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Black Friday is also coming to EA FC 24 on November 24th, 2023 . A week in advance it is already casting its shadow. We give you the most important tips for buying and selling on Transfermarkt so that you can be well prepared for the event and not only save coins, but also earn them.

What can you expect from Black Friday in EA FC 24? It's worth checking out Ultimate Team regularly on Black Friday. For example, you can expect Flash SBCs that will only be available for a short period of one or two hours and can sometimes give you expensive packs worth 25,000 or even 50,000 coins.

Additionally, Player SBCs or Gamble SBCs may also appear, which you may have to complete within a few days. Hero or icon upgrades as well as flashback SBCs from veteran stars are particularly popular in this context, giving them a fresh coat of paint.

Despite all the anticipation, you should take advantage of the opportunity to use the transfer market to your advantage in preparation for Black Friday. What all SBCs have in common is that you and everyone else will need certain cards to complete them.

We'll show you which cards you should invest in over the next few days, so that on the one hand you don't have to spend a lot of coins yourself, and on the other hand you can maybe even sell one or two players for a decent profit.

Shopping for Black Friday: You should keep these tips in mind

Which players should you buy on the transfer market? There is no clear answer to this question because we cannot say with complete confidence that Black Friday will be the same as in previous years. However, based on the SBCs in FIFA 23 that were released on Black Friday last year, we can make predictions about which players will be in demand and therefore expensive.

Below we will look at the individual card groups that we think are worth investing in:

1. Tip: Buy 80+ cards that have Perfect Links and play on the outside lane:

The flash SBCs already mentioned are a very good opportunity to get packs quickly. Experience has shown that they can sometimes be a bit tricky. So we assume that some of you will require a chemistry of 25 or higher with additional complicated requirements, but at the same time also maintain a team rating of at least 80.

This means that you will need certain players from certain leagues who are easy to link with each other, for example, play in the same club and have the same nationality. The focus is usually on the major European leagues from England, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. It's worth going through the clubs and buying players who have perfect chemistry together.

Also look out for players on the wings, i.e. LM, LF, LV, LAV, or on the opposite side RM, RF, RV, or RAV, as these are usually less common in the game and therefore more expensive on the transfer market.

The EA-FC-24 database from futbin can help you with this. You can use the link to find the Perfect Links from every league and club.

German Perfect Links at Bayern Munich
German Perfect Links at Bayern Munich

Once you have bought a certain number of pairs here, you are already prepared for the flash SBCs. Now you're probably wondering how expensive the players you're going to buy in preparation for Black Friday can be. We'll go into that in the next step.

2nd tip: Buy or bid for the players for the minimum price

How many coins should you buy the players for? You should try to buy the tickets for the minimum price. This means that it is best to purchase rare gold players for 650 coins by bidding or as an immediate purchase on the transfer market. You shouldn't spend more than 500 coins on non-rare gold cards; it would be better to buy 400 or even just 350 coins.

It is best to choose a mixture of the methods of immediate purchase and bidding.

This is how Buy Now works: If you have a little more time, you can try to get the players you have chosen for the lowest price by setting the maximum Buy Now price to the maximum amounts specified above. If your search does not produce any results, update the search history by increasing or decreasing the bid price and then starting a new search. If a player is shown to you, you have to be really fast.

However, sniping on the transfer market as described here requires practice, quick fingers, and, above all, time.

Here's how you should use bidding: This is why you should also consider normal bidding. For example, five to ten minutes before you log out, you can simultaneously bid for a selected player who is displayed hundreds of times on the transfer market. The majority of your bids will certainly not be successful, but with a little luck, one or two players will be yours when time runs out.

It's best to keep the unnecessary cards on your transfer list, because if the forecasts are correct, it's financially worthwhile not only to buy them for your own use, but you can also hope to make a profit with the unnecessary players.

3. Tip: Invest your coins in players with 83 or more

Why do you need high-rated players? It's not just the flash SBCs that make Black Friday so special. Gamble SBCs such as guaranteed icons hero packs or upgrade packs have been an integral part of Black Friday content in recent years.

Unlike the Flash SBCs, these Gamble SBCs are less focused on having complicated requirements and or requiring high chemistry but rather require teams with a high overall rating. It may therefore be worthwhile to add players to your club with a rating of 83 or higher.

However, here too, you should not act hastily on the transfer market, but first get an overview of the current average price of the individual cards. The following Cheapest-by-Rating function from Futbin could be helpful to you.

The cheapest players for ratings 83, 84 and 85
The cheapest players for ratings 83, 84 and 85

Here you can see all players in a rating listed starting with the cheapest prices. Look through the list and try to get the players by buying them now or by bidding (see 2nd tip).

We recommend that you focus on players with a rating of up to 86, as the investment is still manageable here. It would be optimal to buy at least ten players of each rating (83,84,85,86) to cover your own needs.

If you have a lot of coins in your account and don't know what to do with them, you can speculate a bit and buy even more cards. In the best-case scenario, you can get rid of them for twice or triple as many coins on Black Friday.