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7 mounts from WoW: Shadowlands that you can easily farm

 We have 7 cool mounts from WoW: Shadowlands that you can earn quickly. This is how you get the greatest mounts.

Update November 16, 2023: Originally only 5 mounts were featured in this article. We have expanded this article to 7.

The new expansion “Dragonflight” has been around for a long time, but a detour to Shadowlands can still be worthwhile. Blizzard hasn't been stingy with mounts in particular, because you can get one on every corner - if you know what you have to do for it. So that you can expand your collection a little, we'll show you 7 mounts that you can get hold of with little effort.

The Duskbladewing of Korthia

Korthia, a new area in the Maw in Patch 9.1, features many new creatures, including a number of mounts. A particularly neat and easy-to-earn one is the Duskbladewing. The Razorwings are a normal mob in Korthia, but you can also get them quite easily as mounts.

The only thing you have to do is farm.

To bag the mount, you need a total of 10x “Lost Razorwing Egg”. These eggs drop from the various Verschinger mobs in Korthia in the gorge to the west.

Eggs drop from the blue “devourer” enemies. Up to 2 per day.
Eggs drop from the blue “devourer” enemies. Up to 2 per day.

Note that you can farm a maximum of 2 of these eggs per day, after which they no longer appear to drop for the rest of the day. The first egg usually drops after a few minutes, the second seems to take longer. So you have to do the whole thing over the course of 5 to 10 days.

If you have collected a total of 10 “Lost Razorwing Eggs”, then go to coordinates 26 / 51 in Korthia. There you will find a nest that can be interacted with.

Hand in all 10 eggs this way and you'll get the Twilight Bladewing!

The stylish bladed wing is available in Korthia.
The stylish bladed wing is available in Korthia.

By the way, you don't have to give the eggs at the same time, you can also bring them to the nest occasionally over several days.

A practical riding hand from the Maw

Also new in Patch 9.1 are the scary “hand” mounts. One of the most readily available is the “Chain of Bahmetra.”

While other hands are hidden behind long puzzles, the Chain of Bahmetra is relatively easy to obtain because it can be found in the “Torturer's Chest”. Every character can get this chest once a week from the Torturer events that begin regularly in the Maw.

At every odd hour (11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., etc.) a Torturer event starts in the Maw. This will be marked on the map with a small icon two minutes before it becomes active. A series of quests then appear that must be defeated before the actual boss of the event shows up.

As a rule, there are enough players present to simply blow the boss right away.

The chic riding hand can be yours with little effort!
The chic riding hand can be yours with little effort! 

The Torturer's Box is one of the rewards for the event, you are guaranteed to receive it on your first kill per week. However, the Chain of Bahmetra is quite rare, so you may have to play the Torturer events for several weeks. However, since this only takes about 5 minutes per week, the whole thing is comparatively quick.

Also important: Any of your characters at level 60 can get the Torturer's Box. It may therefore be worthwhile to complete the event with several characters in order to get the mount more quickly.

Not only does the mount look pretty interesting, but it also has a few tricks up its sleeve. If you press the spacebar while sitting, your hand will show either “rock,” “paper,” or “scissors.”

The dead horse Greymane

Few mounts are as well-known as Greymane. No, that doesn't mean the King of Gilneas, but a loyal mount from farms in Westfall. During the Cataclysm expansion, the faithful horse died and has now found his way to the Shadowlands. Apparently it was a bad horse, because Graymane now “lives” in Revendreth. You can find the horse at coordinates 63 / 43.

A fancy red ghost horse.
A fancy red ghost horse. 

You have to look after the horse for 6 days, then you get it as a mount.

  • Day 1: Travel to Westfall to the Saldean farm at coordinates 57 / 37. Collect 8x handfuls of oats there.
  • Day 2: Get the care brush from Revendreth at coordinates 63 / 62, talk to Wieherwupp.
  • Day 3: Collect 4x Sturdy Horseshoes. You can find them on the streets in Revendreth that are used by the carriages, especially in the south and east of the area.
  • Day 4: Get the “Empty Water Bucket” from Revendreth from coordinates 63 / 62. Fill it in Bastion or Ardenweald.
  • Day 5: Purchase a “Comfortable Saddle Cloth” in Revendreth at coordinates 51 / 79 of Ta'tru.
  • Day 6: Buy 3x Schaukuppenapple from Mims at coordinates 41 / 47 in Revendreth.

