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Dragon Ball Super explained Goku's new power superior to Ultra Instinct and no one had noticed


Dragon Ball Super explained Goku's new power superior to Ultra Instinct and no one had noticed

The announcement of Dragon Ball Daima, the new series of the franchise that will premiere in 2024, has caused mixed feelings among followers of the series created by Akira Toriyama. However, it is the only thing that generates confusion among the community, since the events of Dragon Ball Super also cause some unanswered questions that are generating a certain apathy. One of the most recent focused on the lack of explanation for the great increase in power that Goku has recently experienced, although the series did bother to give a reason for this matter, although in a very confusing way.

With this, it is normal that almost no one realized the explanation about Goku's new power that surpasses Ultra Instinct, the so-called perfected Ultra Instinct. It is a technique that appeared suddenly to save really compromised situations and show that the Saiyan warrior continues to overcome his limitations, but by not giving a specific explanation, many followers complained that Goku's evolution makes less and less sense. However, a previous situation starring Gas seems to have the answer to this issue.

Gas has the key to explain Goku's new powers

To discover this small explanation you have to go to chapter 86 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, where Gas used a technique against Goku that surprised the Saiyan warrior. This consisted of the materialization of weapons and limbs from nothing, something he explained as a process by which his power had been able to break free from his body and extend beyond, acting ethereally and on its own... A process very similar to the one that could be seen in the moments in which Goku had the ability to use the perfected Ultra Instinct.

In this way, the explanation for the great increase in power experienced by Goku lies in the use of his energy and power from outside his body, allowing for a perfect symbiosis between both concepts. It is a somewhat vague explanation hidden in a very specific point in the plot, but it would make sense to give more substance to the reason why Goku can access this very particular technique.