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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: how much to invest in the new 77+ Upgrade

 The Triple Threats advance during their debut week in Ultimate Team, although it is not the only promotion that appears for the first time this year because the same will happen with the FC Pro Live, which will arrive this Friday. Until then we continue to have a new type of Evolution called Triple Threat Attacker and progress throughout the season pass with the choice of level 15 just around the corner for many .

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: how much to invest in the new 77+ Upgrade

On the other hand, the Squad Challenges section also offers us a lot of variety with the first Basic Hero Improvement without rating limit, a mandatory RTTK SBC, and, since yesterday, two new improvements, the first the challenge that gives us an envelope with three 84+ cards and the 77+ Improvement, which we will analyze below.

Is the new 77+ Upgrade worth it?

This SBC does not require a large outlay, among other things because it is designed to be repeated a lot, as demonstrated by the fact that it has no limit on the number of times it can be completed. In fact, we won't even have to deliver a complete squad, just 9 gold players who can be common. As a result, its price is quite low, about 6,000 coins on all platforms, but you have to be careful because many times these types of SBCs are the ones that involve the most losses.

The guarantee of 77+ rating letters that they give us is very low, so much so that we would need a much better result to cover expenses. Even with 3 cards with 83 rating, we would not recover what the challenge costs, which makes us seriously consider whether it is worth it.

No matter how few coins we lose in each attempt, it seems difficult for us to recover the difference with some envelope, although as always the options are not zero.

Taking into account that the Centurion Creation Improvement is still active, which has similar requirements and a similar reward, but also helps us complete its objectives, we believe that it is better to spend our cards on this SBC and not on the 77+ Improvement, which will reward us with practically the same and without the bonus that comes with the envelopes that are achieved in the missions. Therefore, we would let this challenge pass.