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Coral Island: Pet bed and pet house sold out? This is how you adopt pets

 In Coral Island, you will quickly meet cute animals in the shelter. In order to buy them a pet bed or a house and adopt them, you first have to do some preliminary work.

If you head to Starlet Town in Coral Island, you'll probably quickly stumble across the animal shelter, which is centrally connected to the community center. Cute dogs, cats, foxes, and small animals roam there. In order to adopt them, you first have to buy a place to sleep for them - and these are initially sold out. You can find out how to change that here.

This is what you have to do in order to adopt an animal in Coral Island

At the animal shelter, you can look at all the adoptable fluffy balls, or Lindy the lizard, and interact with them. If you go to the counter, you have the opportunity to buy pet beds with different motifs or a pet house.

To adopt an animal, you must have either a bed or a hut. In some Farm Sims, you can only bring in a fluffy friend once you have expanded your house, but this is not the case in Coral Island. There is another requirement here:

You can only adopt an animal once you have improved the city ranking to an E. What's it all about? When you come to Starlet Town, you will find out that the town was given a grade of F (a 6 according to our grading system) by the mayor.

This is what you have to do in order to adopt an animal in Coral Island

Your goal is to improve this rating step by step. From an E (grade 5) you can adopt an animal and unlock additional features, such as more products in the stores. In the menu, you can see the progress bar for the rating (as well as for the museum ranking, etc.) and which action earned how many points.

What can you do to improve the rating?

  • Attend festivals and take part in activities
  • Take delivery orders for residents
  • Improve the other rankings, for example by donating new insects/fish to the museum

The menu also shows you how many city points you received for your last actions. Once the E is reached, pet sleeping spaces are no longer sold out. Get one of them now, choose who you want to adopt and give it a new name if you feel like it. The next day your friend moves in with you.

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to adopt a pet?