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EA FC 24: This is what it looks like when hackers take control - here's what you can do about it


EA FC 24: This is what it looks like when hackers take control - here's what you can do about it

In EA FC 24 there are always reports of incidents in which hackers can really spoil the fun of the game for their victims. A video has recently been circulating that is reminiscent of an old problem with FIFA 23. We'll explain to you how the console players among you can protect yourself against hackers.

What's the matter? The EA FC 24 page FUTBIN published a video on Instagram with the signature: “PC hackers use the AI ​​in Champions (meaning Weekend League/or Quali, editor’s note)”. For some FIFA 23 players, what they see may bring back bad memories.

In the video, it is clearly visible that the opposing players do not have a cursor above their head. This is usually recognizable and indicates which player is currently being controlled by you or your opponent. If this symbol is missing, there are increasing signs that it is a hacker who is letting the AI ​​play for him.

Many people are probably wondering what's so bad about it, because in squad battles you also play against the CPU and easily win over your players. We will explain the problem to you below. We will also show you how to avoid encounters with hackers.

AI hack makes players appear invincible

What exactly is the problem with the AI ​​hack? The biggest difficulty is that the AI ​​is set to “Ultimate” by the hacker. If you have ever competed against the CPU on this difficulty level in Squad Battles or in the offline modes, you know that playing against the AI ​​at this level is what you would imagine by ultimate.

To be more precise, this means that offensively, the AI ​​makes almost no errors in game structure. This makes it incredibly difficult to even get the ball. In addition, on defense, the opposing defenders and goalkeepers are much stronger and more intelligent in their positioning.

This is also confirmed by the following information about the “Ultimate” difficulty level in the Squad Battles: 

In plain language, this means that you should use almost every chance you get and in return, you have to be extremely careful not to concede any goals. In addition, opponents in the Weekend League usually have better teams than the teams you have to compete against in the Squad Battles. The mix of OP players and excessive CPU intelligence makes it impossible for many players to emerge victorious from such a hacked game.

Disable crossplay to avoid PC hackers

This is how you can protect yourself from hackers: We have good news for all console gamers. There is a simple solution to avoid running into the risk of encountering AI hackers in the Weekend League. You can take very simple precautions for protection in the settings.

After you have logged in to Ultimate Team, you will see various selection options such as “Play, Club, SBC” etc. in the main menu at the top of the screen. Now select the “Settings” tab. Three additional choices will now appear at the top. Go to the “Matchmaking Settings” and open it.

Here you can make two adjustments. To avoid CPU hackers, simply deactivate crossplay and confirm your decision when returning to the main menu 

This means you are on the safe side. Unfortunately, with this step, you can no longer compete against PS4 or Xbox players, but you also won't meet potential PC hackers. You can reactivate the crossplay settings at any time in the same way.