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EA Sports FC 24 Ultiamte Team: a new End of an Era card leaked


EA Sports FC 24 Ultiamte Team: a new End of an Era card leaked

The Triple Threats continue to be available during this week of their debut in Ultimate Team, which will end when the FC Pro Live is active. Until then we have things like the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and the Season Pass, with the choice of Tier 15 just around the corner for many.

On the other hand, in the Squad Challenges section we can complete the first Basic Hero Improvement without a rating limit, a mandatory RTTK SBC and, since yesterday, two new improvements, the first is the challenge that gives us an envelope with three cards 84+ and Improved 77+.

All of these challenges will soon be joined by an End of an Era card that has already been leaked by Fut Sheriff and will be the first in the game. But it seems that this card rarity is not going to arrive in the individual ration, because a few minutes ago the same Twitter user confirmed a second End Of An Era that will also be from a female player.

Krieger will have an End of An Era card

The soccer player in question is National Women's Soccer League central defender Ali Krieger. Although this player's base card represents the end of her career, the reality is that her attributes are not bad at all, a good clue of what we can expect from this special version.

In the Fut Sheriff prediction that accompanies the information, we see that Krieger is much more clinical than the physical center, although with the raise he will receive it will be very complete. Furthermore, although his pace will not be something out of the ordinary, he would be very correct with that 78, which would allow him to shine in the facets of the game in which he does stand out.

Finally, the issue of chemistry may be more complicated with women because we have fewer possibilities, but in this specific case we have a great league and one of the best possible nationalities, so it is not going to give us any type of of problem.

We will have to wait to check its final statistics and the price of this Template Challenge if it is finally included, but for those who have non-transferable cards such as Smith Trailblazers or evolved Dunn, it may be an option to consider.