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Disc required error MW3: How to fix disc reading error on Modern Warfare 3?

 Are you experiencing the Disk Required error in MW3? Discover the causes and solutions to continue playing without hassle.

Disc required error MW3: How to fix disc reading error on Modern Warfare 3?

Modern Warfare 3, the famous title of the Call of Duty franchise, has been available in early access since November 2, 2023, at least for the campaign mode. However, despite its success, the game is not without its flaws. MW3 has recently been experiencing a frustrating technical issue known as a disk read error.

Players are reporting a "Disc Required" error after each match is completed with a pre-made team. This intermittent error requires you to close and restart the game, a nuisance for fans of Modern Warfare 3.

How to fix the disc-required error bug on MW3?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players are experiencing an irritating disc read error. Although there is no permanent solution, several temporary methods can alleviate the problem. This article explores the potential reasons for this error and provides practical solutions for affected players.

Why Disk Required Error in MW3?

This error in Modern Warfare 3 can occur for various reasons. These include server issues or corrupted files in the game's installation directory.

Practical Solutions for “Disk Required” Error

  • Scan and Repair Installed Files : Often corrupted files are the culprit. In Steam or, select MW3, then opt to "scan and repair". This operation checks and repairs damaged files.
  • Check MW3 Server Status : Server issues can cause this error. If the servers are under maintenance, you will have to wait.
  • Reinstalling Modern Warfare 3 : This method fixed the issue for many players. Besides fixing disk read error, it can also fix other bugs.
  • Waiting for a Patch: With many players affected, the developers are likely working on a patch. You can also report the issue on the Activision support site.
According to a tweet from @CODUpdates, the developers are aware of the error and are working on fixing it. Additionally, research indicates that server issues and corrupted files are common causes of these types of errors in online games.

Although the "Disk Required" error in Modern Warfare 3 is a source of frustration, there are several methods to fix it. While we wait for a permanent solution, these tips can help you continue enjoying MW3 without major interruptions.