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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: Is the 84+ Upgrade worth it?

 The Triple Threats continue to enjoy their first appearance in Ultimate Team, although it is not the only promotion to debut this year, because the same will happen with the FC Pro Live, which will arrive this Friday. Until then we continue to have a new type of Evolution called Triple Threat Attacker and progress throughout the season pass with the choice of level 15 just around the corner for many.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: Is the 84+ Upgrade worth it?

On the other hand, the Squad Challenges section also offers us a lot of variety with the first Pundit Picks card in history, the first Basic Hero Improvement without a rating limit, a mandatory RTTK SBC, and, as of yesterday, a new improvement that It guarantees us three cards with a rating of 84+. In this article, we are going to talk about this latest challenge, which leaves us with mixed feelings.

Is the 84+ Upgrade worth it?

This SBC is made up of a single template, but the problem, and what makes its price grow, are the requirements of that team. Although they ask us for an overall rating of 83, which seems pretty good to us, they also require us to include a card with an average of 86 or higher. This causes the cost of the challenge to rise to around 23,000 coins in all markets, making us doubt whether it is profitable or not.

We all know how these improvements work, so no one should be surprised to find 3 cards with a rating of 84 in the envelope we got. Soccer players with that average cost about 3,500 coins on the market, so the value of a pack with three players like that would be about 10,5000 coins. In the worst case, we would lose about 12,500 coins compared to what we invested, which is actually not too much.

To, at a minimum, recover what the squad we sent costs, the envelope would have to contain 3 players of 85 or some higher average accompanied by other lower ones. The problem with this SBC is not the loss margin, it is how common it is to not cover what we spend. It is true that it is not that complicated for us to do well, because the minimum average that it guarantees us is quite logical, but even so we have felt that the odds of the envelope are very low.

Taking this and all the options in the Template Challenges section into account, we recommend saving that 86 cards for another SBC in which we do have a sure reward.

Even so, if we have a repeat player that we want to get rid of or if none of the available players convinces us, this Improvement does not seem stupid to us either, although we certainly do not believe that it is a good place to invest in.