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EA Sports FC 24: Basic Hero DCE, find out how to get the rewards

 In addition to current players on EA FC 24, we can also obtain legend cards from the game, notably via the Heroes series, one of which is up for grabs via the basic Hero DCE right now! Here we explain how to get your hands on it.

Basic Hero DCE, how does it work?

Before we launch into the solution to this EA Sports FC 24 DCE itself, let's take a few moments to look more specifically at how it works, but also the rewards that you will be able to obtain.

As you will see later, it is a DCE that is quite simple to achieve given that it will only ask you to make a level 85 team, with at least one player from the Team of the Week. If you don't have any cards, it will cost you around 80,000 credits.

Except that you will surely have enough in reserve so that this DCE will not cost you too much. As for rewards, you'll randomly get one of the cards from the Basic Hero category and there are some pretty strong ones in the lot.

Given the price of this DCE, we strongly advise you to try the adventure. Even if you come across hero cards that are not very useful, the investment will not have been too great and at worst, they could be used as fodder in a future DCE!

Finally, know that this challenge is repeatable once. In fact, when you finish with him for the first time, a counter will start. At the end of it (4 days), you will have the opportunity to redo this DCE a second time , to get your hands on a new basic Hero card.

DCE Basic Hero: The solution

DCE Basic Hero: The solution

Composition :

  • Gilles
  • Eriksen
  • Parejo
  • Bright (TOTW)
  • Rapinoe
  • Frank
  • Oyarzabal
  • Vlahovic
  • De Ligt
  • Dzeko
  • Musiala
Price: around 83,100 credits

Keep in mind that this composition is given to you as an indication based on the current state of the market. Do not hesitate to replace certain cards with others that you have and which are of the same level. In addition, don't hesitate to find replacement solutions if the price of certain cards skyrockets.