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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: Is the RTTK Upgrade or Vanguardista 84+ worth it?

 The Triple Threats begin to face the final stretch of their debut in Ultimate Team, which will end this Friday with the FC Pro Live. Until then, we've got things like the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and the Season Pass, with the choice of Tier 15 just around the corner for many.

On the other hand, in the Template Challenges section, we can complete the first basic Hero Improvement without a rating limit, an SBC of a mandatory RTTK, and with two improvements, the first is the challenge that gives us an envelope with three 84+ cards and Improved 77+.

But this is not all, because yesterday a new challenge was added that can be taken as version 2.0 of the RTTK 84+ Improvement, which now, in addition to the Road to the Playoffs cards, also includes the Trailblazers. In this way, we opt for more top players, but there are also more chances of finding players who are not worth it. For all this, it is advisable to reanalyze its profitability.

Is the RTTK Upgrade or Vanguardista 84+ worth it?

Is the RTTK Upgrade or Vanguardista 84+ worth it?

Completing this SBC is quite simple and does not involve a large outlay. It is made up of a single squad, which is an important premise, in which they ask us for a team with a rating of 83 that contains an IF player. As we can see, the requirements are not at all demanding, but even so its price amounts to about 44,000 coins in the console market and about 42,000 in the PC market.

As always, that figure will be the one that indicates the minimum value we need from the player we achieve to avoid losses. As for RTTK, there are 30 cards that meet this requirement, and with 18 of them, we cover the price of the SBC. With the Vanguardists the average is similar, of the 34 cards available we are interested in 17. This means that of the 64 cards that can appear in this improvement, more or less 50%, 35 players, exceed the cost of the SBC.

Knowing how these challenges work, it seems like a percentage that is too low to expect it to turn out well. We are no longer talking about getting the best cards, simply about finding a player who is worth more than the squad we have delivered. At this stage of the game, few players worth 40,000 coins would enter our teams as starters, so it is of no use to us to exchange a good number of 83 cards in exchange for a non-transferable one with a low rating. 

If you are in a privileged situation, with the club very full or repeated averages that bother you, it doesn't seem like a bad opportunity to try your luck, because the reality is that, no matter how small, there is a percentage of finding players as top as Mbappé, but for the average user it will only serve to empty their club a little more. If the player SBCs that EA is releasing were mediocre we would encourage you to complete this one, but seeing the level we must demand more from these types of improvements.