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EA Sports FC 24: this is the most hated card in Ultimate Team history

 The Triple Threat promotion is taking its final steps in Ultimate Team before disappearing to make way for FC Pro Live. Until then we have things like the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and the Season Pass, with the choice of Tier 15 just around the corner for many.

On the other hand, in the Template Challenges section we can complete a mandatory RTTK SBC and two new improvements , the first the challenge that gives us an envelope with three 84+ cards and the 77+ Improvement .

In addition, yesterday we found the new RTTK Improvement or Vanguardist 84+ and two End of an Era cards . Aside from the performance of these two players, there is a very striking record that one of them has managed to achieve and which, of course, is not positive at all. Rapinoe has become the card with the most negative votes on Futbin , thus proclaiming herself the most hated player in Ultimate Team history .

Rapinoe End of an Era is the most hated letter in history

Rapinoe End of an Era is the most hated letter in history
Rapinoe's End of an Era letter accumulates more than 46,000 dislikes

The American player is one of the most important people in all of women's soccer and her End of an Era card has quite high attributes that do not justify the hate she has received from the EA Sports FC 24 community, but these negative votes have a reason .

The attacker's strong personality has clashed many times with the opinion of the rest of the football world , but since her famous image signing an autograph at the Ballon d'Or gala without even looking at the fan who was asking for it, many followers of the sport They finished making the cross. This is also reflected in the most important mode of the most popular video game in this sport .

With more than 46,000 dislikes in less than 24 hours , the American has far surpassed the player who occupied first place. This was Sabitzer with his Honorable Mention version of FIFA 21, which accumulated 29,000 negative votes , although on this occasion it was only due to the exorbitant price of its SBC and not for non-sporting reasons.

We'll see how many "I don't like it" the OL Reign player accumulates, who, by the way, has a very interesting card that could work very well in the game.