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Dragon Ball Super and Daima could be connected in a spectacular way


Dragon Ball Super and Daima could be connected in a spectacular way

One of the big surprises that Dragon Ball has left this year, beyond the numerous events that are taking place in Super, has been the announcement of Dragon Ball Daima, the new series that already has a release date and a number of episodes concrete to define this new saga. At the moment, not many details are known about what will be included in this arc and whether it will be directly related to what is currently happening in the main saga. Now, a theory seems to have found a loophole to connect them.

And Dragon Ball Daima has generated some controversy among the community because the main characters will be children again in this new plot. However, it could make perfect sense considering one of the events that occurred in Dragon Ball Super and is related to Whis and the angels of each universe, since the event that would cause the characters to become children again would be related to space. -time. And Toriyama has already confirmed that this transformation will have meaning with the action of the villains of this saga.

Dragon Ball Daima could connect with Super through the time axis

Through chapter 14 of Dragon Ball Super, Whis, the angel of Universe 7, makes a comment that could give meaning to everything that will happen in Dragon Ball Daima, at least according to this theory that is circulating on the internet. And, as you will remember, Whis manages to return to a previous time in time to prevent Frieza from destroying the Earth, allowing the Saiyans to defeat the villain and avoid the fatal outcome of the planet. Whis makes it clear that it is something that must be done at the exact moment so as not to compromise the time axis, but it is clear that the course of time can be modified.

Taking into account how little is known about Dragon Ball Daima and that villains with features similar to angels have been shown, perhaps they could have the power to reverse time and cause the protagonists to adopt their child form again, although it remains to be seen what the event that triggers all this would be.