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Where to find and how to get all the weapons in Alan Wake 2 - pistols, shotguns, rifle and crossbow


Where to find and how to get all the weapons in Alan Wake 2 - pistols, shotguns, rifle and crossbow

If you want to survive in the world of Alan Wake 2 and explore the secrets of this place, you will have to try and replenish your arsenal with as many weapons as possible. In this guide we will tell you where and how to get all the guns for Alan and Saga, as well as how to improve them.

In order to find the entire arsenal, you will have to try - many trunks are hidden in hiding places, to open which you need to find the right combination or solve a puzzle. Due to the viscous atmosphere of horror, it is easy to miss the necessary nook and cranny and be left without a gun, or even several.

Saga Anderson begins his investigation with only a pistol and a flashlight (like the protagonist of the first Alan Wake), but can quickly acquire new weapons as the game progresses. Alan, on the contrary, having a flashlight and a revolver with him, does not immediately expand his arsenal. To do this, he needs to solve several puzzles in the dark corners of the locations.

Saga Anderson's weapons in Alan Wake 2

Saga Anderson has five weapons at her disposal. Four of them can be found while exploring the game worlds, they are only available after certain chapters. You will find information on how to obtain and improve them below.


  • Chapter: Return 1: Invitation;
  • Location: Available at the start.

Saga begins his investigation at Cauldron Lake with his service pistol in his holster. This weapon has low stopping power, but its fast reload time and high accuracy outweigh this disadvantage. The barrel is great for hitting the highlighted weak spots that you will find on the bodies of some Possessed while exploring the forest.

Don't forget to explore locations and collect lunch boxes to earn pages. With their help, you can improve weapons in the Abode of the Mind. We recommend spending 12 pages on the "More Ammo" upgrade, which improves magazine size by 50%.

Sawed-off shotgun

  • Chapter: Return 2: Heart;
  • Location: Cauldron Lake General Store.

Your first opportunity to get a sawn-off shotgun will appear during the second chapter of the Saga. When you return to Cauldron Lake, head to the store. You can only get to the place where the sawn-off shotgun is kept after you visit the Witch's Hut and find out where the heart is kept. At this moment in the store, the possessed will break down the wall and open the way for you to the cabinet with the sawn-off shotgun. To open it, you need to solve the riddle and enter the code. If you didn't have time, it doesn't matter. You can return here in Saga's car.


  • Chapter: Return 3: Local Girl;
  • Location: Wateree.

The crossbow in Alan Wake 2 is a powerful, if slow, weapon that you can find in Wateree. To do this, at the very beginning of the chapter “Return 3: Local Girl”, clear the city and go to the “World of Coffee”. On the way you will come across a safe place - an old hut where you can save. The crossbow is in the cultists' cache.

To find out the password, pay attention to the bolts “stuck” in the numbers nearby. One bolt is stuck in the number “5”, two are stuck in the number “2”, and three are stuck in the number “7”. It is the number 527 that is the code to the cache .

Hunting rifle

  • Chapter: Return 5: Old Gods;
  • Location: Wellness center.

The hunting rifle will become available to you at the end of the Saga storyline, after you complete the fifth chapter of the heroine’s story. This weapon is fairly easy to miss, as it is hidden in a locked room next to the health center's security room.

First, examine the switched on computer in the security room. The password for it is “170823”. Once entered, you will open the staff break room. Go there and find a doorknob in one of the boxes under the office desk. It must be inserted into the door hole to the right of the security room.

We advise you to upgrade this weapon as it has impressive stopping power at long range.

Pump-action shotgun

  • Chapter: Return 6: Erase;
  • Location: Sheriff's Office in Bright Falls.

After you complete the "Old Gods" chapter, head to Bright Falls. In the Sheriff's Office, you will find a pump-action shotgun. You probably already received the key after your first visit to the morgue, so go up to Tim's office and take the pump-action shotgun from the display case on the wall using the code "723". We advise you to change your sawed-off shotgun to a new weapon - soon you will need all the firepower.

Alan Wake's weapons

Alan's arsenal looks more modest - the character has three types of weapons available, two of which we will receive in the story, and the third, most important, is easy to miss - it will significantly facilitate the passage of the final chapters.

Flashlight and revolver

  • Chapter: Initiation 2: Casey;
  • Location: Dark place.

The flashlight and revolver are weapons that take us back to the origins and to the first part of the series. You can find this couple almost at the very beginning, after you leave the talk show studio and begin to explore the surrounding area. Head to the alley (follow the green neon light) and after a short cutscene, enjoy the familiar weapons. To upgrade your revolver, you need to look for "Words of Power".

Flare gun

  • Chapter: Initiation 4: Let us sing;
  • Location: Talk show studio.

At the end of Alan's fourth chapter, we are almost forcibly handed a rocket launcher. We don’t want to spoil this task for you, so we’ll just say - rest assured, this weapon is very difficult to miss. Ultimately, you will stumble upon a typewriter, next to which lies a rocket launcher. Although this weapon has limited ammunition, it works well against crowds of enemies.

Double-barreled shotgun

  • Chapter: Initiation 5: Room 665;
  • Location: Oceanview Hotel.

The Double Pole is one of the best guns in Alan Wake 2 and is frustratingly easy to miss. At the beginning of Chapter 5, Room 665, you will need to try to get back to the Oceanview Hotel. From the main entrance of this building, you need to turn left. Walk along the street towards the building, the interior of which is illuminated by flashing lights. This will take you to the roof, where you will have to solve several puzzles with light.

When you find yourself at the new entrance to the hotel, you will have to find the door code. It is written on a stand behind the bar where you need to switch the lights. However, there is a shotgun hanging in the same place, but to get it, you need to switch the light again using the lamp.