If you have fulfilled all of this, you will get Greymane as a mount - in a cool, red-spectral version!

The big frog forest swallower

In Ardenweald you can meet some pretty absurd frogs, some of which have grown together with stone or bark. You can get one of these frogs as a mount - and with extremely little effort!

All you have to do is farm an “Unusually Large Mushroom” in Ardenweald. It's not even particularly rare and can be left behind by almost all opponents. If you complete world quests or just fight a bit through the zone, sooner or later you will have such a mushroom in your inventory.

Who doesn't want this giant toad?
Who doesn't want this giant toad?

But be careful: the mushroom only has a shelf life of 20 minutes, after which it disappears from your inventory. As soon as you have the mushroom, you have to hurry up a bit.

Travel to coordinates 32 / 30 and click on “Wet Clay” to plant the mushroom. The mushroom will now grow and after a short time become the rare mob Ri'Sich. The big mushroom has some life points, so it's best to have 3 or more players. In return, Ri'Sich is guaranteed to leave behind the Forest Swallower mount, on which you can then hop through the game world.

The wild seed cradle

In Ardenweald, a lot revolves around the story of the wild seeds that need to be saved from the Anima drought. The wild seeds are brought from place to place in cradles - and you can easily get a cradle like this as a permanent mount!

The wild seed cradle

All you have to do is collect 5 items in Ardenweald.

  • Gardener's basket at 40 / 53 on the edge of a well.
  • Gardener's hammer at 40/54 in a cart.
  • Diary of the night at 39/57 on the upper level on a table.
  • Gardener's flute at 38 / 58 on the ground, near the tree.
  • Gardener's staff at 39/60 under the car.
Then combine all 5 items and bring them to Glitterstar, a Fae in Tirna Vaal at coordinates 64 / 38. Speak to her in order to be able to open the treasure “Chest of the Moon” behind her, which contains the Wild Seed Cradle.

Kahler Fledderflügel

Of course, there are also some mounts in Shadowlands that you have to farm completely in order to enjoy a new mount. One of these is the Bald Batwing. To do this you need to find a Plague-Touched Egg - a white item that is a rare drop.

You can find the egg on all chimeras in Maldraxxus, but it has a pretty low drop chance of well under 1% - so you should plan a little time or use up all your luck for the rest of the year. You can find chimeras mainly in the middle of the map around the arena, but also in the east of the area.

The dead chimera looks so chic.
The dead chimera looks so chic.

By the way, the egg takes 5 days to hatch. This is real-time, so the clock keeps ticking while you're not in the game. After 5 days you will receive “Chewed Reins of the Bald Batwing” and can use it to take the corpse-like chimera into your stable.

Swift Direhoof

You can find the chic, dark unicorn Direhoof in Ardenweald and get it from the rare enemy Nightmare - it drops 100%. However, you can't just attack Night Mare because the animal is hiding in a dream plane.

To be able to attack Nightmare, you need a dream catcher.

Get a Broken Soul Web. You can find this at coordinates 20 / 64, basically above the lettering “Tirna Scithe”. Reaching the location can be a bit difficult, but a goblin leader can help. You can also collect fairy dust southeast of the Heart of the Forest, which lets you fly for 90 seconds. This means you can easily reach the island.

Anyone who doesn't get weak...
Anyone who doesn't get weak...

Speak to Elder Gwenna in Shimmer Cascade Pool at 50 / 33. She will repair the Soul Web for 10 Lightless Silk. Note that for this step you must have already completed the side quest “Tricked”, which takes place in the same area.

Now travel to the heart of the forest and speak to Ysera, who will enchant your soul web and turn it into the dream catcher. If you are not a member of the Night Fae, you can speak to one of the guards and ask Ysera to leave the Night Fae Sanctum to speak with you.

Now return to the hibernation pool and use the dream catcher. You get a buff for 5 minutes that allows you to see Night Mare if the animal isn't already dead. Then you have to wait, because Nightmare only appears every 60-90 minutes.

Defeat Nightmare and you can welcome Swift Direhoof to your collection!

Do you know any other mounts from Shadowlands that are easy to get and that no one should miss? Let us know in the comments!