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Baldur's Gate 3: Discover the 5 occult invocations that will make your life easier!

 Despite the months that pass, BG3 clearly remains one of the references of this year 2023 and there is a good chance that the latter will make a raid at the time of the Game Awards on December 8. But in the meantime, here are some Occultist invocations that are worth it if you ever want to (re)launch yourself on the adventure.

Mage armor, a very useful tool at the start of the game

The first summoning spell that we will recommend to you at the start of the game on Baldur's Gate 3 is the Mage Armor that you will obtain via the occult summon Shadow Armor. As we know, the armor score of magicians is generally very low given that they can only wear light armor in the adventure at best.

Now, this may seem counterintuitive, but at the start of the game, it is better not to wear armor at all and opt for Mage Armor. If you have no armor, you will gain an armor score of 13 plus dexterity modifiers.

Better yet, know that this Mage Armor will be active until your next rest. Additionally, since you obtained it through Shadow Armor, casting this spell won't consume any spell slots from you anyway. So it's a good choice.

Mage armor, a very useful tool at the start of the game

Slump and Dark Omen are very good for a support role

At level 5, you will have much more interesting occult invocations at your disposal, including Slouching if you ever move towards a support role. The idea of ​​this summons is to be able to cast slowly on enemies.

This way, you will save time and it will be much more difficult for them to get around and therefore reach you. They will also be much more easily reachable by area spells that you wish to cast. Along the same lines, Dark Omen can be a good solution.

This time it will not be slowness, but confusion that you will apply to your enemies, which will prevent them from acting normally and therefore annoying you. Be careful though, because casting these two spells will consume a spell slot.

Book of Ancient Secrets, three free spells for the price of one

With the Book of Ancient Secrets, you will be able to learn not one, nor two spells, but three, all for free. These spells are Poison Ray, Chromatic Orb and Silence, all three of which are quite useful to have in your arsenal.

Better yet, between two long rests, you will be able to cast each of these three spells, all for free, without consuming any spell slots. It is therefore clearly one of the best occult invocations available to you as an Occultist.

Book of Ancient Secrets, three free spells for the price of one

Drinker of life, a significant bonus for charismatic characters

Having a character with charisma in Baldur's Gate 3 is a good thing and it opens several doors for you. In addition, having an Occultist means having a character who will rely on this charisma. From then on, when you reach level 12, you will surely have 20 in this stat.

However, Life Drinker will allow you to deal additional damage during your melee attacks, precisely depending on your Charisma rating. At 20, you will deal 10 more points of necrotic damage with each attack, which is clearly not negligible!