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Dragon Ball Super reveals that Raditz was called to be a hero alongside Goku


Dragon Ball Super reveals that Raditz was called to be a hero alongside Goku

Dragon Ball fans are in luck since everything indicates that the franchise is going to be around for a while. Following the announcement of Dragon Ball Daima, the new animated series licensed by Akira Toriyama, there will be two avenues of content. On the other hand, Dragon Ball Super will continue its course in the manga so that Goku and Vegeta continue to demonstrate their potential as the most powerful Saiyan warriors in all the universes. However, everything could have changed if an act from the past had been carried out literally.

A third protagonist could have emerged if Raditz's story had gone another way since there was a wish in the air that could have united Goku's brother on Earth. However, everything seems to be the result of a completely new interpretation in Dragon Ball Super instead of something thought out from the beginning, so it could make no sense to most veteran fans of the franchise created by Toriyama. This fact lies in the fact that Bardock made a wish on the dragon balls in relation to his two children.

Bardock wanted his two children to prosper and prevent the destruction of planet Vegeta.

Through episode 84 of Dragon Ball Super, a flashback was discovered in which Bardock made a wish from the dragon balls in which he assured that the only thing he could want is for his two children to prosper and be able to avoid the destruction of the dragon. planet Vegeta. This eventually happened, as Goku was sent to Earth in a capsule, while Raditz was sent on a reconnaissance mission at that time. However, if the wish had been fulfilled in a more direct way, Raditz could also have come to Earth to become a hero.

However, the story was totally different, since Raditz went to Earth to try to invade it with the support of his brother, although everything finally ended with Goku defeating his family member and eliminating him, preventing him from achieving his redemption.