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All endings of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - what they affect and how to get


All endings of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - what they affect and how to get

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will give you a completely new experience as a special government agent. As the plot develops, V will have to choose what he himself considers right and honest. The DLC has four endings in total, and the fifth will allow you to finish the entire game. In this guide, we will look in detail at how to get each of them.

Note: This guide consists entirely of spoilers. Read at your own risk!

What do endings depend on?

In fact, there are only two points in the game where the ending of the story is determined. The first one awaits you in the mission "Judgment Day" when V and Alex pretend to be French twins and communicate with the colonel. When Jay approaches, V will go with her to the laboratory to extract the matrix. This is where you should save if you want to study all the endings. Before the quest, Reed will give V an icebreaker, which will help neutralize Jay. In the laboratory you will have a choice - download it or run away with the hacker.

Here you will select the last missions, but this is not the end. Just before the finale, there will be one more opportunity to take the side of Reed or Jay, regardless of the decision in the laboratory. Thanks to autosaves, you can easily see all the endings and choose the one that you like specifically.

How to get the King of Wands ending

In the lab, when you have a choice, tell Jay "I'm with you" and don't load the icebreaker. Alex will kill the colonel, and you and the hacker will make your way through the stadium and crowds of enemies.

As a result, Jay will ask you to help her get to the Moon through the spaceport. As we already wrote in the walkthrough, you definitely need to complete the fixer quest “Interregnum” to determine who will rule Dog City. Only after this will Reed call with threats, and Jay will give information about the meeting.

Complete the "Fading Star" quest until you board the train with Jay to the shuttle. There you will learn the latest plot twist, which will help you make your final decision. Once near the shuttle, you will meet Reed. Immediately put Jay on the floor, and then do not behave aggressively, but under no circumstances choose answers that involve handing over the girl to the spy.

As a result, all remarks will be reduced to two options - hand the hacker over to the authorities or still put her on a rocket to the Moon. To get the King of Wands ending, disagree with Reed. Time will slow down, you will have to quickly aim and shoot at the spy. In this ending, Reed dies, Jay keeps the medicine, and Alex survives. In the future, Alex will call you, and you will also receive a message from the hacker with a hint that the treatment was successful.

How to get the King of Swords ending

In this ending, you also support Jay in the laboratory, but on the spaceport train, change your mind and take Reed's side. Call him immediately in the carriage or take the girl in your arms and meet the spy near the shuttle.

Agree to give Reed the Jay, but decide what to do with the medicine. If you take it, you will be able to reach a completely new ending for the entire game. Or you can stop taking the medication and complete the supplement as is.

How to get the Tower ending

This ending is not independent and directly depends on the ending “King of Swords” or “King of Pentacles”. Give Jay Reed and take the medicine for yourself. The spy will promise to contact V after some time. According to the in-game clock, this is about 10-15 days.

Meet the man at a gas station or sports field and arrange where the doctors' shuttle will pick you up. This way you can cut out a significant chunk of the main game for yourself and immediately get to the point of no return. Johnny will be unhappy because he suddenly changes his mind about dying. Rocker tells him not to call Reed. This is the last chance to change your mind. If you continue to insist, V will be operated on, but the ending of the story will be far from happy.

How to get the King of Cups ending

In the laboratory, try loading an icebreaker into Jay. This won't work and will cause the girl to have an attack of cyberpsychosis. Alex will be killed personally by the Colonel, after which V will make his way through the stadium alone. At the end of the journey, you can forget to take your equipment from the locker, since no one will remind you. After this, you will have to personally fight Kurt.

After dealing with the soldiers, you need to follow Reed and watch as Jay is caught by the police special forces. Next, you will have to develop a plan to stop the convoy with the prisoner. Everything will not go according to plan and Jay will run away. V will pursue her alone and end up in an abandoned laboratory. There, the AIs from the Black Barrier will gradually begin to take control of the hacker. She will do her best to prevent V from advancing, and then activate a spider robot that cannot be defeated. You will have to hide, and the gameplay is very reminiscent of the alien game Alien: Isolation.

As a result of such hide and seek, V will find a huge core in which Jay will hide. A long phase will follow to open it. In this ending, you will see more events from Jay's past. When the way is clear, V will find the girl half dead, but conscious. She will ask you to kill her, and this is the second time you will have to make a choice between Jay and Reed. In this ending, you need to fulfill the request of the netrunner.

In this case, Reed will blame V, and the President will refuse to help with treatment.

How to get the King of Pentacles ending

This ending is almost exactly the same as the King of Cups ending, with the only difference being that V refuses to kill Jay. Reed approves of this and believes that now the girl will definitely get help. President Myers will also approve your action. Not only will she offer help with treatment, but she will also give V a medal (which you can refuse). From this ending you can reach the finale of the entire Tower game if you also agree to the operation to remove the chip.