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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: 6 more FC Pro Live leaked with old legends of the game


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: 6 more FC Pro Live leaked with old legends of the game

In a few hours, Triple Threat players will become part of the history of this Ultimate Team edition, ending their debut. During this event, we have enjoyed a lot of content, such as the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and a good handful of Squad Challenges, among which the new RTTK Improvement or Vanguardist 84+, Bacha RTTK, and an End of an Era player who has achieved a very negative record in the history of Ultimate Team .

The promotion that comes to replace them is called FC Pro Live, and it also debuts in the game mode. Although there are still a few hours until they are available, we already know how much and when these cards will improve, and, in addition, the first names have been leaked.

We already know that when the first players of the thematic teams begin to be made public, the rest follow at breakneck speed. That is why we are not surprised to have already had a second batch of leaks and even a third that arrived today. With the last one, which occurred a few minutes ago, we think that we already know all the footballers who will be available, and it seems that Fut Sheriff and Fut Scoreboard have saved some tricks up their sleeve for this last batch.

Leaked 6 more FC Pro Live

This round has started with Dele Alli at the helm. The one who was once Tottenham's great promise came to have very powerful cards in Ultimate Team, but in recent years he has disappeared quite a bit. However, as always happens with players who at some point performed well, it seems more feasible to think that they will return to their level, so with a good rise it cannot be ruled out that the Englishman will regain prominence. 

The next letter leaked by Fut Scoreboard was that of a former Premier League player. Koulibaly has always been an example of a physical center-back, and at the beginning of the game, he was seen by some teams as a cheap solution because of his league. With a special card of good level and his green link with Neymar, he can have quite a presence in these coming weeks. 

To finish with the cards that the first of the leakers has shown, we have a footballer who will make the oldest people smile. Ogbonna, many years ago, offered a very good performance as a mid-budget center back, a role that he could now regain with this improved version that arrives at a fairly early stage of the game. 

If the cards that Fut Scoreboard has shown are not bad at all, Fut Sheriff is not far behind. We start with this Fabinho who became one of the best pivots in the game in FIFA 19, in his first year at Liverpool. Like Koulibaly, this card will help us give chemistry to Neymar and the rest of the good cards in the Arab league. 

And if things are about Brazilians, here comes another one. Lodi has always been that typical player who has helped us at the beginning of the game, but who later stopped being seen in the teams. This year his start was weaker than ever because of his league, but nothing that improves with this FC Pro Live can earn him the position of best LI in Ligue 1.

To finish we have Branco van den Boomen, who becomes directly part of the club of cards that right now do not attract our attention at all, but who will become very complete midfielder if the competitive player with whom they are linked manages to go far. at the tournament.