Nintendo 3DS.

However, instead of repeating the concept of the clamshell design that allowed the top screen to fold over the bottom screen, this new design places the top screen outward, even when the device is closed. This feature intrigues fans and raises questions about what Nintendo could be planning for its next consoles. Let’s come back to this news in this article.

A new Nintendo console in the kitchen?

A major innovation of this patent is that the upper and lower parts of the device could operate independently. In other words, it would be a single portable gaming console, but one that could also be separated into two separate units for duo gaming experiences. This modular approach is somewhat reminiscent of the concept of the Nintendo Switch but with a different design.

However, it is essential to note that while this patent has fans excited, it in no way guarantees the release of an actual product. Nintendo is famous for filing patents and ideas that never saw the light of day, as was the case before the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, with a patent describing a handheld gaming console featuring a large oval screen and analog sticks crossing the screen.

A new Nintendo console in the kitchen?

Despite this, some sources suggest that Nintendo could indeed be working on a new console. According to VGC , the company has sent development kits for the " Switch 2 " to key partners, with a launch planned for the second half of 2024. In addition, technological demonstrations of what could be the successor to the Nintendo Switch were shown behind the scenes at Gamescom in August.

Nintendo also confirmed plans to use its Nintendo Account system to ease the transition between the Nintendo Switch and its next gaming platform. Doug Bowser, the president of Nintendo of America, said: "In the past, every device we turned to had a completely new account system.

Creating the Nintendo Account will allow us to communicate with our players if and when we transition to a new platform, to facilitate this transition process." He added: "Our goal is to minimize the transition period that the This is generally observed between the last year of one cycle and the start of the next. I can't speak to the possible features of a new platform, but the Nintendo Account provides a solid foundation to facilitate this communication as the transition continues."

New Nintendo console with 3 screens? The patent that sets the web on fire

This news regarding the patent of a dual-screen console that can split in two has certainly generated great interest among Nintendo fans, but it is essential to remember that this does not guarantee the release of a concrete product. However, it does give us a glimpse of ideas Nintendo might explore for the future, and gamers are eagerly awaiting the company's upcoming announcements to see if this rumor comes to fruition.