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EA FC 24: How to make a powerful shot, what are the keys and when to use it in a match?

 In EA Sports FC 24, you will have a whole range of gestures that you can perform in-game. Depending on the situation, some of these gestures can even become extremely interesting. This is for example the case of the powerful shot which will interest us here.

What is the power shot?

Before we launch into the explanations and the keys to press regardless of your game controller, let's start with the basics, that is to say, what a powerful shot is on EA Sports FC 24. When you're new to the game, you tend to just use basic shooting and overall it works.

Except if you want to increase in level, you will want to try to understand how to improve your shooting and this includes using advanced shots. Among these, we will find lobbed shots, in finesse or even in power.

The name of each of these shots is quite ambiguous and although it is interesting we will not see them all in detail here. Instead, we are going to focus more specifically on the power shot which, as its name suggests, allows you to deliver overpowered strikes.

The advantage of the latter is that when they go, they are real cannonballs, difficult to stop by the goalkeeper. But the problem is that of all the shots, these take the longest to throw, an animation playing for your player to hit the ball powerfully.

What is the power shot

How and when to perform a power shot in EA Sports FC 24?

It is precisely this animation and the slowness of the latter that will make the powerful strike certainly interesting, but it must be used sparingly! Forget it if you have a defender sticking to you for example, you won't have time to throw it.

If you want to do a lot of it, it may also be interesting to find a player who has a “Power Strike” Playstyle. Not only will the latter increase the speed of the bullet and make shots even more lethal, but on top of that, it also decreases the time of the hitting animation.

So consider putting an offensive player with this Playstyle if you plan to abuse this kind of shots in your games. Now as for the key combo, there is nothing very complicated. We have given you below what you need to do, depending on your controller :

  • Press L1 and R1 and Circle on PlayStation
  • Press LB and RB and B on Xbox