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Defend well EA FC 24: How to properly tackle and cover the ground with the changes made?

 With the arrival of EA Sports FC 24, changes have been made to the in-game defense. In this article, we will therefore give you some advice to avoid finding yourself in a situation where the attacker opposite has a wide-open boulevard towards your goal!

EA Sports FC 24's Defense Changes

As we have just told you, the defense has been changed with the arrival of EA Sports FC 24 and the common opinion on this point is that it has become harder to defend well. The first change concerns the defense style which is now set to “advanced” as a base.

This allows you to choose the type of standing tackle you do and no longer let the game decide. If this new feature bothers you, know that you can go to the game options and change it to return to the basic settings.

EA Sports FC 24's Defense Changes

Putting defensive depth higher can help defend well

The other big problem with defending well on EA Sports FC 24 is that in the first days of play, playing on the wings and more generally in-depth seems to be very effective. You often have players who come in hot and difficult to stop.

For some time now, players have been looking for solutions to this problem, and on Reddit, Kuromahou shared his discovery. By setting the defensive depth to 71, he noticed that with players high up the pitch, it was easier to intercept the ball quickly.

In this way, actions are nipped in the bud, although be careful when this setting can leave the opponent with boulevards if he manages to pass. In any case, based on player feedback, the general opinion is that it is a good adjustment to improve your defense.

To defend well, rarely use sliding tackles in FC 24

In FC 24, you will have two types of tackles, standing ones and sliding ones. The latter are the most effective because if they succeed, the opponent will almost always lose the ball. Except that they are also the most dangerous to execute for two reasons.

The first is that if the timing is bad, you will end up with a yellow card, 9 times out of 10. The second is that even if you don't catch the player, you will completely leave your position. It will therefore be necessary to compensate with another player.

This will open up spaces in your defense that good players will not struggle to punish. So keep sliding tackles for optimal situations such as when the opponent pushes his ball too much or deflects a dangerous shot/cross into the area (be careful though to touch the ball and not the player).

Don't get sucked in by attackers

We told you about sliding tackles which can make you lose by opening large spaces in the defense, but this is also the case if you position yourself poorly. Indeed, it can sometimes be tempting to defend with two on an attacker to corner him and recover the ball.

Keep in mind that by doing this, you will bring back a player who will not cover another part of the field and will therefore leave him more vulnerable. The two-person hold is therefore effective in certain cases, but be careful not to use it too much as it could turn against you.

Stay in touch with your opponents to better defend in EA FC 24

To make an effective tackle, whether standing or sliding, you will have to stay close to the opposing players and the task can be complicated. Fortunately, there is a button that will allow you to stick opposing players and the latter is L2/LT depending on your controller.

Moreover, if you want to stick a player in the middle of a race, you can also click on the usual sprint button, i.e. R2/RT. This way, you should stay in contact with your opponent and be able to recover the ball more easily.