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EA FC 24 Daily Puzzle: Walk away with free packs by finding solutions to FC Pro Live puzzles

 With the FC Pro Live event in full swing on EA Sports FC 24, SBCs are starting to appear and will allow you to complete objectives linked to players qualified for the competition, the daily puzzles. In this article, find the solution to these.

Stock up on free packs on EA Sports FC 24!

These daily puzzles from EA Sports FC 24, you absolutely won't have to miss. In fact, each one will cost you around 5,000 credits on average and that's if you don't have any cards in reserve. Otherwise, they will be free or almost free most of the time.

The big advantage is that for a minimal investment, you will have the possibility of getting your hands on packs of cards and therefore potentially on either nuggets or fodder which you will be able to reuse in a future DCE.

In addition to that, we also have challenges currently in the game related to FC Pro Live. Well, some ask you to complete these daily puzzles and if you succeed, you can also get your hands on new rewards, whether packs or experience!

ManuBachoore Daily Puzzle

  • 1 Dutch player at least
  • 2 nationalities at least
  • 5 players from the same country maximum
  • 8 rare cards minimum
  • Quality of silver players at least
  • 24 collective points minimum
  • Reward: 1 small pack of rare gold players (non-tradable)

Price: around 6,250 credits

Price: around 6,250 credits

PHzin Daily Puzzle

  • 1 Brazilian player at least
  • 3 players max from the same championship
  • Minimum 4 players from the same country
  • 1 rare player minimum
  • Player-quality Gold at least
  • Collective of 25 minimum
  • Reward: an Electrum Prime Players Pack (non-tradable)

Price: around 6,700 credits

Price: around 6,700 credits

Mark11 Daily Puzzle

  • 1 Australian player minimum
  • 3 nationalities minimum
  • 4 clubs minimum
  • 5 rare players minimum
  • Team rating at least 65
  • Collective of 24 minimum
  • Reward: a rare gold pack (non-exchangeable)

Price: approximately 2,800 credits

Price: approximately 2,800 credits

Tekkz Daily Puzzle

  • 1 English player at least
  • 4 players from the same country maximum
  • 4 clubs minimum
  • 1 rare player minimum
  • Team rating at least 70
  • Collective of 25 minimum
  • Reward: a mixed rare player pack (non-tradable)

Price: approximately 3,800 credits

Price: approximately 3,800 credits

Limited-time DCEs!

As their name suggests, these daily puzzles are accessible every day, but be careful because not all of them last until the end of the event itself! Indeed, some will end before and it is better to have done them rather than miss out on the reward.

In addition, as you have just seen, the costs are not very high to do these DCEs and it would therefore be a shame to miss out on the potential rewards that they could offer you. If you're a little lucky, you may, for example, come across other event cards in the packs.